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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Vivitar Digital Camera Cornering the Market on Style

By David Swanson

Vivitar's digital cameras offer the most popular features including color LCD display, external Compact Flash or Smart Media storage and an easy computer interface.  Vivitar is a leading brand of digital and film cameras and offers a complete line of photographic products.  Vivitar cameras are widely used throughout the profession of photography for taking excellent pictures and stills for magazines, newspapers, and even modern art as we know it today. 

There are numerous brands of digital cameras to select from therefor if one are looking for you which is sporty, flexible and simple to use, look no further than the Vivitar brand. There are 17 current models of Vivitar digital cameras to select from including 3 DVR models, which not only incorporates the normal electronic camera functions but also an MP3 player and DVR functions.

Vivitar digital cameras have got good press thru a number of sources, including introductions to the main celebrities.  Performers at The Sundance Film Festival and even the MTV Music Awards prefered some of Vivitar's line of cameras, which made for some great PR for the company. The bottom line is which Vivitar digital cameras are favored as they are cheap, straightforward to use and produce great photos.

Make a Dash With This Exceptional Vivitar Camera

One of the best Vivitar digital cameras of late has been the ViviCam 6200w due to its weather proof capacities. The body of the camera is enclosed in rubber and is waterproof up to 30 feet under water, that makes it a fun companion for snorkeling, swimming pool and diving great!

Additional features of the ViviCam 6200w include resolution at a admirable 6.0 mega pixels and a 2 in. color screen on the back of the camera to preview your picture shots. With built-in flash, support for because much because someone GB memory cards and even great imaging software support, this camera has quickly become a favourite for active digicam fans.

Be Your Own Star With The DVR-530

Admidst the Vivitar digital cameras are 3 DVR representations and the DVR-530 just stands out. What is thus fun about this model is which not only are you able to record your own flicks ; you may play MP3 music files and take some great footage. With a decent 5.0 mega pixel with 4x digital zoom and an enormous 2.5 in. display screen to view your films and photos from, one'll adore this DVR model. Add great software and one GB flash card memory together with some knobs and bells and you've got a winning mixture for those home flick fans.

Other Vivitar Digital Cameras To Pick From

Vivitar has a good line of digital cameras from 10.0 mega pixel resolution all the way down to 5.0 mega pixel resolution. Essentially , you are only curbed by your financial position re which Vivitar digital cameras to select from. Manifestly , the bigger the mega pixels, the more dear the digicam will be. However, with Vivitar digital cameras, all of them are pretty priced and would make fantastic additions to any family.

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