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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Samsung Pixon Vs Sony C905 Vs LG Renoir - 8 Megapixel Camera Phones Choice

By Susan Hargreaves

The mobile phone manufacturers are now firmly concentrated on the latest camera technology and launching some of the highest specification camera phones including the latest Samsung Pixon along with rival offerings from LG and Sony Ericsson. As micro technology starts to play a major part in mobile phones manufacturing the number of features and applications available in a standard sized device has started to expand at a rate of knots, this technology is allowing for features that easily compare to standalone gadgets.

With the way that mobile technology is currently going consumers will no longer be leaving their homes with a number of assorted gadgets but instead the latest mobile phone will take care of most if not all of their daily entertainment, communication and multimedia needs.

A typical example of this latest technology is the introduction of 8 megapixel camera lenses in mobile phones, it was only months ago that standalone digital cameras were able to offer consumers this quality of picture capture but now it can be found alongside the communication needs of a consumer in the form of a mobile phone.

As with the latest offering from Samsung, we can even take advantage of features such as face detection and image stabilisation which has always been the realm of digital cameras, the new Samsung Pixon offers this same technology and other surprising camera features.

Autofocus is present making image capturing easy for any amatuer photographer, advanced shake reduction and wide dynamic range also feature in the Samsung Pixon camera options, also can be said for this phones rivals in the form of the LG Renoir and Sony Ericsson C905.

The LG Renoir takes this camera technology a step further by offering a Schneider Kreuznach lens, autofocus, manual focus, Face Tracking, smile and blink detection and a xenon flash. The Samsung Pixon has an older style LED flash which is fine for poor light conditions but will not produce the results of a Xenon flash in dark environments.

The Sony Ericsson C905 also offers face detection technology and the Xenon flash of the LG Renoir but this is a Cybershot phone, renowned as a photographic focussed phone (excuse the pun) the Cybershot range has always taken mobile phone photography one step further than its competitors, the same can be said for this latest model which has an 8.1 megapixel camera with 'real' camera flash and a massive 16 x zoom for close up photo capture.

Deciding between these models is difficult and many consumers will be lead by what they know, that is to say that most mobile phone users have grown accustomed to a particular manufacturer and find it hard wavering to competitors, in general once a consumer has had a good experience with a certain phone model they will stick with the manufacturer in the future.

As the technology becomes available the mobile manufacturers are jumping on it fast and releasing it to the general public, 8 megapixel phones are a huge leap from the previous 5 megapixels offered by what were the top of the range models only weeks ago.

The Samsung Pixon, Sony Ericsson C905 and LG Renoir have been joined by some new 8.0 megapixel phones, the manufacturers are not resting on their laurels and Samsung have already released the i8510 whilst LG the KC780, this brings the current total to five high specification camera phones on the UK markets.

Consumers can expect more of the same moving into next year with the eventual onset of 10 megapixel devices in the near future, they are already available in the Japanese markets and it is only a matter of time before they make their way into the pockets of UK consumers - The death of the digital camera?

The Samsung Pixon, Sony Cybershot C905 and LG Renoir have all been released in the UK, for further and more detailed information please refer to our online mobile phones shop.

LG Viewty Vs LG Renoir

By Caroline Telford

LG KU990, codenamed LG Viewty, was an instant hit among mobile phone users who wanted an extremely powerful camera phone with the functionalities of a touchscreen smartphone.

But the introduction of another LG masterpiece can provide another incentive for consumers. The LG KC910, also known as the LG Renoir, takes all the beautiful features of the Viewty and made some unique but very powerful improvements.

That is why LG continues to be a top competitor in the smartphone and camera phone industry. This company continues to produce excellently designed mobile phones packed with high technology features.

So here is a brief overview of the LG Viewty and what can you expect from the LG Renoir.

The Introduction of Accelerometer Technology

One of the best features of the Viewty is its efficient and fast response time to touch commands. It is one of the fastest touchscreen mobile phones in the market and you will not encounter performance issues with its interface.

The Renoir however puts this great performance into higher gear. LG introduced accelerometer technology into the Renoir. You can consider this as a significant improvement from the interface of the Viewty.

With an accelerometer, the display screen of the LG Renoir becomes smarter and more powerful. The screen will follow the movement of the device. So when you rotate the device, its screen will automatically adjust to conform to the positioning of the mobile phone.

The accelerometer will also allow you to play high impact games on the Renoir without experiencing screen degeneration or flickering.

Multimedia and Digital Camera Comparison

The LG Viewty is a pioneer in the 5 megapixel camera phone market. In fact, LG produced the Viewty to address the demand for mobile photography. It is no wonder that the image resolution of the Viewty camera is far superior to other camera phones. It also has a built-in strobe flash so you can take pictures even in low light environment.

If you have been satisfied by the superior camera quality of the Viewty, then you will surely enjoy the improvements made by LG on its Renoir. The LG Renoir has an amazing 8 megapixels, superior focus, and intelligent digital camera with xenon flash.

The Renoir features intelligent camera functions such as the beauty shot, smile shot, blink detector, and face recognition.

Resolving Connectivity Issues

A major criticism hurled against the Viewty is its lack of Wi-Fi connectivity. The Renoir however resolved this problem with proper support for Wi-Fi connections. You can now easily establish connection with a Wi-Fi network thus improving the mobility of your device.

The Renoir is also supported on HSDPA networks and can establish up to 7.2 Mbps connections depending on the amount of network traffic. With such new feature, the Renoir would be the more appropriate device for mobile computing.

The LG Viewty and LG Renoir are two of the most highly productive smartphones in the market. Both can offer good performance but you can enjoy the significant upgrades made by LG on its Renoir model.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Find a Popular Franchise - Start a Business Franchise

If you are considering starting a business then you may want to see what a franchise opportunity has to offer you. There are many costs involved in opening a new business, and it may be more beneficial to you to buy into a franchise.  You should know that when you purchase a franchise you get a lot of support that you do not get when you open your own business. Many people like the fact that a franchise is a turnkey operation, which means that everything is ready for when you make a purchase. In some cases a franchise can be more expensive than opening your own business but having name recognition is worth the cost.

When you really think about it you see a franchise business such as a Subway or a Mac Donald's and you do not think twice about purchasing food there. With your own business, you have to factor in how long is it going to take for you to get established. The great benefit of a franchise with a brand name that people recognize is you will get customers instantly into your restaurant. Another great benefit is that you will not have to worry about a color scheme, equipment or any thing else that comes with opening a new business because it is all ready for you.

Remember that when you want to open a new business you need to consider a franchise, because it is a turnkey operation. He will be have instant recognition so when a customer sees your sign, they will not hesitate to come in and buy. Take advantage of all that a franchise has to offer so that you can make a lot of money and have a successful business.

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LEED AP New Construction NC V2-2 - Free Help to Pass Now

By Dennis Brian Smith

The first step toward certification is to register the project either online or by mail. To earn certification, a project must meet all prerequisites and meet the minimum number of points outlined in the rating system. All new projects must apply for certification using the online submittal process. Applications for certification must be accompanied by:

a) The rating system which is being applied for.
b) Project contact, type, size, number of occupants, and scheduled date of construction completion.
c) Project narrative including three highlights. Project checklist including project prerequisites, credits, and projected total score.
d) Copies of submittal templates and supporting documentation.
e) Complete list of all CIR's (Credit Interpretation Requests) used.
f) Drawings and photos of site plan, typical floor plan, typical building section, typical elevation, and photo or rendering of the project.
g) A check for the appropriate amount.

After the project is registered, the next step is to either complete a Design Review (reviewing all of the design credits) after completion of the design, followed by the Construction Review (reviewing all of the construction credits) after substantial completion of construction. Or project teams may submit a Design and Construction Review (reviewing all credits) after substantial completion of construction. Supplementary submittals or clarifications may be requested. Upon delivery of the final review, project teams have 25 business days to either accept or appeal the rating. If a project team feels that they have grounds to appeal a denied credit they may appeal individual credits via the online process.

If a question arises concerning applying credits to a particular project, the project team may submit a Credit Interpretation Request (CIR). Before submitting a CIR, the project team should consult the reference guide to find answers to their questions. After that, the project team should consult the Credit Interpretations Rulings page online to see if there have been any relevant CIR's filed in the past. Finally, if the question remains unanswered, the project team may submit a CIR online. The CIR shall apply to a specific credit, and shall be based on the intent of the prerequisites of the credit. Each CIR costs $220.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Samsung F480 Tocco - A Gadget That Meets All Your Requirements

By Shan Polluk

There are several gadget brands in the market these days which are creating craze among the people. The features and looks are the main features which attract the gadget users. These brands astir the mobile phone users by launching high end models at regular intervals. Almost each model comes enriched with certain important physical and operational features. However, the fact which cannot be ignored is that, some basic features do remain same in almost all the models. As such, the same rule applies in the case of different brands too. Samsung is one of the leading brands which is exciting the people from a decade. Its stylist models always managed to draw attention of the users. Not only the looks, but the enhanced features of the models which Samsung developed from time to time, also astir the gadget customers at ease.

Several models with sophisticated features have been developed by this famous brand. One such model which is being used by a wide range of users is the Samsung F480 Tocco. This model comes enriched with all the latest features, which would help both the high tech as well as the common users. Moreover, the high-end features can be accessed by directly touching the screen due to its TFT touchscreen. Its TFT screen also allow the users to view the crystal clear images and video clips without any hassles.

This F480 model comes under the category of camera phones. One is able to capture the images and video clips with his or her light weight Tocco handset. Its 5 mega pixels is one of the best feature of this handset. Music is the another striking feature which most of the users of today require. As a matter of fact, handsets are supposed to be incomplete by many users, if the music feature lacks. This smart handset consist of built-in music players and FM radio. Its music player supports MP3 and AAC music file formats and quite interestingly, the embedded FM radio comes with the RDS feature.

Data transfer is also another necessary feature which comes embedded in most of the gadgets these days. The data transfer can take place between widget to widget or widget to computer. All the data transfer facilities are available in Samsung F480 Tocco phone, except the option of Infrared port in which data gets transferred through the Infrared beams. The Bluetooth facility which is a wireless feature in many gadgets, is also available in this handset. With the support of the Bluetooth option, music, videos, pictures etc., can be transferred to other Bluetooth compatible handsets and computers which come attached with the Bluetooth devices. Another feature which is available in this handset is the USB option. With this option, you can transfer the data by connecting two handsets or a handset and a computer through USB cable. SMS, MMS and E-Mail are the messaging options used to send the text and graphics to a remote user. Text messages can be sent with this handset through its SMS feature. Further, the MMS, EMS and Email are also available for sending graphics like images and videos. Moreover, Internet accessibility is also possible via its WAP and HTML browsers. This handset can also take care of the gaming lovers. Interesting games are available for these people to pass their spare time without any hassles.

Mammoth storage space is another factor which is considered while purchasing a handset by some of the users. In this regard, the Tocco consists of 232 MB of internal memory and 8 GB extra space can further be added with the support of a microSD card. In addition to this, 1000 entries can also be stored in its phone book. Like, some other handsets of the time, F480 also displays the received, missed and dialed numbers in its call records. As mentioned in the first paragraph, physical segment of Samsung models seem to the main zone of attraction for the users. The F480 comes in shining black colour and comes with the flip design. It has a standard weight of 100.6 grams and dimensions of 98.4 x 55 x 11.6 mm. For sure, Among all mobile phones Samsung F480 Tocco would not be a wrong choice for those who are thinking of purchasing it.

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UPS Monitoring - Onsite and Remote

Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) emit alarm signals (audible and visual) to alert operators to fault conditions or a change in operating environment. A primary function of uninterruptible power supplies is to monitor the power supply and respond when it is no longer present, or if it fluctuates to extremes outside of predefined boundaries. The point about alarm signals, however, is that they are only useful if someone is there to hear and respond to them. UPS monitoring and how alarms are responded to should be an important part of a Power Continuity Plan, as failure to act will result in reduced system resilience.

A complex, multi-site installation, for example, throws up a number of challenges in terms of how uninterruptible power supplies will be monitored. Each unit will have local, network and remote monitoring and control facilities in place using a combination of built-in communication ports within the UPS itself. In addition, a UPS monitoring system comprises other components including hardware (cabling, connectors, sensors) and software accessories. Monitoring software has been designed to recognise certain pre-defined conditions and can be configured to respond in certain ways, such as perform a controlled sequential and priority-based shutdown of protected equipment in the event of a fault condition or power failure.

Why Monitoring Should be Part of a Power Continuity Plan

Today's uninterruptible power supply designs contain microchip technology that allows them to perform detailed analysis of electricity voltages and currents and their operating environments. They can even be automated to respond in a certain way to within preset parameters, and shut down all or part of the system. But the technology only goes so far, and as with most critical equipment, there may be a need for human intervention at some point in the decision making process. Classic examples of inadequate monitoring include failure to notice that a UPS is operating in bypass or that it failed a battery test a week prior to a mains power failure.

Onsite monitoring

Today's uninterruptible power supply manufacturers provide a range of monitoring and control packages from simple installation and service programmes to complete network packages capable of cross-platform communication and external management across the internet or other gateway. Service monitoring packages may also be offered as a supplement to emergency call-outs and remote site monitoring.

Basic UPS installation software, designed to run on laptops, PCs and PDAs can be customised onsite to interrogate alarm and history logs, display information (bar graphs and measurements) and initiate test routines. UPS monitoring and control software is more sophisticated and can provide all of the above plus a graphical display of UPS operating conditions; sequential and priority-based computer and file server shutdown; event scheduling for timed system boot up and power down; alarm message management including email, faxes and SMS and monitoring via a WAP server on a handheld device or internet browser.

Outside of the capabilities of UPS software, onsite monitoring should also include regular and consistent physical and visual inspection of all power continuity equipment, most particularly, UPS batteries and battery cabinets. Alongside the UPS units themselves, it is important to check cabling and connectors for wear and tear or damage.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring enables signals and other information communicated by the uninterruptible power supplies to be transmitted to an offsite service centre via a modem and telephone line (fixed or cellular). This type of platform offers two-way communication; alongside receiving information generated by the power protection equipment, service centre personnel can also dial up the UPS or generator/s to interrogate their status and generate alarm logs and other reports. They can also initiate self-diagnostics to locate the source of a problem and perform certain tests that will highlight problem areas or potential problems such as a depleted battery.

This article was compiled using information available in The Power Protection Guide - the design, installation and operation of uninterruptible power supplies (ISBN: 9 780955 442803). By Robin Koffler and Jason Yates of Riello UPS.

Robin Koffler is the co-author of The Power Protection Blog and the General Manager of Riello UPS Ltd, the UK subsidiary of Riello UPS (RPS S.p.A). For more information visit the Riello UPS - uninterruptible power supplies website.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Master Franchise Strategy For the Expanding Franchisor

There are almost as many expansion strategies for franchising companies as there are franchisors in the market place. Some franchisors start on a shoe-string and build local and regional domination, while others start offering franchises in all 50 states from the get-go. Still others only offer franchises in non-registration states and notification states. Indeed, there are reasons, good ones for each of those or any combination thereof.
Still, there are some that work to set up a couple of foreign franchisees to show they are global and national. It's amazing really to watch how various franchisors execute their expansion strategy. Another very popular strategy is for the franchisor to set up some local franchisees and create a business model like a master franchise, then copy that model by selling master franchises in other markets.
Some franchisors sell master franchises in foreign markets or areas they do not wish to franchise themselves. Because of all the various strategies and mixing of these, you can see why there are almost as many strategies as there are franchising companies. What typically happens is a franchisor attempts to execute their franchise business plan, but then has folks and investors contact them.
The franchisor then makes deals that are worth their while and at a rapid rate. Call it controlled chaos if you will. Now from the outside looking in, it might looked normal, but believe me it isn't, no franchisor ever expands exactly how they planned from the beginning, franchising just doesn't work that way. It's like holding on to a rocket ship, it ain't easy, but believe me when I tell you, it's worth doing if you have a good concept. Think on this.

"Lance Winslow" - Franchising Resource. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

The Kirby Sentria is a Great All in One Cleaning System

By Alan Kirchain

If you ever longed for the day when you could finally get piece of cleaning equipment that could do everything regarding floor care, your prayers have finally been answered. The Kirby Sentria may just be one of the best all around cleaning machines that has ever been made!

Choose the Best  Configuration For the Job

A lot of systems claim to be able to do everything, but the Kirby Sentria finally delivers on everything that these types of cleaning systems promise. Conversion has never been easier on an all in one as you can quickly change it from a deep cleaning upright to a canister vacuum, floor buffer or a carpet shampoo cleaning system.

Many all in one systems will be clunky or shoddily put together. Kirby avoids this pitfall with a solid die-cast aluminum construction. It also has the exclusive TechDrive power assist that makes pushing this cleaner so easy one of the kids could handle it with ease.

Easily Cleans Pet Hair

Another great feature of the Kirby Sentria is its ability to clean up pet hair effortlessly. You can often spend half your day trying to get the furniture clean of your pets favorite resting spot, but the Kirby attacks this challenge head on and wins every time. After a few minutes, you will never know that you even have an animal in the house.

Change Your Requirements For Your Situation

The hard floor attachments are a wonderful surprise on the Kirby Sentria cleaning system. When you are finished polishing and buffing your hard floors, you will think the machine was built with only that in mind. You will think that you had a professional doing them with the quality of the cleaning job that the machine produces.

When you break everything down, the Kirby Sentria is a great investment. You can choose to buy separate machines that will do each job or you can buy one incredible machine that will do a great job at every aspect of cleaning our floors. Plain and simple, the Kirby Sentria is an incredible cleaning machine.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Timex Triathlon Watches - Ironman OVA (Optimal View Angle) Watch

Are you tired of twisting your wrist to view the time when on the run? If you don't mind things a little different, then the Timex O.V.A. might be worth a look. Of all the Timex Triathlon Watches, the O.V.A. or "Optimal Viewing Angle" takes the cake as one of the more strange time pieces Timex have ever produced. The concept is to wear the watch sideways on your wrist so that the face points towards your body rather than on top of the wrist. Resting on the narrow "side" of your wrist, there's no need to twist your wrist to view the time. The O.V.A. watch is permanently positioned in your eye-line.

Ok, so is this just a gimmick or does it actually offer an advantage to a normal watch? As runners we have probably become so accustomed to tilting our wrists to view a watch that it's virtually second nature, yet once you are accustomed to the angled timepiece, you certainly get used to just glancing over to check the time.

The Timex OVA Watch features also features an easy to access START/LAP button placed on top of the main watch display and all the usual Timex goodies including:

* Flexible and breathable plastic band
* 99-lap counter
* 75-lap memory including best lap and average lap time
* Chrono Training Log that stores workouts by date
* Total run Format/Synchro timer
* Two 24hr interval timers with Countdown/stop and Coutdown/repeat
* 2x Time zones
* 3x Alarms
* Built-in setting reminders
* Water resistance to 100m

This watch is even better for cyclists who need to maintain an optimal balance at all times. The advantage of not having to take your arms away to view the time and risk losing control of the bike can not be understated.

At around $50 on Amazon, the Timex OVA Watch is an inexpensive and innovative sports watch with all the Timex Ironman features you would expect. It is up to you to decide if the turned heads and raised eyebrows are compensated for by the advantages this watch has to offer.

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Vizio 32" LCD TV VO32L - Pros and Cons

The Vizio 32" LCD TV VO32L is a HDTV model in the Vizio Evolution Series. It is a TV that is priced in the mid range. So is it worth the asking price?

Before I get into the pros and cons of the VO32L, let's take a quick look at the main specifications:

1366 X 768 resolution
16:9 ratio wide screen ratio
HDTV and standard TV tuner combination
22 year/50,000 hours lamp life

The connectivity on this TV is fantastic. I also really liked the matte finish. Don't be fooled by the lack of 1080p resolution, or "true HD". You don't need it at this resolution; in fact it would be nothing more than a waste so it's good that Vizio have kept costs down with the 1366 x 768 resolution.

You will also find more picture modes on this TV compared with most others in its class: 9 in total. Some work well whilst others don't make a huge difference.

Some reviewers have been very happy with black levels whilst others said that the blacks could be deeper. My opinion is somewhere in the middle: the blacks are not perfect (one would not expect them to be in a mid range TV) but they certainly could be a lot worse. The remote layout could also do with some fine tuning to make it a little more user friendly.

Consumer Opinion
There are countless positive reviews and comment about the Vizio 32" LCD TV VO32L including one Amazon reviewer stating that "the picture is amazing" and another remarking that "I love this High Def TV. I can't imagine one with a better picture."

The VO32L is a great TV for the price. If you can overlook the minor issue of lack of aspect ratio control on HD sources and the less than ideal remote layout you will find that it is true value for money.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

LCD Vs Plasma TVs - Who Will Win the Battle?

By Dylan A. Vince

Plasma vs. LCD TVs - it is indeed a complex and fascinating battle. Plasma and LCD TVs have their own personas. The decision on which one to choose has lots to do with personal taste.

Each pixel of a plasma TV is composed of 3 phosphors - red, blue and green, they emit light upon striking of electrons. Quantity of light that are emitted depends on intensity of electron beam. It's the phosphors that create light that one could see on a screen.

LCD televisions use millions of crystals that are suspended in liquid which is sandwiched between panels. Bright florescent light behind the sandwich is there. Crystals either let light pass or block passage. To determine color, color filters are used.

Both TVs are thin, the 3"" or 5"" difference seem to matter on certain models, but they become immaterial in large-screen TVs. Plasma televisions are known for large sizes, you could have greater variety to choose from on big models.

For large-screen plasma TVs and large-screen LCD TVs of same size, plasma TVs normally cost less, but price-drops are continuing so these two will most likely be equal when it comes to prices quite soon. Plasma TVs tend to win the LCD TVs vs. Plasma TVs battle for now, but the battle still goes on.

So let us all watch out for more developments in the coming years. Who knows, there might be better types of TVs to be invented or developed. Those that could possibly have all the advantages and good features of the plasma and the LCD TVs, the disadvantages already omitted.

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LG Renoir Vs LG Arena AKA KC910 Vs KM900 - The Touch Screen Phone Conundrum

By Susan Hargreaves

The LG Arena is a being sold as a multimedia centric phone, whilst the artistically christened LG Renoir on the other hand is being hailed by the manufacturer as the ultimate camera smart phone. Both of these LG touch screen phones are also known by their model numbers, the Arena as the KM900 and the Renoir as the KC910.


The LG Renoir is showcased in an attractive shiny black casing with a jagged rear featuring circular patterns. The phone is compact, slim and pocket friendly. Weighing 105 grams the Arena is lighter than the Renoir that weighs 114 grams. The LG Arena comes in an eye catching sleek silver casing.


The LG Arena has a brand new S Class 3D interface. It features a cube which can be rotated with finger swipes to gain access to applications through shortcuts in four sub screens. The interface is very responsive to touch. The KC910 Renoir has a very touch sensitive interface with a widget bar on the home screen. Applications can be dragged from the bar onto the home screen to access them. The less nimble fingered persons can alternatively use the physical keys below the touch screen to access menus and applications.


The LG Renoir is hyped as a camera smart phone. Indeed its 8 Mega pixel camera is its most thrilling feature. The camera has face detection feature; its smile and blink detection aspects ensure that snaps are taken when people in the frame are smiling rather than when they shut their eyes to blink. The LG KC910's camera also sports the coveted xenon flash while the Arena has a non xenon flash. The beauty mode, a surprise bonanza attribute is the magic wand that will erase imperfections from the image. Other camera features include image stabilization and geo tagging. The KM900 Arena is not a camera phone and sports an average 5 Mega pixels camera using Schneider Kreuznach optics. The only feature the camera boasts of is the auto focus.

What More They Offer? The LG KM900 and the KC910 both have video recording mettle for which they have a secondary video call camera. The presence of video player in both phones is welcome news for movie buffs. While the LG Arena has an FM radio accompanied by an FM transmitter to let you share tunes on any radio the Renoir comes equipped with an FM radio only. The Arena and the Renoir both use Dolby technology for their audio player. The 3.5 mm audio jack is absent in the LG KC910, but it features in the Arena.

The LG Arena also has Bluetooth version 2 whereas LG Renoir has Blue tooth version 2 with A2DP technology. Both phones enhance mobile internet experience with 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and Wi Fi and EDGE technologies. The 3 inch screens in the Arena and the LG Renoir give a very propitious web and video viewing experience. However the LG Arena screen has a higher resolution of 480X800 pixels when compared to the Renoir's 240X400 pixels and hence provides crisper and more vividly colored images.

While the LG KM900 Arena shines with its stellar multi media capacities the LG KC910 Renoir succeeds at making a mark as an efficacious camera smart phone.

The new LG Arena and LG Renoir are two of many new touch screen models from the manufacturer, for information on more touch screen phones please refer to our website - Phones Limited.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vizio 32 Inch LCD TV VU32L Review

The Vizio 32 inch LCD TV VU32L is a 720p widescreen HDTV ready television with 1080i capability.

The native resolution of this flat panel TV is 1366 x 768. Don't be disturbed that it is lacking the full high definition resolution of 1080p - on a TV of this size that resolution would be wasted, so Vizio has done consumers a favor by foregoing marketing hype in favor of providing sheer value for money.

The specifications of the VU32L are quite impressive and include:

- 1366 x 768 native resolution
- 1080i capable
- 12ms response time
- 500 cd/m2 brightness
- 800:1 contrast ratio
- Lamp life of 50,000 hours
- Uses 60% less power than a conventional TV of the same size

What is lamp life?
The lamp life is the time span a TV will be able to display a picture before a half level of brightness is reached. In the case of the VU32L, it is rated at 50,000 which on average is equivalent to abo8ut 20 years of usage (more than just about anyone keeps a TV for). If you use your TV for less than 6 hours per day then you can expect an even greater lamp life.

There are so many good things about this TV. You will find that images are very sharp and crisp, with deep colors. The 3:2 pulldown feature comes in handy as well. The TV works well in brightly lit rooms.

Connectors are only located at the rear which could be a pain for some people.

You can currently buy the Vizio 32 inch LCD TV VU32L for around $500 (less if you really shop around). It is a TV that will suit small living spaces like bedrooms, condos and dorm rooms.

If you aren't sure whether a 32" TV is right for you, you can click the link below to find out how to get a massive 50" plasma TV from Vizio without paying a cent.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Camcorder Battery Tips

By Matthew Hankey

I know how important memories are with family and friends. You need to be prepared to record as the moments are taking place in front of you. This article will address tips for the folks who just want to capture those memories among family and friends, doesn't have much for the pro. My purpose is to help you understand how to best be prepared to record with the camcorder you have.

Camcorder batteries are an essential part of the battery technology market. Without important innovation in portable camcorder power packs , we would never have the small, High tech camcorders that are available on the market today. Camcorder batteries are very simple to use and maintain. All you have to do is charge them and put them on your camcorder the proper way. More than likely you'll never have to worry about your camcorder batteries. However there are a few helpful hints about battery technology that once aware of, will help you make informed purchase decisions when it's time to buy spare camcorder batteries. We will be covering the four major types of camcorder batteries.

Lithium-Ion batteries are the best of the best of camcorder battery technology. They offer quick charge times, long life, steady discharge characteristics and light weight. A Lithium-Ion battery offers about 40% more charge capacity than a Nickel Cadmium battery of similar size and weight. This camcorder battery can be fully charged in less than half the time than it would take a Nickel Cadmium battery to charge. Lithium-Ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect. Not having to worry about memory effect you can charge your battery when it is 90% fully charged and not hurt it at all. It is best to keep this type of camcorder battery fully charged. Lithium-Ion batteries are also the most expensive on the market. It is best to store your Lithium-Ion batteries in a cool ,dry area, safe from shock. Be sure to recycle them when they're ready to be discarded.

Lead Acid Batteries are the most reliable. This type of camcorder battery is basically the kind you have in your automobile or recreation vehicle ( Four Wheeler, Motor cycle). Best to keep this battery fully charged. No need to discharge this type of camcorder battery prior to charging. Most chargers continue to charge after the light goes out or the light changes from red to green. On occasion this type of camcorder battery may need to be charged 24 hours to regain a full charge. There is no need to worry about overcharging your lead acid camcorder battery for most chargers have a safety circuit to prevent heat build-up. Most all manufactures have there lead acid batteries thermally fused to prevent acid leak or meltdown.

Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride camcorder batteries require more attention than Lead -Acid. These are the same batteries used in cordless phones. It is Very important to fully discharge (run battery down until camcorder shuts down) to get the longest life out of your camcorder battery. Let it shut down a couple of times before putting it on the charger. This will drain it enough as to not cause any memory effect and you will get maximum run times. It may require an overnight charge to completely gain a full charge. The trickle charge on your charger will help to top off the camcorder battery charge.

Hopefully this information will help prepare you to be ready to record all those memories as they unfold in front of you with camcorder in hand. All the best in recording memories with family and friends.

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Samsung NC10 - The Best Netbook So Far?

By Nicole S. Peters

A netbook is a streamlined mobile device designed for the Internet, so you can stay connected on the go. But which model out there is the best Netbook? We look at the top three netbooks available on the market in January 2009.

Samsung NC10

The Samsung NC10 edged the Acer Aspire One and Asus EEE PC 1000H because of its better keyboard. The NC10 is a new model in the market and Samsung is a reputable brand. However, a Linux version is not available yet.

The Samsung NC10 has a battery life of up to 6 hours and a keyboard that is roughly 93% of a standard full-sized laptop keyboard ensuring that you can easily IM, email and check out all your favorite websites. By sprinkling incredibly small, nano-sized silver ion powder on the keyboard, Samsung has made the NC10 system bacteria free for even longer. Currently, only three colors are available but more are planned.

This is probably the best netbook money can buy. It is also more attractive and more durable than both the Asus EEE PC and Acer Aspire One series of netbooks - the 'missing Apple' netbook (no announcement from the 2009 MacWorld Expo)!

Asus Eee PC 1000H Netbook

The Asus Eee PC started it all. As of this writing, there are over a dozen and a half EEE PC models ranging from 7" to 10" screens and in various eye-catching colors. The Asus EEE PC 1000H is one of the best selling models for Asus. For almost a full year, Asus was the king of netbooks until everybody else caught up.

The Asus Eee PC 1000H is their top model but it is heavier than the Samsung NC10 due to its larger battery capacity. This netbook has a battery life of up to 7 hours and a keyboard that is roughly 92% of a standard full-sized laptop keyboard but unfortunately it has a poor layout.

There are two operating systems currently available: Windows XP & Xandros Linux. Additionally, it is larger in dimensions than other 10 inch netbooks - a slight negative considering these netbooks should be minimal in size and weight for portability.

Acer Aspire One Netbook

The Acer Aspire One is probably one of the more affordable netbook in the market today due to a recent price cut. This would make a great family laptop used by teenagers who just want to surf the web, check emails, do their homework, listen to music, and watch YouTube videos. It is also great for commuting in public transportation or long trips to college or visiting friends. It also makes a great second or travel 'laptop' for business users. Because of its global distribution network, the Acer Aspire One is the best selling netbook in the world.

The Acer Aspire One has a battery life of up to 5.5 hours and a keyboard that is roughly 89% of a standard full-sized laptop keyboard. Two operating systems are currently available: Windows XP & Linpus Linux. There are five colors available for everyone including the most popular Rose Pink for the female demographic and Sapphire Blue for the male demographic.

If low price is what you're after, then the Acer Aspire One is the netbook of choice. It's not as sophisticated but it offers good value though not battery life.

For additional product reviews, please visit The Best Product Reviews web site. The expert reviewers have sifted through tens of thousands of relevant products out on the Internet and narrowed it down to the best one to three products for high interest topics and categories.

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Pizza Industry Latest Facts and Figures

By Anto Mathew

Generally-speaking, the restaurant industry has shown initial resilience in coping with the downturn. Americans continue to rely on restaurants, primarily take-away establishments, for their daily eating. National restaurants surveys show an industry bracing for hardship, but confident that consumers will remain loyal.

Franchise Direct's research shows that pizza franchises make up a majority of America's restaurants. Our findings state that pizza franchises experienced consistent sales growth up until last year, when the industry slowed. There are a number of reasons why pizza franchises are projected to remain strong. Commodity prices will fall in the coming years, creating savings for the purchase of ingredients. Pizza franchises will also seamlessly fit into new consumer trends, such as the switch towards healthier and organic food options and the integration of new technology in ordering food. Our research suggests that pizza franchises present a deft balance for consumers searching for a quality at an affordable price. It is believed that pizza franchises will succeed as other more expensive dining options fail.

Pizza franchises also boast a number of advantages as far as purchasing a restaurant is concerned. New entrepreneurs can avail of a franchisor's assistance in getting their business up and running. Our research reveals the typical franchise fee for a pizza restaurant. That figure tends to drops significantly for carry-out restaurants and double for larger, full-service pizza franchises.

The total investment sum for a pizza franchise can also vary greatly depending on location, unit size and whether the restaurant is take-out or dine-in. Our research tracks the range in investment in owning different types of pizza restaurant, factoring in fixtures, signs, inventory, training expenses, payroll and more. There are also a number of ongoing fees that the franchisee must be accountable for and our analysis details every payment that one can expect to make.

Most pizza franchises come with an exclusive territory, although some franchisors maintain a right to open new outlets within a given territory in certain circumstances.

In all, it remains hard to forecast the total earning potential of owning a pizza franchise. Every franchised industry is facing challenges at the moment, with the economy flailing and the sales expected to drop across the board in 2009. Cost control, management efficiency and slumping commodity prices will help to offset the sales decline brought on by the slump in the economy. According to research by Franchise Direct, pizza franchisees who can enhance their service and offer true quality to consumers will be the ones that will enjoy positive outcomes in 2009.

Franchise Direct (McGarry Internet Ltd)
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Samsung Omnia HD Vs Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition - The Touch Screen Face-Off

The Samsung Tocco Ultra and the Samsung Omnia HD are two of the latest proffers from the leading mobile manufacturer, each also known by their models names as the S8300 and i8910 respectively.

Touch Screen

The Tocco Ultra has a 2.8 inch OLED touch screen which has a high resolution of 240X400 pixels for display of crisp and vibrant images. The Samsung Omnia HD on the other hand is endowed with a wider touch screen measuring 3.7 inches. The OMOLED screen also has a higher resolution of 360X640 pixels.

So, it can be said that the Omnia HD mobile phone offers better quality images. The touch screen of the Samsung Tocco Ultra uses the Touch Wiz interface and provides tactile feedback- the phone vibrates when touched. But the screen is not responsive enough. The touch screen of the Samsung Omnia HD is capacitive rather that resistive, so the screen is much more responsive to finger flicks.

Since the screen of the Omnia HD is wider than that of the its rival its virtual keyboard is bigger and more finger friendly than the virtual key board of the Tocco Ultra Edition.

The Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra however scores a point over the i8910 by proffering a slider keypad. This keypad is meant to cater to customers who are not comfortable with the absence of physical keys. The Omnia HD being a wholly touch operated phone does not have this advantage.


The Tocco Ultra has an 8 Mega pixel camera. The handset has to be slid open to reveal the lens, which is an odd feature. The camera has an auto focus feature to allow people with the shakiest hands to click the perfect snap. The Samsung Omnia HD also sports an 8 Mega pixel camera which is transfused with a plethora of features like auto focus, face detection and geo tagging which lets you tag pictures by location.

It is also superior because it is equipped with business card recognition. It has smile and blink shot technologies which make it click snaps only when the subject is smiling and not when he is blinking. Cameras of both phones lack the zoom attribute. The Samsung Tocco Ultra has an LED photo light. The Samsung Omnia HD has only a single LED flash and no dual LED flash as was expected by photography fanatics.

Other Features

The Omnia HD has a very superlative ability to record 720p HD video. It hence tantamounts to a mobile camcorder. With a video resolution of 1280X720 pixels the phone can record 24 frames per second. There are myriad video editing possibilities in the phone. The S8300 Tocco Ultra has the usual mobile phone video recording capabilities and is equipped with a second video call camera in its front.

Both phones have GPRS, Wi Fi technology and HSDPA for augmenting mobile internet experience. Both have music player and FM radio facets too.

The Samsung i8910 Omnia HD is a great choice if you want a hi-tech smart phone. The Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra is apt for those who just want a functional mobile smart phone.

The Samsung Omnia HD and Samsung Tocco Ultra are the most recent additions ot the manufacturers range of 8.0 megapixel camera phones, for information on these and many more handsets please visit our online mobile phones shop - Phones Limited.

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4 Tax Preparation Software Reviews, Compare - TurboTax, H&R Block TaxCut, CompleteTax, TaxSimple

Intuit TurboTax has been a top rated and best selling product for tax preparation. Consumers continuously return to use Turbo Tax Online every year because of it's ease of use. The reasons are obvious from the start, Turbo Tax walks you through your return step by step with popup tips and guidance easing you along at your own pace. You can work on your return anytime of day or night, and do it in one sitting, or come back for a few minutes here or there. Regardless of the skill level you have with a computer or taxes, you will find Intuit TurboTax clearly guides and explains the process to you in simple easy terms. By investing a small amount of time with the tax tips, step by step guidance and FREE easy to use tax calculators, you'll increase your ability to get a bigger tax refund, and widen your knowledge and ability to properly prepare for even bigger refunds on future returns. Check out the Turbo Tax FREE Edition this year

- H&R Block TaxCut a leading top performing and top selling product for tax preparation has built it's reputation on popularity, dependability and ease of use. HR Block Tax Cut also offers a FREE Edition this year. Millions of people return to use H&R Block TaxCut to prepare their Federal and State income tax returns every year because they trust the professionals. Features Include, Tax Tips, a knowledge center with helpful information on how to maximize your refund. FREE Tax Estimator and Tax Calculators for several purposes help ensure you get easy computing of your tax figures. Online Help from the professionals at H&R Block is at you fingertips any time you need it, and simple forms with step by step guidance ease you through your tax return. H&R Block TaxCut continues to be one of the most popular, well know and well liked products for tax return preparation.

- TaxSimple Tax$imple has consistently served the financial industry with state-of-the-art computer tax software since 1983, Their goal has been to provide world-class tax return software solutions and services to meet all your income tax needs. Each Tax$imple package represents the unique approach of managing tax and financial data with a high level of productivity. TaxSimple performed an extensive marketing analysis to better understand user needs and requirements, which have been implemented into their software programs. In turn the software has become comprehensive, powerful and user-friendly. It includes intuitive navigation for simplicity, along with many more exceptional and time saving features.

- CompleteTax is a quick and easy way to do your taxes online. Developed for the do-it-yourself taxpayer, it is a Internet-based program that prepares both your federal and resident state income tax returns, along with FREE e-filing. Included is a free online tax guide that helps you with virtually any tax issues you may have. One of the great product tools is the Tax Projector, which is a easy-to-use calculator that predicts your tax situation for the upcoming year. Other products include a collection of FREE easy-to-use online investment calculators designed to help you plan for, and solve common financial issues that arise while doing your taxes. They include a lease calculator, retirement calculator and finance calculators that will help you make smarter, better informed financial decisions.

Michael Bownelli is a specialist in tax Return Refunds, helping clients increase their tax refund through tax knowledge and deduction awareness for their tax returns. Turbo Tax FREE Edition + Basic, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business Tax Software Products. TaxCut FREE Edition + Basic, Premium, Home & Business, Online Tax Software Products.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Turbo Tax Online Software - Is Online Tax Software Right For You?

Turbotax Online is the web based software from the makers of the Turbotax software for PCs. Turbotax software has been around for over a decade. During this time, it has shipped millions of copies of their tax software.

For the past few years ever popular PC software is available on the Web. This makes it easy to prepare your tax return. There is no software CD to install and no files to protect. Its all online and you can prepare and file your tax return right on the Website.

For Tax year 2008, Turbotax is packaged in 5 different versions :

  • Free Online Edition
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Online Premier
  • Online Home and Business
  • TurboTax Personal Pro
Since tax laws change every year, the software is updated every year for the latest tax law changes. Here is what you can expect from the different versions.

Features Common to all online Editions - Free Federal efile, All Tax Calculations - Real-time answers online from TurboTax experts and other users of the software, Life Changes to your tax situation (eg. Getting married, Realtime online answers)

The Free version is probably the best place to start if you are new to online tax preparation. First off, its great to get your feet wet and discover what the software has to offer. In fact you can preview your tax return long before you finalize it. Secondly, you are not locked into the free version, if your tax situation is such that it needs more complex calculations, the software will automatically suggest the best version of their software.

Is It Really Free ? Put it simply its a Free for your federal tax return. The Free applies to the Federal tax return. If you live in a state that requires a State return to be filed, you will need to also get the state version if turbotax for your state. You would have to chip in a bit of dough for this. But even this small extra fee is well worth it, when you compare to filing with a tax professional online.

Learn more about tips on selecting tax software and in-depth reviews of Turbotax Online comparison at this web site dedicated to tax preparation tools.

Ronald Robson is a freelance writer, management consultant and avid blogger. He specializes in computer software and its applicability to varied businesses. Visit his site to learn about other great Online Tax preparation tools
Disclaimer: This does not constiture tax advice. All trademarks referenced belong to their respective owners.

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Consider Yourself "Converged" - New Netbooks Offer a Pocketful of Power

By Scott McQuarrie

They're called netbooks, mini-PCs, subnotebooks and a few other names that are too cute by half, like the Asus "EeePc." Although the "name brands" have jumped into the fray, at present the category is dominated by the second tier of computer and component makers. And despite Hewlett-Packard pricing one of its models just under $1000, the sweet spot in pricing is still the $300-500 area.

Netbooks are made for portability and are generally around two pounds or so, with screens less than 10 inches in diameter. Despite its cutesy name, the Asus EeePc line is most representative of the new category of PCs. The keyboards are, naturally, reduced in size, there are no optical drives (external units are available), WiFI is built in and most have SD (SecureDigital) card slots, webcams, three or four USB ports and VGA out (for a second monitor). Installed RAM is usually 512MB at minimum, with 1GB the apparent standard at present.

Brains, not brawn
The current netbooks feature less-than-state-of-the-art CPUs (Central Processing Units), usually the Intel Atom line. This is Intel's smallest chip, and is used in a range of power-efficient devices where it can increase energy efficiency, extend battery life and still maintain what the manufacturer calls "full Intel Core microarchitecture instruction set compatibility." The Atom processors also offer multiple threads to improve performance and increase overall system responsiveness. The line currently tops out at a 1.86GHz clock speed, with 1.6GHz units the most prevalent in today's models.

The screens are primarily TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology, although some manufacturers may be experimenting with the amazing new OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) variety. As costs come down in various areas - screen, RAM, flash memory, etc. - the performance benchmarks will doubtless rise. However, these "small laptops" are never going to be a power user's first choice, as they have a different niche. These are the first of the pocket PCs that our world is going to be full of in no time, according to some observers.

Solid memory choices
One of the more interesting developments in computing technology finds a home in many new netbooks. Instead of an 80 to 160GB hard drive, some netbooks feature SSDs (Solid State Drives), flash memory arrays of up to 32GB, for storage. These SSDs are shock-resistant, draw little power, have superfast access times and make for a much "greener" computing device. Perhaps it makes sense to see the next generation of laptop components debut in a reduced form factor (at a reduced cost, too).

The lowest entries on the price chart usually have some flavor of Linux as the Operating System (OS), but a price premium of only $25-50 gets you into Windows XP territory. Some few models may offer Vista, but with Microsoft's apparent decision to dump Vista as soon as possible this is probably not the best choice. There are currently no Apple netbooks, and not even any good rumors of one, although the current Mac OS can be hacked various ways to run on PCs with a variety of processors. Still, it's a "PC-and-Windows" phenomenon for now.

First "communicator"?
Just about every netbook has a webcam built in, usually a 1.3MP at best, but that is more than sufficient for basic "cam" functionality. With videochat applications, Skype and other "connectivity" programs, the days of mobile A/V chatting have apparently arrived, although it will doubtless be an "early adopter" kind of activity. However, as the first waves of netbooks give way to a second and third, and a year or two of use (and abuse) wring out some of the problems, we may see this technology really take hold. And there is one word you should know that will help focus this kind of technological fortunetelling. That word is "convergence."

With the phenomenal smart phones being released, and the parallel progress being made in A/V, telephony, WiFi, computing and communications, some hybrid of netbook, PDA, phone and media player will no doubt appear on the horizon. With the power of a desktop computer in your hands, you will carry your work on the same device that gives you instant, worldwide, two-way video chat and connects you to the Internet, too. But there are some practical applications that go far beyond mobile Facebook and watching TV.

Specialized uses
Once the "vertical integrators" get hold of these units, every kind of industry and every kind of special application will have a platform in people's pockets. With simple technology that exists today, security professionals could log in to surveillance cameras worldwide to check on property, processes and people. You could have full control of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras in Chicago as you go about your business in L.A. Take the netbook from your pocket or briefcase, sign in to your network and "do your thing."

Other specialized uses will be forthcoming. You may even develop one yourself, since the pieces of this puzzle can be combined in lots of ways to support any number of personal or business endeavors. That "digital convergence" that we've been hearing about these past few years has already arrived, as witness these amazing new netbooks. It's all in the process of being tweaked for this, that and the other thing, as well. With these new tools, it's not that we will do amazing new things we've never done. We will do the amazing things we know about, but from farther and farther away, with greater and greater control, at low cost and even less hassle. Get a netbook and consider yourself "digitally converged."

- - - - - - - - - -

After founding his first security firm in 1990, Scott McQuarrie built several security-related companies into regional and national powerhouses over the ensuing years. Since 2000 he has focused his sales and marketing efforts on the Internet, which opened up a virtually unlimited, international market for his flagship product line, EZWatch Pro.

The EZWatch Pro brand has come to stand for world-class expertise in electronic security, video surveillance and the myriad technologies involved in both fields. From small houses to gigantic international airports, there is an EZWatch Pro solution to meet any and every residential, business, commercial and government security challenge