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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Brother MFC Or Canon PIXMA - Which is the Better Multifunction Printer

By John C. Arkin

People with home devices often prefer to use multifunction printers simply because these devices conserve space and have many features that home offices need compacted in just one device. Most leading printer manufacturers have multi-function printers as part of their product line.

Among the all printers available in the market today, those created by Brother and Canon are some of the best. The question is this: Which is the better line of multi function printer, the Brother MFC or the Canon PIXMA?

Brother MFC Multifunction Printers

Most Brother MFC printers have advanced features that really define what the printers are. They are small and lightweight, but certainly compact.

They can work as a decent phone and fax machine. Messages can be recorded on these Brother MFC printers, making them double as answering machines. They can be operated as speaker phones.

They can work as scanners, with the option to scan to email, scan to file, scan to image or scan to OCR. The Brother MFC printers are also fitted with widescreen LCD control panels that allow for previews of scans, prints and faxes.

Most of all, they are versatile printers with the ability to print in monochrome or in color, depending on the model. They can even function as photo printers with photo ink cartridges. Also, they can print from USB flash drives and other memory cards, and they are Ethernet-ready.

Canon PIXMA Multifunction printers

On the other hand, Canon PIXMA printers do not have the advanced features that the Brother MFC printers have. They are as versatile as can be expected from multifunction printers, but the features that Canon PIXMA printers possess are just basic, good for small working environments.
For one, many models only have basic fax functions. Some cannot print from or even read USB flash drives. Some cannot function as photo printers.

Eventually, what it all comes down to is what exactly do people with home offices need in multifunction printers. If they want multifarious functions and features in a printer, and if their printing needs demand versatility in a printer, they should go for Brother MFC models. However, if they are not that big on features and functions and are more focused on printing output quality, a Canon PIXMA model would be a better choice for them.

This Article is written by John C. Arkin from, the contributor of printer ink cartridges. More information on the subject is at, and related resources can be found at Brother Ink Cartridges.

Canon Powershot SD790IS Digital Camera Review

By Ocha Nix

One of the best canon cameras out there right now is the Canon Powershot SD790IS digital camera. After reviewing several other models, this one came out on top.

You will be quickly impressed with the startup speed of the camera and the qualities of the pictures from the Canon Powershot SD790IS are superb. You can take approximately 150 shots and still have lots of battery power. This feature alone puts this one in a class of its own. The flash recharge speed is extremely fast when compared to other thin digital cameras.

Pictures taken on the "auto" mode come out looking perfect and the color always seems accurate. Faces are not washed out; pictures taken in bright sunlight, distance shots or close up, all come out as you want them to, great!

The Canon Powershot SD790IS digital camera turns on and is ready to use almost instantly, and focuses quickly. Pictures turn out sharp and clear, even with the flash, the zoom works easily with a very accessible button, and there is absolutely no red eye.

The camera is small enough to fit into your pocket and surprisingly light. But don't let the small package fool you as this is one digital camera packed full of features with high quality construction. The body is made from metal rather than plastic which gives it a better feel and makes it sturdier.

The 3.0" LCD screen of the Canon Powershot SD790IS digital camera is bright, and is clearly visible even in bright sun. There is no need for a viewfinder with this one. Another good thing about this camera; it is possible to view images on the camera's screen without extending the lens. When turned off, just hold down the play button to turn on image playback. The lens won't pop out.

This is a great digital camera, and probably the best out there right now in its price range and even better than some more expensive models.

If you plan on shooting a lot in auto mode and want a thin camera with the 3 inch screen, the Canon Powershot SD790IS is the way to go. Another unique feature is that the camera can sense which way you're holding it and shifts the image on the screen.

This review of the Canon Powershot SD790IS digital camera is geared more toward the casual user pointing out features that most people would be interested in rather than from a more technical point of view.

Whether you are looking for a camera to take pictures of your vacations, week-end trips or the kids as they are growing up, the Canon Powershot 790IS digital camera is one that I highly recommend.

I enjoy taking pictures of my grandchildren and being able to share them with family and friends. Having a good Digital Camera that takes superb pictures makes them so much enjoyable. In my search for a quality digital camera this is the one I found to be the best in its price range.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Graphic Design - Make Money in the Recession

By Menlo Lippowski

Many companies are finding great sales and profit potential in the field of graphic design right now. Companies, however, must have an outstanding website in order to have a successful online business. Search engine marketing, or a different type of marketing, must also be used. It is necessary for them to find someone who is able to create a high-quality website in order to successfully market a product or service.

If you are in graphic design, you have probably noticed an acceleration in business. While the economy continues to weaken in many areas, business is becoming more cost effective when done online. Selling things over the internet is certainly less expensive than at a regular brick and mortar retail store. This is the reason why this field is seeing an increase in profits not a decrease.

It is not hard to get started in graphic design. There are many schools out there who offer some form of degree or certificate in this field, but you will find that there are also many methods that you can use to teach yourself. Once you know what you are doing, you will be able to sell yourself to the thousands of businesses that need a website.

You could determine that you want to run an international enterprise and perform services for anybody throughout the globe who requires them. On the other hand, it's a good idea to begin in your own locality and develop your clientele there first. All sorts of people need site design services in L.A. This area is home to a great many designers since it's a terrific source of income.

You may find that various projects that you undertake will be more fun than work. There are lots of things that you need to remember when you are designing a site for a company, but you will also feel the thrill of building something unique from the ground up.

It does not matter who you end up working for, you will soon understand that graphic design in one of the best opportunities that will ever occur. Don't put your future on hold. If you put a little effort into learning about the different aspects of this career, you will find that it will take very little time until you are raking in the profits.

The field of graphic design is booming, with opportunities in the areas of search engine marketing and website design. By getting a quality education in this field, you'll be opening yourself up to become a freelance worker or contractor, qualified to create efficient and streamlined pieces of work for clients around the world. For a more local start, alternatively, explore the career options in cities by typing terms like web design Los Angeles into any search engine. No matter which career path you end up choosing, you'll be fulfilled by a job in this exciting new area.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Canon Pixma iP4200 Refilled and Compatible Cartridges

Canon has introduced a new range of Pixma printers, one of the most popular of these is the Pixma iP4200. Just like the older series Canon printers it has individual ink tanks, however there is a difference – these new cartridges have an onboard chip to measure the ink level of each individual cartridge. The new cartridges are the PGI-5 and CLI-8 cartridges. The cartridge numbers are...

PGI-5BK - Black pigment ink

CLI-8BK - Black dye based ink

CLI-8C - Cyan dye based ink

CLI-8M - Magenta dye based ink

CLI-8Y - Yellow dye based ink

Unlike traditional dye based inks, these inks from Canon are highly resistant to fading from light and gases in the air. Canon claim a 100 year life from these Chromalife inks if used with Canon paper, which is a great achievement.

These cartridges are also suitable for Pixma iP5200, iP5200r printers, MP500, MP800 and MP950 multifunctions.

Lots of people would like to know if these can be refilled, or if compatible cartridges are available. At the time of writing, February 2006, compatibles are not available for the PGI5 or CLI8 inks, probably for 2 reasons:

1. The ink formulations are quite complex - refill ink manufacturers need to make sure their inks will perform equivalent to the original Canon inks; and

2. The on-board chip has a patent from Canon on it so compatible manufacturers will have to be very careful not to infringe that patent, which could leave them open to litigation. Canon has recently won a lawsuit against a company in Japan which was refilling Canon cartridges and reselling them, so this will set back any plans for compatible cartridges.

There are refill inks available however. Refilling instructions are available from ink vendors. Canon has very cunningly adapted their printers – if you refill these inks and re-insert them into the machine, a warning message will appear on your computer along the lines of:

"You are using refill ink in your cartridges, if you continue your printer warranty will be void", and you are prompted to press OK. If you press OK, the low ink warning facility on the printer no longer works. If this is the case, you must be very careful never to let the inks run dry as this will burn out your printhead.

James Sodor has been an expert in the field of printers since 1999, and is now kept busy at - the world's largest free database of printers and supplies.

Canon PIXMA IP4000 Photo Printer Review & Calculating Its True Cost of Ownership

By Christy Berger

Canon PIXMA iP4000 printer is more than a home inkjet printer as it makes color and black & white printing in high speed possible and provide very high resolution. With its two-sided printing function, Canon PIXMA iP4000 reduces your paper costs. Direct printing from cameras is also possible with Canon PIXMA iP4000 printer. It has no memory card slots.

Here are some of the specifications and features of Canon PIXMA IP4000:

* Direct print port & PictBridge compatibility (PictBridge is an important feature that is good to have on a inkjet printer that you print a lot of pictures)

* USB and parallel interfaces; PC and Mac compatible

* Color resolution up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi & black resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi (This is a pretty high resolution for home use)

* Up to 25 ppm black, 17 ppm color; 4-by-6-inch photo in about 36 seconds (of course this is assuming draft mode printing, but even normal printing is pretty fast for a photo printer

* ContrastPLUS 5-color ink system; built-in two-sided printing (again great for a home printer, you probably will not use it a lot but still is good to have)

* Printer ink cartridges: BCI-3eBk, BCI-6Bk, BCI-6C, BCI-6M, BCI-6Y (good cartridge models that you can easily find inexpensive compatibles for, below we will show why this is so important)

* Paper handling (standard): Letter, legal, 4" x 6", 5" x 7", U.S. #10 envelopes

* Nozzle configuration: Black: 320, Color: 512 x 2 (C, M), 256 x 2 (Y); Total Nozzles: 1856

Here what comes in the regular box: Canon PIXMA iP4000 Printer, Canon PIXMA iP4000 Printhead, BCI-3eBk Black ink cartridge, BCI-6Bk Black ink cartridge, BCI-6C Cyan ink cartridge, BCI-6M Magenta ink cartridge, BCI-6Y Yellow ink cartridge, Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy 4" x 6" Sample Pack, power cord, documentation kit, Setup Software & User's Manual CD-ROM

The street price of this printer ranges between $110 and $164 but this is only a part of the story as we all know. It is the supplies that will make the bulk of the cost of ownership. Since Canon PIXMA IP4000 printer uses cartridges that you can easily find compatible generic cartridges online, the true cost of ownership will be pretty reasonable.

This is how we calculate cost of ownership of a printer: "number of prints per month" times "cost of the printer cartridge" divided by "the yield of the printer cartridge".

For example, lets assume that you will print 50 photos per month using this printers ink cartridge set that yields about 75 photos and a set of cartridges cost $28 for compatibles and $85 for genuine Canon brand ink cartridges. The monthly "cost of ownership" is then
(50 photos) x ($28) / 75 pages = $19 / month while using compatible cartridges and (50 photos) x ($85) / 75 pages = $57 / month.

This article is prepared by Christy Berger from A longer version of this article can be found at Canon PIXMA IP 4000 Inkjet Photo Printer Review. Main resource of this article is Canon PIXMA IP4000 Photo Printer Ink Cartridges at PrintCountry.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

HD Plasma TV - Should You Buy an HD Plasma TV?

By Caleb Liu

Consumers are going crazy over the HD plasma TV models on the market but should you buy one too? They are well known of the amazing picture quality offered as well at size of the extra large screen that can be up to 70". A HD plasma TV can produce up to 8.6 billion colors and each of them with amazing precision. The viewing angle is 16 units wide and 9 unit high so you will be watching all your television programs and movies in luxury.

HD plasma TV models are also very durable. They have a long life with an estimated 60,000 hours of viewing. While they are expensive they may be well worth it if you watch plenty of TV and movies. They also cost less than LCD flat panel TV's when you compare the same size of screen. However it is important to know that this TV uses more electricity than a traditional TV set. On average you are looking at 700 watts of power to operate it.

A HD plasma TV is able to offer you these amazing features because of the thousands of display cells featured. They are used to link the x and y axis panels together. The cells have slots with neon and xenon gases in them. A HD plasma TV offers three primary colors - red, green, and blue that are made from the gases. The set up does not contain mercury so you don't have to worry about the effects from it.

You do have to be careful when moving this TV because the components are quite fragile. If you aren't careful with it the TV can suffer from a burn in effect that means the frame of a picture will linger on the screen longer than it should. If you decide that buying a HD plasma TV is right for you then make sure you get one that comes with a long term warranty just in case you experience any problems. It is also a good idea to conduct some research online so you get the right model of HD plasma TV for your money.

If you found this information on HD Plasma TV useful, you'll also want to read about Projection HDTV.

Sony BDP-S550 1080p - Why You Should Buy One

By Sandra Maria Stammberger

Blu-Ray discs are becoming more and more popular as a video format, and the Blu-ray players are only getting better and better. In order to get in on the gorgeous high-definition quality video and audio, you need to get yourself a Blu-ray player.

The Sony Blu-ray BDP-S550 1080p player is among the top of it's class of Blu-ray players. This player includes one (1) gig of on-board memory and BD-Live, allowing you to experience BD-Live right out of the box. BD-Live allows you to stream additional downloads and extra material related to your Blu-ray, such as trailers, extra scenes, and movie-based games.

The BDP-S550 is equipped with an ethernet port (for connecting to the BD-Live system), a USB port for additional storage of the extra special features obtainable using BD-Live, 2 channel analog audio output, 1 coaxial digital audio output, 1 component output, 1 composite video output, 1 optical audio output, and 1 s-video output.

Key features of the BDP-S550 are the slim chassis, "True" 1080p video output, 7.1 channel Dolby Sound, Dolby TrueHD, and dts-HD compatible sound, an Xross media bar interface, and the Bravia Sync for easy connectivity to Sony Bravia LCD and Plasma screens.

True 1080p video output brings you 6 times the detail, clarity, and picture data than a 480p video output. Full HD 1080p produces over 2 million pixels per frame, which creates razor sharp images with full, intense details. The Sony BDP-S550 also outputs movies at 24 frames per second - exactly as the movie was filmed, so you'll get the full theatre experience. This player can also output at 1080/60p for the HDTV's that are currently on the market.

7.1 Digital surround creates the best environment for sound, making you feel like you're really in the movie, and providing you with the full theatre experience in your own home. This player can connect to older 7.1 receivers using the analog audio out; however, it can also send uncompressed digital audio to your new 7.1 receivers in the form of Dolby True-HD and dts-HD.

Bravia Sync makes controlling your entertainment system a breeze. When connecting Sony Bravia products together, use the Bravia Sync to turn on all your components one-by-one with the simple touch of a button. Not only that, but the Sync will also set all of your components onto the correct video/audio input modes, to make powering and setting your system a breeze.

Why buy Blu-ray? Blu-ray is the newest installment in home entertainment technology. It creates a whole new experience for the at-home theatre viewer, allowing the viewer to feel like they're in the movie, without ever leaving their living room.

For in depth information on Sony BDP-S550 1080p Blu-Ray Player, reviews and best prices visit Sony BDP-S550

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Budget GPS Navigator - TomTom One 130S

Packed with some high end features, the TomTom One 130S is a budget GPS Navigator. The screen size is 3.5" only but the features it has truly compensate for it. It comes fitted with a folding mounting system to easily carry it along. It scores a point above the TomTom One 130 GPS with it's text to speech direction feature. As a valuable addon, you can download and install alternative funny GPS voices.

This could be the GPS navigator you are looking for in a budget as it's prices at $200+. With a large and powerful speaker to give you complete clarity it has an automatic volume leveler to adjust the background noises. It is compatible for receiving realtime traffic detection and avoidance data.

The Easyport mount of the TomTom One 130S allows you to easily plug it off from your windshield and put it in your pocket, bag or glove box. The mount folds neatly into the back of the GPS device. A USB car charger is provided for charging on the road and a USB data cable is for connecting it to your PC or laptop to do map and voice updates. An automatic day/night back light and color display mode helps you view the display screen at anytime.

The rest are standard features like POIs found in a GPS navigator. The TomTom One 130S is a strong contender for gifting a GPS unit to yourself or to someone special at a budget price.If price is a issue this might be the one.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera

By Geoff Gregory

This year, Canon rolls out the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera. This camera is an updated design from the PowerShot SD1000 from last year. So what has changed? First of all, the aesthetic design, switched to a slightly different zoom range and most importantly, the added optical image stabilization feature. The mega pixels has also been raised from 7.1 to 8 mega pixels. The camera also features from refines features.

The camera comes in a wide variety of different colors, including silver, brown, blue, pink and gold. The different design is just slightly thicker than last year's and this year's model offers more rounded edges and a slightly curved indent on the right-hand side that provides a perfect placement for the middle finger when taking pictures with the camera.

The slider lets you switch to video recording, still image capture and of course, playback mode. Three dedicated buttons for Menu, Display and Direct Printing are still there, including one more control for the circular four-way rocker with a Function/Set button in the middle.

The SD 1100 includes a face-detection feature also. Flash output with white balance is a standard feature on this camera. To help with ISO settings, the SD 1100 IS includes Motion Detection Technology, which helps the ISO settings establish if there is a moving subject at hand when you have the camera set to High ISO Auto Mode. This also helps the camera shoot as a faster speed.

This Canon model also includes a 38-114mm-equivalent 2.8-4.9 3X optical zoom lens in contrast to last year's 35-105 mm lens. What's nice about this newer model also is the optical image stabilization feature, which should help if you shoot stationary objects in low lighting conditions. The Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera is a great choice for a relatively inexpensive ultra compact camera.

The good? The Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera offers great image quality, minimal shutter lag, high speed performance, a great optical image stabilization feature, face detection technology and an optical viewfinder.

The bad? The camera has no manual exposure controls and offers a slow flash recycle time.

The final word: The Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera adds optical stabilization to last year's SD1000 and still delivers just as impressive picture image quality results. What makes this camera even more appealing is it's ultra compact design, 8 mega pixel output and optical 3X zoom lens. At $240 MSRP you can't beat it!

For more information on how you can buy digital cameras cheaply please visit our Digital Camera website

Samsung HD LCD TV - 5 Reasons Why a Samsung Flat LCD is a Great Choice For Watching Sports

By Jared Dawson

Are you a sports TV junkie? Do your Sundays consist of watching football from 1:00 until midnight? Is the NCAA basketball tournament a 4 week holiday at your home? Do you spend evenings glued to the local sports network, cheering on all of your favorite teams night after night?

If so then you owe it to yourself to add a new Samsung HD LCD TV to your home. A new Samsung flat LCD will allow you to enjoy your sports in beautiful, crystal clear high definition. If your local market has a HD sports network then you will be able to enjoy just about every game in HD.

Samsung HD LCD TV sales have been going through the roof in recent months and with good reason as quality continues to rise and prices continue to drop. The following are 5 reasons why a Samsung flat LCD is a great choice for watching sports.

1. Smoother motion - Sports viewing in particular places a higher importance on smoother motion due to the fast moving scenes common in most sporting events. The handling of motion was previously perceived as a weakness among LCD technology. As LCD technology has improved in this area, Samsung HD LCD TV technology has really taken major strides forward in the area of motion with the addition of 120Hz starting with their Series 5 (LNxxA550) models. The 120Hz models add Auto Motion Plus, or AMP which provides image interpolation for smoother motion.

2. Great response rates - Another major improvement that Samsung flat LCD TVs have added starting with their Series 5 TVs is a substantially lower (better) response rate that dropped from 8ms, which is common among LCDs, down to 4ms. This improvement in response time will also help create a smooth picture even during times of fast motion.

3. Brightness - One of the big drawing points of LCD as a whole as well as specifically with a Samsung HD LCD TV is the brightness of the screen which will allow you to view the TV even in areas with a lot of ambient light from inside or outside of the room. This is especially important for sports because often times you will have friends over for the big game and you more then likely don't typically don't turn the lights off like you might if you were watching a movie.

4. Vivid colors - Sports viewing is often times a chance to view a wide variety of bright colors. Just think of college football with the contrasting uniform colors and bright colors throughout the crowd. A Samsung HD LCD TV does a great job of reproducing these bright, vivid colors while at the same time displaying accurate skin tones due to better clear panel technology.

5. Ultra wide viewing angles - If you like to have friends over for the big game it is important that each of your guests is able to have a good view of the game. A Samsung flat LCD has an ultra wide viewing angle of 178 degrees which will allow you a good view even if you are sitting off to the side.

A Samsung HD LCD TV is a sports lovers dream. There are many different models available with various features in a wide variety of sizes, whether you are looking for a small 22" model for your bedroom or even better a 52" inch for your living room wall or your home theater/game room.

For more information about the popular Samsung flat LCD tvs as well as a review of some of the other best LCD flat panels stop by

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is the Nintendo Wii Fit Making the Game Console More Useful?

By Julie Fletcher

The traditional perception of video games as being a pastime of couch potatoes and encouraging laziness is rapidly changing. The introduction of Wii Fit by Nintendo is one significant step to making the games console useful for more than simply shooting aliens or motor sports games. Wii Fit is an exercise game, featuring a range of activities to help you keep fit and healthy in the comfort of your own home, and is taking the world by storm.

The game utilities a special controller known as the Wii Balance Board for interaction with the user. This controller is capable of measuring the user's weight and centre of gravity, and when told the user's height can then work out their body mass index (BMI). Wii Fit then assesses your current fitness through a range of activities and works out your current "Fitness Age". Wii Fit also adds a channel to the Wii Menu where you can easily keep track of your current fitness level.

Wii Fit contains some 40 different activities for you to engage in that are based on four exercise categories. The categories are Yoga, Strength Training, Aerobics and Balance and the variety of exercises available include a range of yoga positions and techniques, traditional strength training such as push-ups and lunges, jogging and hula hoop exercises in the aerobics category and games like ski jumping and tightrope walking in the balance section.

There has never been a more fun packed way to keep fit. Simply buying this game and controller provides everything you need for a decent workout at home, whether on your own or with the kids. - For the best prices on Wii Fit in the UK

Friday, December 19, 2008

Touch of Color - A Review on Samsung LCD TV

What is the LCD Touch of Color anyway? You may ask. Is it a publicity stunt of Samsung, a technological innovation, or simply a marketing strategy thought by Samsung? Maybe we can say that it is a little bit of each.

The competition in the market in LCD TV has been increasing over the years. One must stand out in the market to get noticed. Samsung has thought of a brilliant plan to do this. They introduced Touch of Color to the market. This proved to be successful because they turned out to be a hit among the consumers as they are wildly sought after. The design of Touch of Color is unique. It has a distinctive amber color which is combined with the conventional black for an elegant and attractive appearance. People want their television to still look attractive like a piece of art even though it is not being used. Other manufacturers are expected to follow this trend with their own unique features in the years to come.

The design of Touch of Color is made for the outside of the TV. It does not make any sound or light up when turned on. But of course, the more important thing there is whether your TV will perform brilliantly when you turn it on. Samsung does not let you down. It offers 1080 pixel picture for an ultimate HD resolution which delivers to you clear and crisp images capturing the real meaning of high definition TV.

Response time offered by Samsung TV is 4ms and the frame rate is 120 Hz. Their Auto Motion Plus technology has the ability to double the frame rate from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. This technology allows the TV to alter between framed for a smooth shifting. This makes it great for watching sports or other shows and movies which have many fast moving actions since this model of LCD handles motion well unlike the earlier models.

Samsung TV offers a contrast ratio of 50,000:1, a great improvement from the previous year 25,000:1. Contrast ratio establishes the ability of the TV to generate dark blacks or dazzling whites. Having a higher contrast ratio will help avoid an image that is washed out which can be observed in TVs that have lesser contrast ratio.

Using a built-in Ethernet port, access to free RSS new, stocks, weather, sports, and many more is made possible by InfoLink.

The design of Touch of Color is sure to be a big hit with consumers. This might probably start a drift towards having TV as an art piece instead of just a simple TV. The superb design of Samsung's Touch of Color will certainly be worth your money.

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HTC Touch Pro Cell Phone Review

Enjoy movies, music, Mp4 music, videos, and stream anything from the Internet like you never thought it possible on a mobile phone. The HTC touch Pro provides you with the Opera 9.5 web browser so you will get the best experience while surfing around on the Internet. It is also very easy to navigate around on your phone with the very large 3.8" 65K-color touchscreen and a touch sensitive scroll wheel.

The 3.5G technology let you download from the Internet with a true broadband speed. If you are using the right networks, the mobile phone´s Internet connection let you download with 7.2 Mb per second. When using your phone to download text documents you can also use the MS Office Mobile document editor to edit the text.

I have to admit that the super high resolution 3.8" display (480×800), 3.15 megapixel camera and power of Windows Mobile definitely makes the Touch Pro an attractive device.

The fact that this phone looks pretty much the same way as its "twin brothers" the HTC touch Diamond and the HTC touch HD doesn't make me less excited to try it out but after all, the phones almost have the same design and platform.

Some of the key features of the Touch Pro and Touch HD is that they both have a slide-out keyboard (which the Diamond does not have). They also have a Wi-Fi connection, built-in FM transmitter so that you can listen to the radio and they have a microSD port to provide extra disk space. The Touch Pro also has a Standard miniUSB port and the Bluetooth v2.0 so it is very easy to make it communicate with a computer. The Pro version also has a very cool YouTube client.

Of course there are also some disadvantages. I find it pretty large, massive and heavy, where the twin brother, the Diamond, is a lot thinner and lighter. It is also pretty hard to see exactly what´s on the screen in sunshine and even though that the scroll function is a very cool gadget I find it to have limited use.

Compared with the HTC touch Diamond I would prefer the Diamond, because it's so much thinner and I don't need the slide-out keyboard. I prefer the "normal" phone keyboard.

Christian Emil is a passionated listener of most kind of music and the owner of Due to his very active way of living he is a heavy user of mp4 downloads and a player of high quality is an absolutely must.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why Cheap Hosting is Most Costly

When people want to have their own website but reluctant to invest on paying a web hosting company to host their website, they will go for cheap web hosting. Although it would do the job of hosting your website, it is not advisable because thee are many defects about it because it is cheap.

Some people can survive or think that cheap hosting is enough for them but some will not. Therefore, before we put the final judgment on cheap hosting, we must know why it is not the ideal choice for your web hosting needs.

Firstly, cheap hosting will put your website in a packed server. There are many website in it and is considered as a rushed server. This way of hosting means it will get rushed with too many websites placed in one location. Some server may be okay but some will be disastrous. Some companies own hundreds of server. So you never know which one your website will end up in.

Due to the fact that this kind of hosting is a shared one, you will not know who your website neighbor is. Therefore, you will never know what kind of threat lies beside your website. Any virus nearby would increase the probability of your website getting damage. Cheap hosting attracts everyone and this will tend o attract spammers. Spam will affect your host and may cause them to be blacklisted. This will affect your emails.

Cheap hosting also declares an unclear terms of service in their agreement. So, it is very important for you to read very carefully before you engage any service with them. Not only that, the support provided from a cheap hosting is also one of the major problems. Their response to your problems may take a long time because of their huge server. Therefore, watching your website down with problems and not being able to do anything about it will leave you restless.

In conclusion, cheap hosting is really a bad choice I you want to go for something cheap. Make a survey, research and study all the details of service provided by all the cheap hosting out there and you might be able to find out some cheap hosting that might work well for you.

Looking for the best hosting review? Check out WebHostingSecretRevealed - a place where the webmaster (Jerry) examine various hosting services by hosting websites on the web hosts first hand. Personally, I recommend his review on Hostmonster - read on, it's among the very few reviews that share honest opinions on Hostmonster.

Article written by Justin Knights, freelance writer.

Nikon D200 Digital SLR Camera

Nikon D200 will definitely impress many photography enthusiasts with its picture quality and performance. With a 10.2 megapixel resolution, Nikon D200 Digital SLR Camera assures to give you pictures that are an exact copy of their original ones.


The size of Nikon D200 camera is midsize. The dimensions are 147 by 113 by 74mm. The weight of Nikon D200 camera is 830g. With a built-in vertical grip, Nikon D200 camera is very comfortable to hold while shooting. It has a rugged feel to it, with dust sealed magnesium-alloy body.


Nikon has kept the controls of Nikon D200 Digital SLR Camera very simple. Thus you can quickly master them. Near the LCD screen there are a number of buttons for various functions such as picture review, the menu system, review layout options and image protection. On the right side of the LCD screen there is a knob which helps you from preventing you from accidentally changing the auto focus zone.

Key features

Nikon D200 Digital SLR Camera boasts of a 10.2 mega pixel sensor resolution. Its LCD screen is 2.5 inch wide. It saves the images on Compact Flash and Micro drive media. It has 45 different custom settings. The excellent thing about this camera is that it can even lock its subjects even in low light. Now that is Excellence at par! Nikon D200 camera also has an aperture coupling ring. This coupling ring allows auto exposure functions in manual exposure metering.


Performance wise, it is the best. It can shoot up to 5 frames per second. Its shutter speed is 30 seconds to 1/8,000-second. The images clicked are best by every standard. Smooth, warm and bright colors are seen. The clarity of images is wonderful.


Nikon D200 Digital SLR Camera is perfect for professionals as well as amateurs.

Pooja Lapasia is has a good name as an author; her articles cover many topics including digital slr cameras, latest mobile phones, online shopping and digital cameras.

Monday, December 15, 2008

MSI Wind Next Generation Laptop AKA Netbook - Review

In April 2008 Micro Star International announced the release of its new netbook model. It called it, quite aptly MSI Wind. It is sleek, light and a great energy saver.

In a word....

• Nifty design
• Good screen resolution
• Excellent storage space
• Reasonably wide keyboard
• Energy saver

The Features...

The MSI wind is available with either Windows XP or Linux which run on a 1.6GHz N270 Intel Atom CPU.

With just about 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs), 260x180x19mm the MSI is both extremely light and thin. This makes the MSI wind a good competitor in the sub-notebook market in terms of portability.

For a machine of its category, the MSI wind has a pretty good screen size too. MSI offered two options: the 8.9 and 10 inches wide LCD display. The Wind's 1024x600 resolution will particularly be appreciated for internet browsing. It easily loads and displays full web pages, plus, MSI wind has integrated magnifying capabilities, allowing you to enlarge texts and pictures. This will be very convenient if your eyes are not good any more.

Another good feature is the MSI wind's reasonably wide keyboard. This has been made possible because the Wind's manufacturers have allowed 17 mm space between the keys, which you will certainly appreciate if you have thick fingers.

In terms of memory capacity, the Linux-run Wind has just 512MB of RAM, while the Windows XP model has 1GB. The MSI wind also sports good connectivity tools: three USB ports, WLAN, 802.11B/G wireless and stereo Bluetooth. The Wind's newer version, the U120, is equipped with a 3G enabled HSPDA connectivity for fast internet access.

The MSI wind is a good communication tool too. It sports a 1.3 mega pixel web cam, an integrated microphone and a couple of high-performance two-channel stereo speakers. You can store on its pretty impressive 80G hard drive your music and video files.

The MSI wind is also a great energy saver. It comes with a three-Cell battery of 24.2 Watt hours, which give you about three hours' work. But remember that the actual battery life will depend on what you are doing and the display's brightness. Thanks its power-saving backlight technology, the machine uses less power, you get longer battery life and better autonomy.

The Price...

Expect to pay about ¤329 (that is $600).

Benjamin Street has just spent the last 2 weeks researching online for the latest next generation laptops. Whilst doing this research he discovered the best place to get value for money when buying a new netbook To find out where to get the best deals on new laptops and netbooks, take a look at my new laptop

Why We All Should All Use Plantronics Headsets In The Office Or A Call Center

By Maha Chan

The working office has changed a great deal. You are not tied to a desk to get your office telephone communication tasks done. Today's wireless headset devices allows people in your customer service department, your call center, or even you executives to communicate with your vendors, your clients and with anyone without the use of cables or wires.

This allows people in the call center to focus their hands on the computer and on getting the correct information they need to help your customers. Using call center headsets not only helps your customers but also your employees. Your employees can move their head, stretch their neck, and even get up now and then, and this is known to relieve a lot of stress in the work place. This provides you with employee loyalty, stress free customer service representatives, and happier customers, all for a very low price.

So, how do you find the right call center headsets? One of the best wireless head set companies on the market is Plantronics. Plantronics headsets are made for the business environment. Plantronics is one of the best wireless headset companies, and the equipment they make, are useful, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. What more could you want for your call center.

All Plantronics headsets are made of two pieces. One part is fixed and plugs into your telephone or computer, and is the part that allows your headset to work wirelessly. This is also the place where you put your headset to be charged. The second part is the Plantronics headset and this is the part you speak through and can hear the person on the other line. Plantronics headsets come in different styles, they can go over your entire head, but most of the more modern ones fit over your ear. A microphone hangs from the earpiece and is placed close to your mouth so you can speak. Some people prefer headsets that cover both ears, and others prefer one that fits on only one ear.

The Plantronics headset also comes in a very slender style, and this smaller ear piece uses less desk space but is also lighter and more comfortable for the call center employees. Even people that are more sensitive will be able to handle the ear piece for long periods of time.

Most wireless headsets have a range of up to 300 feet from the phone system they are plugged into, and most are digitally encrypted to make sure that communication is secure.

When you get your Plantronics headsets for your call center, you should keep in mind the amount of time your employees are on the phone and buy enough units to cover that amount of time. Most wireless headsets give you between 4 to 8 hours of continuous talk time without needing to be recharged, so if your call service employees are only on for eight hours a day, then you only need as many headsets as employees, but when you have a 24 hour call center in place then you need to buy enough headsets for two eight hour period.

In conclusion, wireless call center headsets can bring you more of a return for your money (or investment on your employees), and the money you invest is minimal compared to the return you get both from your customers.

To see the whole line of Plantronics Call Center Headsets

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Motorola Moto KRZR K1: Add Style to Your Talk

By Alice Erin

When it comes to innovative styles in mobile phones, you cannot ignore the mammoth presence of Motorola. Offering you lots of handsets with compatible features, Motorola has earned a special favour of the mobile phone users because of its exquisite handsets. Doing justice to Motorola's world-wide renowned image, the Motor KRZR K1 is yet another stylish gizmo, which is all equipped to grab your attention. Well, the Motorola KRZR K1 is not about looks only, but it does come with high-end multimedia and entertainment capabilities with substantial memory and global connectivity – all set to create a big impression in the world of mobile phones.

TheMotorola KRZR K1 is also known as Motorola K1 and some of its unique features are taken from its hugely popular predecessor MOTOKRZR, which was specifically designed to suit the interest of the fashion savvy generation. The Motorola KRZR K1 is perfected with detailed and well lay out finish. As far as the overall persona is concerned, the Moto KRZR K1 reflects a multi-dimensional metallic gloss, which is further assisted by its penetrating elegance. Just grab one Moto KRZR K1 and you would feel the temptation of exquisite glass with soft metallic finish.

The Motorola KRZR K1 is endowed with an in-built music player and you can enhance its memory up to 1GB with a microSD memory card. To give you quick access to the music, the Moto KRZR K1 also comes with touch-sensitive music controls, location-based service capabilities and an advanced EV-DO data service. Besides, it also comes with a 2 megapixel camera, which is further supported by 8x digital zoom, which allows you capture all the defined moments of your life. However, the photo quality is not that much good, but it does come with a good 176x220 pixel display.

You can also enjoy hi-speed web browsing, as the Motorola KRZR K1 supports EDGE technology. It also supports Screen3 technology, which gives you quick access to the world of entertainment and news. In short, the Moto KRZR K1 brings latest technology at your fingertips with lot of style.

Motorola Krzr

Motorola Rizr . Alice Erin is a well known author. He has written several good quality articles on Mobile Phones .

Here are some latest Mobile Phone Deals .

The Plantronics Audio 500 Computer Headset - Get More From Your Internet Experience

Recently, I've been looking for a good, high-quality pc headset and after a bit of searching, I came across the Plantronics .Audio 500. Having all the features I need and looking pretty rugged from the picture I saw of it, I decided to purchase it. 2 days later it arrived at my door. I have to say, I'm mightily impressed by pretty much every aspect of it. The build, the sound quality, the functionality - I can't really fault it. It seems that while the people at Plantronics decided to design the headset purely for comfort and practicality, they managed to incorporate some incredible technology into the compact shell of the Audio 500.

The headset is a USB device which makes for convenient use with my PC (and with a Mac I guess). Plantronics describe it as "plug-and-play" but that's their language, not mine. All you need to know is that you plug it into the USB socket of your computer and off you go.

The sound quality of the Audio 500 is outstanding. The clear, resonant tones coming through the ear pieces were offset by a microphone set-up that, according to one of my friends, made me sound like I was in the next room (I was actually at the other end of the country when we were conversing). Apparently this is all down to Plantronics' own noise-cancelling technology. Not wanting to get into the details of how noise cancelling circuits work, I'll just say it makes everything clearer and crisper by cutting out background sounds.

In addition the high quality sound, the microphone on the audio 500 is easily adjustable and is accompanied by a flexible headband and movable ear cushions so that you can achieve a snug fit - I used this for an online gaming session recently and totally forgot I had the headset on, it was that comfortable.

The volume and mute functions of the headset are built into a unit in the middle of the headset cord for convenience and control over the listening and speaking experience.

I use this headset primarily for chatting and gaming but I could easily see this used in an office environment (my colleague actually uses a Plantronics headset himself). I guess the only downside in that respect is that it's not cordless but if you spend the majority of your working day at a desk and don't need that option, then you could go far worse than choose the audio 500.

I should give a shout out to who sold me the headset. They have a range of Plantronics Headsets available including my own Audio 500

Rob Camp is a Freelance Writer.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Keep Your iPhone Screen Safe

Keeping the iPhone screen safe is one of the first things every new owner thinks about. The iPhone is a major investment. It ranks right up there with your laptop or home computer. The delicate appearance of the screen quickly becomes a concern for new owners. There are a variety of ways to protect your iPhone screen. You have to decide what kind of case to get, and which kind of screen protector to buy. You should take a trip to your local superstore and check out the different kinds of cases and screen protectors they carry.

Just shop around so you get the feel for what is available and actually put your hands on them. Then, you can search the Internet for the best buy. Some of the different type of cases your will find are:

  • Hard cases; there are many different types of what is considered "hard cases".
  • Leather case; leather is always stylish and just has a good feel to it. It also protects well. Most leather cases also come with screen and wheel protection. Screen protection is usually some form of neoprene plastic. As with all plastics, the protection is good but you may find bubbles form between the screen and the plastic. There are many different brands offering leather cases.
  • Belt clips; these are always popular and very functional. Some of these are leather, others are plastic. Some have a swivel clip design. This type is also called a holster and they will sometimes come with screen protection. Others will just be a case to store your iPhone and retrieve it when you need it.
  • Arm bands; these are becoming more popular and you will see more companies offering them in the future. Most have a stretch armband and secure place to hold the phone. You can find these in leather or sportswear material. Some will come with plastic screen covers. Some of these can be hard to retrieve and you should shop around before purchasing. Make sure it has an easy off Velcro strap or slip in design.

The list goes on and on. The brands and companies are coming out of the woodwork to market products and cases for the iPhone. For a new owner the very first thing you should do is protect your iPhone screen. There are products specifically designed to protect your iPhone screen. The screen is very sensitive to grease from your fingers and is easily scratched. The screen protectors eliminate this problem.

As with cases, there are many different brands and types of screen protectors. I have even seen a nervous new iPhone owner cover the Iphone screen with scotch tape. I thought this was insane behavior. After he was finished the tape actually functioned very well. He was not going to leave the tape on his iPhone and was going to replace it with a real screen protector as soon as he could.

Plastic screen protectors come in all sizes and shapes. Some you have to cut yourself to fit on your iPhone. The best screen protector we found actually ended up protecting the whole iPhone. We won't talk about brand names here but this brand is form fitting and has cut outs for wheel etc. It came with squeegee and liquid spray to help slip the Iphone into the protecting cover. We like to call this one the rubber for the iPhone.

There are many different brands and types of cases and screen protectors. What is important is that you protect your investment. You can enjoy your iPhone for years to come if you protect it.

At iPhone Cases and Accessories you can find the latest cases, screen protectors and accessories for your iPhone at amazing prices.

Mark Marengo runs the popular Buy Used iPhone where thousands search for used iPhones for sale or the newest iPhone accessories on the market.

Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset - The Best Choice For My Money

By Ron Stephens

My first bluetooth headset was a Motorola. It always sort of flopped around on my ear no matter which of the three ear hooks I used. Sound quality was ok, but the headset itself was never comfortable. Because of the loose fit, I was always conscious that it was there and sub-consciously afraid that it would fall off.

Since that first headset, I have had several others. Until I purchased my Plantronics Voyager 510, I didn't think there was a bluetooth headset that would fit snug and be comfortable. However, I can truly say that it is so comfortable, that after I have had it on for a few minutes, I sometimes forget that I'm even wearing it.

There have even been times that my phone has rang, I pulled it out of my holster to answer it, and banged it against my headset as I put it to my ear, because I forgot that I was wearing it!

The Plantronics Voyager is probably not the most sophisticated headset available. It is definitely not the smallest, and maybe not the best looking or least noticable. It is pretty good sized, with a boom microphone that comes half way down my cheek.

I don't really care too much about the looks however because I'm not comfortable walking around in the grocery store, or the mall talking on a headset while people look at me, so I only wear it when I am driving. Because I only use it in my car, I don't really care how big it is (as long as it is comfortable) or what it looks like.

But after owning several headsets, and being unhappy with fit and sound quality of most of the others, I really like my Plantronics Voyager. It has great sound quality, and people I am talking to on the other end don't seem to know that I am on a headset. Another thing I like about it is the the talk time is huge. Six hours of power talking.

The only downside to the Voyager is the size of the on/off button. It is small and hard to press. The volume controls are ok. The off hook switch however is very well placed and easy to use.

At the manufacturer's suggested retail price of $99, its definitely a little spendy. But if you shop around like I did, you can find it at half that price, which puts the Plantronics Voyager 510 bluetooth headset at one of the best values for a bluetooth headset for sure.

To find out more about cutting edge, bluetooth technology, and find the best cell phones and bluetooth headsets, you can visit the site below. Ron Stephens has worked in sales and marketing for over 25 years, specializing in exceptional customer service. While he has excelled in sales as a top performer, he has always had a passion for going above and beyond to provide a long term benefit to his clients. You can view his newest customer service oriented website at:

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Pitney Bowes Stamp Printers - Models & Types - How Do They Work?

Whether you're running a company that puts massive amounts of mail out the door or just a regular daily stream of correspondence, mail costs can be a large expense. Keeping an eye on the costs while staying productive is the key. If you use an efficient mailing system, all your costs and projects can be effectively managed to ultimately see a smooth stream of post heading out the door

An eye on costs

Metering your mail is a good way to keep an eye on costs. Pitney Bowes stamp printers offer superior machines to get this job done. Pitney Bowes stamp printers can weigh, meter and print post, while at the same time showing accrued costs on a dynamic display screen. The Pitney Bowes stamp printers also use this same display screen to monitor the status of the job (s) so you can make changes on the fly. Efficiency is the key and shows in every aspect of the machine, especially the capability to task several jobs simultaneously.

Size and quality of projects

The Pitney Bowes stamp printers are designed to accommodate any type of project. Many projects are shorter run in nature while others are large bulk projects with a complicated logo. The Pitney Bowes stamp printers address each of these concerns. The light mode printing function does the job for smaller to medium sized companies using the Pitney Bowes DA50S while the higher volume higher speed function of the Pitney Bowes DA75S will tackle the larger projects without flinching.

On the fly changes

Being able to process several projects out the door simultaneously is a great advantage when increasing productivity. The Pitney Bowes DM300C addresses this issue while also adding other efficiency features. Pitney Bowes stamp printers are nothing but efficient when it comes to increasing productivity. In this instance, the Pitney Bowes stamp printers process 65 addresses per minute while being able to adjust between jobs for dusty inserts or logos.

Up-to-date bar coding

For the organization that is ramping up their product offerings, keeping track of where the product is going, in addition to a whole host of other data, is important to future marketing and inventory needs. Bar coding has evolved to a point in today's inventory management that 100's of data points can be tracked. Pitney Bowes offers the latest in bar code printing machines to address just this issue. In a majority of Pitney Bowes machines you can also take advantage of USB cables and visual displays so that you are right up to date with whatever printing or inventory task you are working on.

This Article is written by John C. Arkin from, the contributor of Ink & Printer Reviews. More information on the subject is at, and related resources can be found at Pitney Bowes Ink Cartridges.

Plantronics CS60 - Driving Trend and Functionality Ahead

By Dennis Jaylon

If I had been given a Pound for recording the development of every device or gadget that escalates sequentially with technological progress, I would have been a millionaire by now. Technology moves at such a dizzy pace that it's sometimes difficult for even the manufacturers of gadgets and equipments to match the rhythm. However, the sight of newer and better products every now and then is worth it bringing along scope for further possibilities. With the telecommunication industry being a major innovation circus, phones and even accessories like the Plantronics CS60 speak a lot about the proactive arena.

It is quite natural that the development of a particular product brings along opportunities for the creation of matching accessories as well. With primary devices like mobile phones and cordless phones in the telecommunication industry playing the lead part, matching accessories like chargers and headsets provide the icing. What's more, the rising popularity of such accessories has invited the attention of big names in the game. Headsets like the Plantronics CS60 are prime examples of this imposing popular character.

The Plantronics CS60 is a highly trendy wireless headset that has been designed to take style and functionality to a completely new level. Proclaiming immaculate voice clarity, the headset offers three styles of usage – over the ear, over the head and behind the neck. Not only do you get the opportunity to profess style, you can experience great functionality up to a range of 100 meters from your desk or handset. Moreover, you can conveniently enjoy a talk time of up to 9 hours of battery backup.

The Plantronics CS60 really outdoes its performance through such abilities and drives competition further up for other compatriots to follow up to. You can even go for added accessories like a handset lifter for easy communication even when you are away from the desk of operation.

Dennis Jaylon is a renowned business writer who has years of experience in writing technical reviews, product descriptions and product feature analysis of technical gadgets and gizmos. He has won appreciation especially for enlightening people about the latest communication gizmos...the Plantronics CS60

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kodak Digital Camera Suggestions

By Chris Campbell

When you are looking for Kodak digital camera suggestions, you may want to look at some of the reviews of the different camera. The reviews can tell you what users have to say about the different types of cameras. This is always helpful when you do not know, which camera would be the best for you. Many of the Kodak Digital cameras come with different features functions and options. The cameras for beginners as well as professionals, Kodak has been around for many years and does make an excellent digital camera.

No matter where you look, you will find that one of the Kodak digital camera suggestions pertains to the Kodak EasyShare V610. This camera usually sells for about $450, but it has many features of a big bulky digital camera, but it is slim and compact. Although the price might be a little steep for some people, you are getting Bluetooth wireless networking support and a VGA movie mode plus many scene modes.

Other Kodak digital camera suggestions might be the EasyShare M893 IS digital camera. This camera has 8.1 megapixels with a three times optical zoom and image stabilization to reduce blurry pictures. This camera uses face detection technology and has an easy-to-use menu selection. Other cameras that you might look at are the Kodak EasyShare C530 with 5.0 megapixels and the Kodak EasyShare V1233 with 12.0 megapixels. The C5 30 is priced under $100, and the V1233 is priced right around $150.

You will find that there is many Kodak digital camera suggestions to check out before you decide which camera will best suit your needs. For the most part, Kodak digital cameras are rated highly with consumers. You can always check reviews to find out what users have to say about the camera before you make a decision.

While Kodak makes some of the most durable digital cameras around, they're certainly not the only game in town. There are equal and better cameras around, you just need to know where to look.

USB Powered Computer Speakers

By David Urmann

USB speakers are the most popular computer speakers now. They are powered with 5 volts at 200 milliamps given by the USB port. Power runs thru USB cable minus a separate power adaptor.

It can either be a speaker with an audio output jack for sound while another uses the same cable for power and sound. Some models have a headphone socket. Others also connect to CD/cassette player. Some are good for desktops and even MP3 players. It is commonly used in laptops.

USB speakers are full of advantages. First they don't need large AC adapter and outlet. Second they are compact, portable and self-powered. Third, the best models provide pure digital and quality sound. Fourth they even have higher sound volumes and wider frequency response.

It also has its own drawbacks. USB speakers tend to eat up more system resources since it processes audio thru the USB. Plus CD is audio playable only if the CD-Rom supports digital audio playback.

Tritton Sound Bite Portable USB Digital Speaker System is one of the well-known models. It includes 52mm sub woofer with dual 28 mm high end drivers for sound control. It is targeted to Mac users but also works with Windows. It weighs 28g and comes in silver shade. It does not require any sound card.

The Sony VAIO Portable Speaker is super thin. It is Windows Vista and XP compatible. It comes with a stand and is very compact.

The Yamaha USB Stereo Speaker is a little black chunky tower ideal for desktop. It is a one-cable solution for high quality sound.

Genius 313 Web Camera + speakers +hub has a 36mm stereo speaker, a 330 k sensor web cam and a 2 USB hub port in a single tube. Its package also includes application CD, software, drivers, user manual, and a carry bag. It is compatible with Windows Vista.

Crystal USB Desktop Speakers are very attractive, producing crystal clear audio frequencies. It is compatible with USB2.0. Each speaker is rated at 1 watt per channel.

Kensington Pocket Speakers has its own independent volume wheel on top and four blue lights. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. It has a retractable USB cable and compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1. Some reviews say that the lights are slightly distracting.

Altec Lansing XT1 holds two USB sets of cables - a retractable and a standard one. It also includes removable speaker stands and quick guide. The drawback is it does not have a sub woofer.

Logitech V20 Notebook Speaker is another single cable USB speaker featuring a 50mm driver and a 75mm radiator. It has well-placed volume controls, a protective travel case and weighs 1.3 pounds. It is compatible with any Windows 98 SE and above. It has indicating LED blue lights on top of the speaker. However, it may not be Mac compatible and has a weak midrange.

Edirol MA-1EX L/R Channel speakers 1.5 Watts has a large 60mm driver with a headphone jack and S/P DIF optical output. It is easy to use and can work with any Windows or Mac OS based system. For fuller sound, it has a bass enhancer making it a musician's friend.

The Lacie's Dual Firewire Speaker looks like a tubular periscope in its smooth white tubes. It has several external drives with 2 firewire ports. It can also be plugged into an MP3 player thru the 3.5mm line-in port. It is a minimalist speaker with its few cables but there is no visual volume indicator.

For more information on USB Computer Speakers and Portable Computer Speakers please visit our website.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Expert Reviews on Nikon D90

By Adam Sean

D90 is a digital single lens reflex camera manufactured by Nikon. The D90 is the world's first digital SLR camera that delivers excellent cinematic results, thanks to its high definition movie shooting function. This is further enhanced by the optical quality and selection of lenses. We achieved absolutely breathtaking image fidelity, much thanks to the 12.3 megapixel DX-format CMOS imaging sensor along with Nikon's image processing techniques.

Fast moving scenes were captured really well, thanks to its fast 0.15ms power-up and split second 65ms shooting lag. Image and movie playback is done easily due to its high resolution, 1700 wide angle LCD monitor. As I take a lot of photos of people, I found the accurate face recognition system, with 11 point autofocus to be a very important feature of D90. It works really well even when taking pictures in poor lighting conditions.

D90 has a considerable heavier body than other SLRs I have tried. It feels really heavy at 1 pound, 10 ounces. In my opinion, the shutter durability and dust prevention system are better than that of its predecessor D80. D90 is easy to hold and the layout of its controls is easily understandable. Additional features observed in the shooting controls include an expansion of Active D-Lighting parameters, nine slots for custom Picture Control settings, and advanced scene modes which has Picture Controls and Active D-Lighting.

It has wireless flash controls and high speed flash sync features. It can automatically program itself to shift to slower shutter speeds when the camera knows a VR lens is attached.

All features exhibit high performance.
It has a nice viewfinder incorporated inside a solid, well-constructed body.
Contrast detection autofocus with face detection is very accurate.
It has a large sensor enabling it to control depth of field with high precision.
Details within shadows can be controlled thus keeping the high contrast situations in check.
It has an in-built ultrasonic image sensor cleaning.
D90 can record movie quality film clips at up to 720p high definition in Motion JPEG format.

The implementation of D90's video capturing capability is not complete because of many limitations like recording is possible for only 5 minutes, exposure is fixed for the length of the clip, it has monaural sound, and focusing is manual only in the video mode.
The kit lens is not as sharp as its competitors, since the zoom ring is a bit too stiff.

Bottom line:
On the whole, Nikon D90 is an interesting camera. At $1000 body only, the D90 is competitively priced compared to other manufacturers. The quality of images are good, the colors are accurate and saturated. The quality of recorded movie clips through D90 isn't up to the mark. I also give it high credits because of the cheer shutter and processing speed which gives a great shooting experience and superb quality images.

Start by setting clear points of what you want, need and can afford. Read Expert reviews of Nikon D90, it's the best way to obtain knowledge. Do not hesitate to ask around in hardware forums, people are generally happy to give you advice.

Good Luck

For more expert reviews on all products,visit us at

Why We All Should All Use Plantronics Headsets In The Office Or A Call Center

By Maha Chan

The working office has changed a great deal. You are not tied to a desk to get your office telephone communication tasks done. Today's wireless headset devices allows people in your customer service department, your call center, or even you executives to communicate with your vendors, your clients and with anyone without the use of cables or wires.

This allows people in the call center to focus their hands on the computer and on getting the correct information they need to help your customers. Using call center headsets not only helps your customers but also your employees. Your employees can move their head, stretch their neck, and even get up now and then, and this is known to relieve a lot of stress in the work place. This provides you with employee loyalty, stress free customer service representatives, and happier customers, all for a very low price.

So, how do you find the right call center headsets? One of the best wireless head set companies on the market is Plantronics. Plantronics headsets are made for the business environment. Plantronics is one of the best wireless headset companies, and the equipment they make, are useful, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. What more could you want for your call center.

All Plantronics headsets are made of two pieces. One part is fixed and plugs into your telephone or computer, and is the part that allows your headset to work wirelessly. This is also the place where you put your headset to be charged. The second part is the Plantronics headset and this is the part you speak through and can hear the person on the other line. Plantronics headsets come in different styles, they can go over your entire head, but most of the more modern ones fit over your ear. A microphone hangs from the earpiece and is placed close to your mouth so you can speak. Some people prefer headsets that cover both ears, and others prefer one that fits on only one ear.

The Plantronics headset also comes in a very slender style, and this smaller ear piece uses less desk space but is also lighter and more comfortable for the call center employees. Even people that are more sensitive will be able to handle the ear piece for long periods of time.

Most wireless headsets have a range of up to 300 feet from the phone system they are plugged into, and most are digitally encrypted to make sure that communication is secure.

When you get your Plantronics headsets for your call center, you should keep in mind the amount of time your employees are on the phone and buy enough units to cover that amount of time. Most wireless headsets give you between 4 to 8 hours of continuous talk time without needing to be recharged, so if your call service employees are only on for eight hours a day, then you only need as many headsets as employees, but when you have a 24 hour call center in place then you need to buy enough headsets for two eight hour period.

In conclusion, wireless call center headsets can bring you more of a return for your money (or investment on your employees), and the money you invest is minimal compared to the return you get both from your customers.

To see the whole line of Plantronics Call Center Headsets

Monday, December 8, 2008

Top 21 Free and Paid iPhone Applications

By Gareth Boyd

1. Koi Pond - £0.59

This application is all about you imaging that you are gazing at a pond of crystal clear water, you have to really let your mind go when playing this game.

2. Crazy Lighter - Free

Imagine your iPhone was a lighter, well now you virtually can. You can move your phone and the lighter reacts as if it was a real lighter.

3. Break Classic - £0.59

One of the best brick breaking games for the iPhone. They are currently working on an update for this application, so keep a close eye out!

4. Brain Challenge - £5.99

This is the only comprehensive brain training application available for the iPhone. Msn, Google and Yahoo have all been talking about this amazing application.

5. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D - £5.99

This is a new game and is very good fun whenever traveling to keep yourself entertained. You move your iPhone to the left and right to direct the kart.

6. Jaw Breaker - Free

A new simple but addictive game released for the iPhone, its also free!

7. Apache Lander - Free

Addictive, free and chopper fun!

8. Labyrinth Lite Edition - Free

Control a ball on a wooden platform, tilt to move the ball.

9. Texas Hold'em - £2.99

Very realistic and fun Texas Hold'em game.

10. Dizzy Be Free - Free

There is 4 levels, go give them a go!

11. Vicinity - £1.79

Ultimate guide to your surroundings.

12. aSleep - £0.59

Relax with sounds of nature and you might fall asleep btw.

13. Super Monkey Ball - £5.99

Guide a little monkey to his victory by tilting your iPhone.

14. Break

Brickbreaker for the iPhone, except its better and there is 99 levels!

15. Phone Saber - Free

Move your iPhone and you can act like one of the jedi's from Star Wars.

16. iPint - Free

Tilt your iPhone and get the pint of beer down the bar table to your buddy.

17. Facebook - Free

On your journeys check who has left you comments or rss feed.

18. Woo Button - Free

Basically a button that screams "Woo!" Amazing as it sounds, yes I know.

19. Tube Status - Free

Get details of London underground tube times.

20. Chopper - £4.99

Kill the enemies by tilting your iPhone and try to complete all the missions.

21. File Magnet - £2.99

Lets you move files from your Mac to your iPhone.

Everyone post I make I always try to make it interesting for everyone and hopefully somebody has downloaded some of these class iPhone Apps onto their iPhone. Hope you enjoy playing them.

Article made by Gareth Boyd at his Finance Blog.

Review of the HP Colour Laserjet 2600n Printer

This printer has a really beautiful print quality, and is pretty quick to print too.

After about six months of use, there have been no problems.

Installing the printer is reasonably simple. It comes with a CD with all necessary drivers, but it does not come with a USB cable, so you have to supply your own, which is a bit stingy. You can also connect it with a bi-directional parallel cable, and this model also takes a RJ45 network plug, and can work as a network printer if so desired. (ie you can configure it with it's own IP address)

Four colour cartridges are supplied with the printer: a black cartridge and the 3 primary colours viz. cyan, red and yellow. They appear to be full size cartridges, not the half full "introductory" cartridges that you get when the manufacturer feels like ripping you off. According to the literature, these cartridges are good for 2500 pages at 5% coverage, which equates to text, so if you intend to print a lot of graphics (pictures) you would have to reduce that number by about 25% Cartridges are expensive, with all four together costing more than the printer itself, so one has to start saving immediately for the next lot of cartridges. Remember though that you have 4 cartridges, so it actually means that you can print 2500 x 4 = roughly 10,000 pages before you have to replace all four cartridges.

The paper tray is quite big and can take about 250 sheets at a time (about half of a normal pack of paper) and works with A4, letter size and smaller. Also does envelopes and so on, as is the norm. Stated printing speed is 8 pages per minute, and in practice the speed seems to be pretty close to this.

The printer is quite large, so it takes up quite a bit of space on your desk. Since the paper comes out the top, it would work better having it on the floor or on a low stool next to your desk. It's fairly heavy too, so don't put it on the top shelf of one of those flimsy computer desks: if it falls on you it could be nasty.

The printer has a smallish LCD display to show progress, and 2 LEDs that indicate power and problem! The printer goes into a fairly lengthy self calibration process by default, every time you switch it on, but this function can be switched off by going into the (supplied ) software called "HP color laserjet Toolbox" , which will only work, of course, if the printer is switched on and connected to the PC.

Overall, this is a very satisfying printer. The prints are perfect and very professional looking, the mechanics give no trouble, and the printing is fast, with a very short initial warm up time of just a few seconds. If you want quality, then this is a good printer to go for.

More of these articles at the Wrinklyo Web Node.

Also humor and a free SQUEAKY CLEAN JOKES page at:

The WrinklyO Web Node at

Lots more that you will be interested in. (Check out the Promotions and Special Offers Page!) Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy the articles!

Duncan Kelly


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Acer Aspire One - The One

By Ed Fry

For around £100 less than an Asus Eee PC, you can get the Acer Aspire One. It features 8.9" display at 1024x600 resolution, integrated webcam with microphone and although lacking in bluetooth compared with the revamped Asus, the 901, simply plugging in a headset resolves the issue. It's good value too, retailing for around £200 which is good news during the recession.

Aesthetically, it's a very well done piece of kit like most acer notebook computers, available in 5 different colours, enticingly described as 'seashell white', 'sapphire blue', 'golden brown', 'onyx black', and 'coral pink'. Furthermore the shapes are so much more smoothly refined than the box-like Asus or Dell models.

However, it's seriously let down by its battery life which is supposedly 2-3 hours, although they offer an optional extra 6 cell battery pack which "offers an outstanding 6 hours to enjoy your Aspire One in complete freedom." Of course that 'freedom' will set you back a further £80.

The interface is awkward, verging on clumsy. The keyboard is very compact, and some people may find the keys simply too small for their fingers, surprising considering that it's supposed to be 95%. The touchpad itself is very smooth and glossy, and lacks the response of other laptops including the Asus. The mouse buttons are also positioned at opposite sides of the touchpad which gives a very odd feel since you always need to look down to see where it is. Overall, the interface is poorly designed

However, these are little 'nit-picking' problems which certainly shouldn't be taken too far. With an extra battery back, the price will still be less than competing models and the small interface will seemingly be an issue mini laptops will always have to face. It's not impossible to use, just awkward. I suppose using a full size laptop or desktop all the time leads to lazy fingers.

In terms of value for money, the Acer Aspire One is simply the best mini laptops computer out there. It's also one of the cheapest, whilst not being too different in terms of specifications from the market leading Asus, so the Acer Aspire One is clearly a worthy contender in the battle for the mini laptops.

Homepage at | The dedicated website to mini laptops and notebooks | Copyright Ed Fry 2008. All Rights Reserved


Acer Aspire 5920 Laptop - Any Good?

By John Milligan

The Acer Aspire Series is one of the most famous and widely used series in the world. The Acer Aspire 5920 laptop is certainly one for the home or office and it not only looks great but also has all the technology you need for computing at home or at the office.

If it's not news to you already, the Aspire 5920 debuts with Intel's newest Centrino Duo platform, a very powerful Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 processor and a large 160 GB hard drive and so much more besides. Delving under the hood reveals that this device uses the Intel Santa Rosa technology based on the Intel Centrino 2 Duo as mentioned.

Although not doing away with the basic rectangular shape we have all become familiar with, this Aspire laptop features curved corners giving it an almost oval appearance that does tend to grow on you. Then there's the sleek black outer casing which really makes it look sophisticated adding contrast to its appearance especially with it's off-white interior and keyboard.

This machine is quite a large laptop so portability may not be one of its major selling points and though it's on the bulky side, this makes a great choice for buyers who want both a media-friendly laptop and a portable HD DVD player that plugs into their home theatre. The battery life of 140 minutes is quite standard these days and is fairly adequate and checking out the various ports and sockets around the body of the Aspire 5920 reveals that you get a number of options for use. You certainly are not limited.

Cool with style, good technology, user friendly with ease of understanding and sensitive touch buttons, you may find that this is just the laptop you were looking for, particularly as it has a stunning design that will suit anyone and has also been designed for home or office use.

John Milligan.

For your Acer Aspire 5920 Laptop please visit the above site and scroll down to the superb Amazon Store and choose the Laptops & Notebooks Category.

An excellent resource for all those consoles and games you've ever wanted, including the Nintendo Wii, Wii Fit, ps3, xbox 360 and Ipod Nano 8GB and lots more. No searching all over the web for different bargains. There's loads of choice here with all the top sellers and best prices. You certainly will not be disappointed.

So, if you're hungry for that bargain console, game or accessory, then go to the website, have a good browse and enjoy your shopping experience.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Apple MacBook Pro MA895LL-A Laptop For Developers

By Kirk Jons

Apple MacBook Pro is one of the most advanced laptops. The developers tried to make it not only stylish and light but also functional and advantageous. And they succeeded in it. Having only 1000 hundredths-pounds weight Apple MacBook Pro is equipped with a spacious hard disk (120 GB), powerful processor (2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) and 2 GB RAM (two SO-DIMM).

It was designed specially for your convenience. A 15.4 inches widescreen display provides really bright colours. The NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with up to 256MB of dedicated memory provides really quick and high-grade graphics processing. Watching movies and playing videogames have never been so exciting and fascinating. And with it the laptop has the latest Intel mobile architecture. It is a well-known fact that the Internet is an integral part of our lives. Having purchased Apple MacBook Pro you will always have easy and stable connection to the worldwide network.
Due to the illuminated keyboard the work with this laptop will always bring pleasure.

Anyone would be happy to possess this laptop. Just imagine that yet with all of its advances Apple MacBook Pro has a sleek aluminum body and is extremely thin (only one inch). Just imagine! Due to its lightweight and stylish appearance this laptop is the best choice for women and businessmen. It is portable and can be taken anywhere starting from the business trip finishing with an entertaining journey. And be sure that with this smart laptop you won't remain unnoticed.

So to put it shortly Apple MacBook Pro is one of the best and stylish models of laptops. It is really the optimal combination of functionality and style.

D2000 TV Phone - The Perfect Touchscreen Mobile Phone If You Want To Text And Watch TV

By Rae Edwards

iPhone clones have been surprising hits because they allow people some wanted freedoms away from their phone's manufacturers. Consumers have liked the ability to remove their own battery, use their own mobile provider and have two phone numbers within the same phone if they want to (dual sim).

Lately though, the clone makers have stepped up their game. They've introduced an iPhone clone (the D2000 TV phone) that not only has everything the original clones have (web browsing, full MP3/ MP4 capabilities, and a built in camera), but will also allow you to watch TV on your cell phone. In addition to full TV capabilities, the D2000 has an FM radio and an e-book reader.

Additionally, the D2000 has a keypad at the bottom of the phone. Not many iClones have advanced texting and email capabilities but the D2000 is one of them. In fact, the D2000 reminds me a lot of Rimm's Blackberry Pearl.

All of these features make this phone very popular for frequent travelers, students, commuters, and families that need to entertain children (or parents) during down times. This smart phone gives you everything you could possibly need for entertainment, (whether it is music, video, the web, or TV), right at your finger tips.

The phone is also very competitively priced, starting at about $150, depending on where you get it.

Considering you could easily spend this on a stand alone gadget this isn't also a cell phone, this seems a good deal. And, even though this is a novelty product, it's also a high quality, innovative, and high performing mobile phone in its own right.

To see videos, photos, specs and real time rock bottom pricing on the D2000 TV Phone, click here.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fiber Optic Cable

By John Kapoor

Think of discrete packets of light propagating through the waveguide. Most of the light rays making up these packets will be guided through the waveguide within the limits of its physical boundaries. The path of light will follow in a straight line, bouncing off the side of the waveguide as a result of reflection. Some of the rays will get loss in the waveguide, but most will continue to reflect.

Optical Fiber is a very thin and flexible medium having a cylindrical shape. It is the light equivalent of microwave wave-guide. The fiber waveguide is constructed of two layers of glass or plastic. It consists of following three sections:

  1. The inner most layer or the core, is where the light travels. It is made of glass or plastic and has refractive index.
  2. The fiber core is surrounded by a transparent sheath called cladding. It is a glass or plastic coating having optical properties much different from those of the core. The refractive index of cladding is lower than fiber core and denoted by µc. This layer is kept thick enough about one-tenth of the cross-sectional area in order to provide isolation.
  3. These layers are protected by an outer section called jacket or coating. It is made of polymer or any other material that provides protection against moisture, crushing and other environmental dangers.

The core acts like a continuous layer of two parallel mirrors. It has higher refractive index then cladding ie. µf > µc which results in total internal reflection. A signal is first encoded into light beam which is then passed in between the boundaries and propagated as a result of multiple internal reflection.

If the light wave enters at one end of a fiber at an angle less than acceptance angle then it strikes the fiber cladding medium at an angle more than critical angle and is totally reflected the totally internal reflected light stroke the opposite wall at an angle more than critical angle and is again totally reflected this process continues through out the length of the fiber and emerges from the other end without appreciable loss of energy