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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pitney Bowes Stamp Printers - Models & Types - How Do They Work?

Whether you're running a company that puts massive amounts of mail out the door or just a regular daily stream of correspondence, mail costs can be a large expense. Keeping an eye on the costs while staying productive is the key. If you use an efficient mailing system, all your costs and projects can be effectively managed to ultimately see a smooth stream of post heading out the door

An eye on costs

Metering your mail is a good way to keep an eye on costs. Pitney Bowes stamp printers offer superior machines to get this job done. Pitney Bowes stamp printers can weigh, meter and print post, while at the same time showing accrued costs on a dynamic display screen. The Pitney Bowes stamp printers also use this same display screen to monitor the status of the job (s) so you can make changes on the fly. Efficiency is the key and shows in every aspect of the machine, especially the capability to task several jobs simultaneously.

Size and quality of projects

The Pitney Bowes stamp printers are designed to accommodate any type of project. Many projects are shorter run in nature while others are large bulk projects with a complicated logo. The Pitney Bowes stamp printers address each of these concerns. The light mode printing function does the job for smaller to medium sized companies using the Pitney Bowes DA50S while the higher volume higher speed function of the Pitney Bowes DA75S will tackle the larger projects without flinching.

On the fly changes

Being able to process several projects out the door simultaneously is a great advantage when increasing productivity. The Pitney Bowes DM300C addresses this issue while also adding other efficiency features. Pitney Bowes stamp printers are nothing but efficient when it comes to increasing productivity. In this instance, the Pitney Bowes stamp printers process 65 addresses per minute while being able to adjust between jobs for dusty inserts or logos.

Up-to-date bar coding

For the organization that is ramping up their product offerings, keeping track of where the product is going, in addition to a whole host of other data, is important to future marketing and inventory needs. Bar coding has evolved to a point in today's inventory management that 100's of data points can be tracked. Pitney Bowes offers the latest in bar code printing machines to address just this issue. In a majority of Pitney Bowes machines you can also take advantage of USB cables and visual displays so that you are right up to date with whatever printing or inventory task you are working on.

This Article is written by John C. Arkin from, the contributor of Ink & Printer Reviews. More information on the subject is at, and related resources can be found at Pitney Bowes Ink Cartridges.

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