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Friday, December 19, 2008

Touch of Color - A Review on Samsung LCD TV

What is the LCD Touch of Color anyway? You may ask. Is it a publicity stunt of Samsung, a technological innovation, or simply a marketing strategy thought by Samsung? Maybe we can say that it is a little bit of each.

The competition in the market in LCD TV has been increasing over the years. One must stand out in the market to get noticed. Samsung has thought of a brilliant plan to do this. They introduced Touch of Color to the market. This proved to be successful because they turned out to be a hit among the consumers as they are wildly sought after. The design of Touch of Color is unique. It has a distinctive amber color which is combined with the conventional black for an elegant and attractive appearance. People want their television to still look attractive like a piece of art even though it is not being used. Other manufacturers are expected to follow this trend with their own unique features in the years to come.

The design of Touch of Color is made for the outside of the TV. It does not make any sound or light up when turned on. But of course, the more important thing there is whether your TV will perform brilliantly when you turn it on. Samsung does not let you down. It offers 1080 pixel picture for an ultimate HD resolution which delivers to you clear and crisp images capturing the real meaning of high definition TV.

Response time offered by Samsung TV is 4ms and the frame rate is 120 Hz. Their Auto Motion Plus technology has the ability to double the frame rate from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. This technology allows the TV to alter between framed for a smooth shifting. This makes it great for watching sports or other shows and movies which have many fast moving actions since this model of LCD handles motion well unlike the earlier models.

Samsung TV offers a contrast ratio of 50,000:1, a great improvement from the previous year 25,000:1. Contrast ratio establishes the ability of the TV to generate dark blacks or dazzling whites. Having a higher contrast ratio will help avoid an image that is washed out which can be observed in TVs that have lesser contrast ratio.

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The design of Touch of Color is sure to be a big hit with consumers. This might probably start a drift towards having TV as an art piece instead of just a simple TV. The superb design of Samsung's Touch of Color will certainly be worth your money.

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