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Friday, October 30, 2009

Portable Audio Technica Headphones

Once upon a time, being seen walking around town with headphones protruding from your ears would have seen you branded a 'show-off' or even as being 'eccentric' - because people were expected to be 'modest.' Today, though, walking around with headphones has come to be as widely accepted as walking around with a ring on a finger - where having it or not having one is not really such a big deal.

Indeed, portable headphones for this very application (of walking around with) are among the most widely bought headphone varieties, probably outpacing other types of headphones - because it is when people are on the move and when they want to listen to their stuff in privacy without 'disturbing' others close to them or 'broadcasting' their stuff to others around them that they are likely to need headphones anyway.

As would be expected, Audio Technica, which has made a name for itself making and selling various headphones for a variety of uses has a wide variety of portable headphones for the person looking for headphones to use 'on the move' to choose from.

If, for instance, sound-balance is your greatest shopping feature while looking for portable Audio Technica headphones (so that you want the Audio Technica headphones that rate highest in terms of dual balance - in that neither of the ears gets a greater decibel load than the other), then the ATH-CK10 model of Audio Technica headphones might be just what you are looking for. In addition to perfect dual balance, you also get a pair of very compact headphones in ATH-CK10 Audio Technica headphones as an 'extra' feature to top of up the perfect dual balance.

If you are looking for portable Audio Technica headphones for use in very noisy settings (so that you are looking for the best in terms of background noise cancellation), then the best product for you would probably be ATH-CK7ASV, which is built of titanium, and which in addition to near-perfect background noise cancellation, is also a super lightweight pair of headphones, making it perfect for you if you don't want a pair of headphones that will weight you down perpetually.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for in a portable Audio Technica headphones set is one that rates very high in audio fidelity, (with the greatest audio detail), then the best pair for you to go for would probably be Audio Technica headphones model ATH-CK9, which comes in monochrome (black and white). ATH-CK52W, which is designed with the woman in mind (with a highly feminine design, according to Audio-Technica) is another product that rates very highly in terms of audio-fidelity, as does the similarly feminine ATH-CK1W so that if you are a woman, seeking for a high-fidelity audio technical headphones set, you might find yourself utterly spoilt for choice, between the unisexual ATH-CK9, and the more feminine ATH-CK52W and ATH-CK1W Audio Technica headphone sets.

If you love the bass in your music, and want the Audio Technica headphones sets that brings the bass out most clearly (while also keeping it well balanced to protect the nearby eardrum), the best product for you would probably ATH-CM7 CV, which in addition to the better bass quality, also offers extended cord ear bud support.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Dedicated Staging Services - What Are the Benefits?

By Derek Rogers

One of the top priorities for person who is setting up his business network is finding out whether it is necessary for them to implement dedicated staging services. Not only does the business get amazingly efficient network security, but every single aspect of network configurations is made uniform and standardised, through dedicated staging. Staging is also extremely useful when you are setting up networks connecting different offices in different locations all over the place.

Every single Branch in your network is going to perform and look the same, after you have connected all these locations through a good staging service. The only difference in the staging is going to be in the IP address as well as the other pertinent details, which differentiates one particular branch from the other. A staging service is normally going to be done in remote locations, for example, it might be completed in staging labs. Then every single component, which is used during the staging, is shipped out to the relevant office after it has been tested, and configured properly.

A good company can also easily recommend staging services for the hardware that already exists in your company. Apart from this, you are going to get brand-new and tested network components. One might need expert staging services when your company's network administrator is upgrading the configurations or decides to reconfigure the software still existing in your enterprise. Look for a company that can give you cost efficient staging services as well as the highest possible standards. The idea is for looking into the total elimination of latency and error.

Outsourcing your staging services is always an excellent option because many companies cannot afford a fully-fledged IT or networking staging department onsite, in the office. You might want to look for companies that can give you the right dedicated staging services, according to your requirements and specifications, keeping your budget in view. One may not be able to afford a special staging lab created upon the office premises especially when he is working on a tight schedule and a tight budget.

Professionals who have been doing dedicated staging for a long while know all about the configuration as well as staging procedures. So all you have to do is look for a company that can give you plenty of staging service options, apart from the normal network services as well as products. They should also be able to give you plenty of reassurance in matters of security, especially if your network is spread over a large area.

Some of the important aspects of staging which you have to look for include test certificates, routers for single users, complete diagnostic checks, connectivity throughout your enterprise, switches, installation as well as delivery services when required.

So whether you are reconsidering the configuration of an existing network or looking to set up a brand-new network, it is always a sensible idea to go in for professional and dedicated staging services so that every single aspect is looked into, securely and accurately. The idea is to make sure that better security measures are added to your network so that every single bit of data transmitted over the network is kept intact and secure.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For information on Staging Services, he recommends Network 24.

Friday, October 23, 2009

How to Reinvent the Wheel - Or in This Case the Dyson Air Multiplier

By Geoff Cummings

How do you improve something that has been around it seems like forever, essentially unchanged during most of that time, and charge 10 times as much for it?

Putting a new spin (pardon the pun) on a piece of household or office equipment can't be easy. But, British inventor James Dyson, of the bagless vacuum cleaner fame, has come up with something quite revolutionary. And because it is so unique, just like many of his inventions are, he can charge a premium price.

This new piece of technology? A fan, but without blades! Almost a reinvention of the wheel.

Costing close on £200 or in US dollars around $300 for the 10" version, this new fan doesn't come cheap. the 12" version works out about £20 ($30) more.

So, what makes this Air Multiplier so different?

For a start it is bladeless, at least as far as can be seen from the outside. So, without blades, or grilles, it is much easier to clean. And because there are no blades, this results in no buffeting which is normal with conventional fans as the wind that blades create hit you.

The way it works is by air being drawn in, then accelerated through an annular aperture which is set within a loop amplifier. The resultant effect is that as the Air Multiplier amplifies the air every fifteen seconds hundreds of litres of cooling air are churned out every second.

It also has oscillation and a simple power control, and comes in several colors.

One drawback, however, the Dyson Air Multiplier is in short supply, and there is currently a waiting list to get hold of one.

So, if you have that much money to spare be my guest. As for me, I'll stick with the common-or-garden desktop low-cost blade fan, until I get rich.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Samsung BD-P2500 1080p Blu-Ray Disc Player - Great Features For the Price

By T Traver

Have you decided to get a Blu-ray player but don't know which brand or model to buy? The Samsung BD P2500 1080p has some great features while keeping you in the mid-level price range. You don't need to spend a fortune to get upgrades from basic units.

The Samsung BD-P2500 has a few stand out features including BD-Live, Bonus View, full high definition 1080p, the HQV processing chip, and Netflix streaming.

BD-Live is an interactive internet feature that allows you to download extra program content from the internet. BD-Live content is always live and updated. You'll be able to download the newest previews, special scenes, and ringtones. You can also play online games or participate in communities.

The Samsung BD-P2500 player Bonus View allows you to watch special features and commentary inline while you continue to watch your movie. You can navigate to other scenes or settings without leaving your spot in the show.

1080p resolution is the highest that you can get in a blu-ray player and this unit has it. The Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) processor lets you watch regular DVD's with improved picture and noise reduction.

One of the neatest features of the Samsung BD-P2500 is the Netflix Streaming Video availability. If you activate your Samsung blu-ray to your existing Netflix account, you can immediately access over 12,000 movies and TV shows. Just like that you'll have endless movie possibilities.

If you don't already have a Netflix account just sign up, but sure to remember that Netflix is a paid service. Make sure you review any monthly fees before subscribing.

The Samsung BD-P2500 1080p Blu-ray is a great gift for the entire family and is one of the top Christmas gifts this year.

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The Advantages of USB Turntables

Since the advent of the CD in the 1980's, the old vinyl record format has languished. Nowadays kids don't even know what a vinyl record looks like. Us old timers, however, usually have a stack of records gathering dust somewhere. Even if we actually own a turntable we just don't take the time to dig through the old pile and find our favorites to play. Enter - the USB turntable! This is a turntable that you can connect to your PC with a regular USB cable, and transfer your favorite vinyl records to a more accessible digital format like MP3.

I like the fact that this invention brings old long lost favorites back to life, and that it's so easy to use. But mainly it's just been so much fun rifling through my old stack of vinyl records, look at the covers, handle the records and hear the songs again. I'm not one to advocate throwing the records themselves away, unless you're really tied for space in a small apartment or something. It's just an added way to enjoy music that you at one time actually took the time to go to the record store and buy.

The USB turntable is a fairly new invention, having been around for only a year or so. The reason for their increasing popularity is that they make ripping old records so easy. Just plug the cable into your computer, put the record on, fire up the easy to use software and you are on your way. You can also choose to edit the songs after they have been transferred to a digital format. Many records, especially the ones that you played over and over again back in the day, are plagued with scratches and dents. This makes it through to the digital recording unfortunately. However, there are now great software programs to identify and remove sounds that aren't part of the original recording. After having applied the proper software filters and a little hands on editing, your tunes will sound like new.

Gunnar Bengtsson writes about how to convert vinyl records into digital formats with a USB Turntable.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

RS200SD Review - An Overview of the Polar RS200SD Heart Rate Monitor

By Michael S Hutchins

The Polar RS200D heart rate monitor is a good example of an aerobic training tool that has features that can make a difference in the effectiveness of any exercise regimen. It is popular among elite athletes, as well as the proverbial "weekend warriors."A brief overview of it's many state of the art features will shed light on it's growing popularity.

Many of the features included can be adjusted and calibrated toward individuals. Hence, by inputting appropriate data in to the RS200D, the results will be created for a specific individual.

For example, during an exercise session, five separate screens can be adjusted with three different lines of output. Information such as pace, lap time, heart rate, caloric expenditure,etc. are displayed on the screens. This is very valuable information to be aware of while exercising. Users can adjust the five screens to personal preferences.

Polar is very sensitive to the practical needs of the individual. For example, a "sleep" mode, provides the opportunity to shut the watch down when it is not in operation. This satisfies the practical need to prolong battery life.

The Polar RS200SD features a unique foot pod that detects and records highly individualized data related to the exercise being performed. It is attached to the shoe, and appears less heavy than it actually is. However, users report that it is barely noticeable while exercising. Again, in an effort to preserve battery life, the foot pod shuts off after not being used for a period of time.

In addition to features that monitor and record exercise sessions,(the watch can store data from a user's previous 16 workouts), the RS200SD has several helpful features not directly related to exercise.

Most feel, for example, that it a particularly good looking heart rate monitor. And because it also performs like a traditional watch, many individuals wear it when they are not training. It also has a stop watch and a timer feature. Athletes who regularly compete, can make use of the countdown calender feature. This feature helps competitive athletes aware of how much time is left before an event.

The monitor's display is very large and easy to read, even while exercising. And, conveniently back lit for use in dark surroundings.

In conclusion, the useful features outlined, have made the Polar RS200D one of Polar's most popular heart rate monitors, and it should continue to be for a long time.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Features of Sennheiser Headphones

By Jamie Gram

Sennheiser is a universally known brand of headphones. It is widely popular
in the headphone market segment due to its state of art technology that
outdoes most competition and is available at a reasonable price. They are
designed well, are user friendly, trendy and above all are cost efficient.

Sennheiser headphones come in various forms, conventional, wireless, have
noise reduction and so on

Here are some of the features of Sennheiser headphones.

Noise Cancellation

This feature is very valuable. It blocks out the background noise. It often
happens that one is using music to meditate with, or listening to the lyrics
of a favorite song, and some noise in the kitchen or a train passing by,
drowned away the notes. With Sennheiser, this simply does not happen because
the headphones come with noise cancellation that blocks out the outside
noises and gives you complete listening pleasure.

Trendy and sturdy design

These are simple and stylish. Their elegant looks come with ease of
functioning. You have just a few buttons that take care of all the functions
and the elegant looks make it just right for any place you have to carry
them with you. Moreover they are so light, they can travel with you to any
place easily. Moreover, it does not break easily if it falls, and is durable
enough. You can use them without the worry of them breaking or getting

User Friendly and Comfortable

The padding and fabric used is very comfortable. You can put them on and
forget all about them. They are so easy to use, no crazy menus to navigate,
buttons to fidget with. It has simple features that are essential like
volume, tuning and power. That is all.

Ambient Sound Capability

Now this is an interesting feature. Often we miss phone calls or the
doorbell ringing because we are wearing headphones. This does not happen in
Sennheiser because it has tiny microphones that pick up some peripheral
sounds around you that are important. Important stuff is what you get to
hear, not the annoying sounds.


While they are not as cheap as some of the low end ones that you can pick up
at the local mall, they are quite low priced for the sound clarity and
quality that you get when you purchase Sennheiser headphones.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Makita Radio - Cordless Tunes For the Worksite

By Dillon Linder

With Makita's full line of high-quality, professional tools, it's not surprising that they would also offer a worksite radio. It's also not surprising that it lives up to the Makita reputation. The radio can be connected to AC power or can use any Makita battery, from lithium ion, cluster batteries, slide batteries, and Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh, and Li-Ion ones. However, it does not charge batteries, and you'll have to use your current Makita charger. If you're already using Makita cordless tools, this shouldn't be a problem. Also, it can run for 2 full days before completely draining the battery.

Featuring a rugged design, digital tuning, auto scan clock, and timer, it offers both AM and FM reception with excellent sound quality and stereo speakers. Built to withstand use on the job site, this radio offers five minutes of rain resistance and elastomer protection bumpers. That is enough time to get the radio under cover without harm in a sudden downpour. It is built to withstand intense heat or cold, as well as work site dust. It's also portable, with a sturdy handle. Compared to previous job site radios I have owned from DeWalt and others, the Makita BMR100 just looks and feels like an indestructible brick.

Even though it's small, the Makita work site radio is loud enough to be heard over the power tools and other noises of most job sites. You can also use headphones if you prefer, and the input jack allows you to play your mp3 player through these speakers. The price, at close to $200 in most stores, is expensive, but it's so durable that it should last much longer than a cheaper radio would in the tough conditions of a job site.

Dillon Linder writes on many home improvement topics and trends in tools including reviews of many cordless power tools like the Makita radio and the latest Makita 18v cordless drills.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twin Screen Portable DVD Player and Fresh Look!

Twin Screen Portable DVD players are becoming increasingly common because they bring the wonder of a home cinema system with you, wherever you go. You are no longer confined to watch boring movies on airplanes, long car journeys or train journeys. What is more, it actually is a twin screen and hence more then one person can enjoy this experience. This makes it an ideal gadget and companion on long journeys.

This is especially true if you have kids! God bless them, but they can drive you up the wall. If it is not fights or boredom, then it's an argument who uses the DVD player! Again this is cured by the twin screen DVD player! Where you back passengers can enjoy the movie simultaneously!

To purchase a suitable Dual Screen DVD player, a lot of factors need to be compared. To give a brief overview of the comparison most commonly found we have listed the most important aspects to consider below. Let's go over some of the common items our readers commonly look for and let our expertise guide you in choosing the right player!

Screen Size

Remember its meant to be a PORTABLE player? So don't expect huge size screens, but don't go for screen with very small sizes either because well you wont be able to see much, and constant squinting is known to cause a problem!! We are joking but there are serious implications here. The bigger the Player screen the bigger the battery that goes with it, and generally harder it is to use in public settings like planes.

Battery Life

Speaking of Battery life, it is something that is often overlooked and reader needs to make sure that he or she are aware of the play time you actually get! If your heart is stuck on a player that offers no more than 2 hours of play time then, make sure you carry appropriate charge accessories. We think all players offer Charge facility, but you may have to buy things such as in-car charger

Disc Compatibility

Are you looking to burn DVD ROM your computer? If so ensure that your player is DVD-R & RW compatible (both - and +). Most DVD players are multi-regional and if they have writable DVD media support then chances are they will also play movies in avi etc.

In Our Review Section we have some of the Best Twin Screen Portable DVD Players, we have reviewed them on basis of our customer feedback as well as their technological prowess. We are passionate about Electronic Consumer Goods, and strongly feel this site will help you get the most out from your shopping experience. Furthermore, we only recommend items that we would buy and have bought ourselves.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to Change a Projector Lamp

By James Keane

There are a few things that you should know to ensure that you not only change your bulb properly, but that it is done at the right time to avoid injury or damage to your projector.

When to change the projector lamp

Sometimes, you will know when to change the bulb because one day you will switch on the projector and it will not work. There are a number of environmental factors that can shorten the life of a projector lamp because the bulbs are delicate objects. Factors such as letting the bulb cool before moving the projector, not cleaning the filter or even storing the projector lamp in a cold or warm place can all shorten its expected lamp life.

However, assuming this is not the case, you should see a message appear on the projector stating something along the lines of 'Lamp Life Exceeded'. When this message appears, you should replace the bulb. It is an important point that you should not exceed the lamp life by more than 20 percent. Older bulbs become very fragile and this is usually the case when you hear of them exploding. This is not only dangerous but can damage your equipment.

It is always useful to have one or two replacement projector lamps on hand to ensure you can replace the bulb at the right time and use the projector when you need to.

To tell how old your bulb is, there is usually an option in the menu of the projector showing how many hours have passed. There should also be a reset option for when you install a new lamp.

How long should a lamp last?

A typical lamp will last for around 2000 projection hours. Genuine lamps may seem expensive with prices typically between £150 and £500 but when you work this out, that is only 8p to 25p per projection hour.

As with all models, no matter how old the lamp is it can take just one sharp knock, or being left in an extreme temperature for a short while, to adversely affect the life of the bulb so it is worth keeping a replacement bulb on hand.

How to change a projector bulb

Possibly the most important point is to ensure that you only purchase genuine replacement projector lamps and you must get the right one for your model. Never use a bulb intended for another brand or model, such as using Epson projector lamps in a Sony projector.

Make sure the old bulb has sufficiently cooled; otherwise it may explode with handling. As a general rule, ensure that your projector has had around 30 minutes to cool.

Unplug the projector and remove the lamp cover, which is normally on the bottom of the projector and is held in place with screws or a clip. Remove the lamp module and the old lamp. Reverse the process to install your replacement bulb, switch the power back on and check the new lamp works. Remember to reset the projector hours in the lamp life menu option.

Disposing of the old bulb

Be sure to dispose of your old lamp carefully. Projector lamps should be recycled to ensure environmental safety.

The author James Kean represents JP-UK, a specialist UK supplier of projector lamps and bulbs as well as ink toners and cartridges. For further information, visit for projector lamps.

Friday, October 2, 2009

iPhone Compatible CCTV DVR

By Vernon DeHart

Hi, I just purchased a Digimerge DH200 4ch DVR with a 320GB hard drive. SDI is running a promotion on this unit for September and October. It is has H.264 compression with a 704 x 480 display resolution and is able to record at CIF, 2CIF, D1 qualities.

·     Four BNC inputs but no loop through

·     One composite output

·     One programmable spot output

·     One channel audio in/out

·     Four programmable alarm inputs and one out

·     RS485/RS232 for PTZ

But, that is enough about the specs the reason why I'm testing the unit is because it is suppose to be compatible with an iPhone. I called and talked with Digimerge tech support and talked with them about iPhone compatibility. Turns out that it is not quite compatible as of 9-4-09 but I bought it anyways. I asked the tech how it was able to work an iPhone because I only know of one other manufacturer with this ability. Basically the way that Digimerge is going to make it work is by building a site that will connect with they're DDNS server with a special software that allows the DVR to be viewed by an iPhone. I done a little research and believe that they are going to use YOICS software. I don't know but I assume it is going to be server based as the tech said that no apps needed to be loaded to any cell phone for remote video streaming. Supposedly it is simple as logging in to DVR with user name and password then just view your security cameras.

The DVR has user friendly GUI interface that makes programming and searching easy. Recorded security camera images are recorded in thirty minute blocks which is not bad for searching with use FF play forward and backwards feature. Continuous and event recordings are color coded so that they are easy to distinguish from each other. The one drawback I see so far is that it can't record a motion event while in the continuous record mode. So, that means that you can't program a low fps (frames per second) for continuous and a high fps for motion. Also because of this you can't receive email notices of a motion event while in the continuous mode. But, switching to scheduled recording is simple with just push of a button on the DVR or a click of the mouse on the viewing software. The reason for my adding this characteristic to this article is my own personal preference for recording both continuous and motion at the same time is to be assured that there is always some recorded images at all times.

The viewing software is easy to load and use either on your home network or over the internet. Any feature on the DVR can be accessed from the viewer this includes setup and search. The software allows you to view multiple DVR's that might be needed with a chain of convenience stores. You can create a virtual DVR that shows one channel from each DVR so it can be used to live view multiple sites at once. This would come in handy for someone that owns several stores that wanted to keep an eye on every cash register all the same time. It allows you to view up to 64 security cameras on one screen but be aware it is for only one camera from each DVR. You can always view a single DVR and all of its security cameras with a simple click if you needed view all cameras at one site in case of robbery or the like.

Overall I like the unit as it is easy to use, economical, comes with one year replacement, three year repair, and five year hard drive warranty

P.S: It supports up to a 2TB.hard drive. After programming the one I bought for its maximum record quality (704x480) and maximum 30 fps a 320GB will last two weeks recording 24/7.

Alert Networks, Inc

Serving Metro Atlanta.