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Sunday, October 18, 2009

RS200SD Review - An Overview of the Polar RS200SD Heart Rate Monitor

By Michael S Hutchins

The Polar RS200D heart rate monitor is a good example of an aerobic training tool that has features that can make a difference in the effectiveness of any exercise regimen. It is popular among elite athletes, as well as the proverbial "weekend warriors."A brief overview of it's many state of the art features will shed light on it's growing popularity.

Many of the features included can be adjusted and calibrated toward individuals. Hence, by inputting appropriate data in to the RS200D, the results will be created for a specific individual.

For example, during an exercise session, five separate screens can be adjusted with three different lines of output. Information such as pace, lap time, heart rate, caloric expenditure,etc. are displayed on the screens. This is very valuable information to be aware of while exercising. Users can adjust the five screens to personal preferences.

Polar is very sensitive to the practical needs of the individual. For example, a "sleep" mode, provides the opportunity to shut the watch down when it is not in operation. This satisfies the practical need to prolong battery life.

The Polar RS200SD features a unique foot pod that detects and records highly individualized data related to the exercise being performed. It is attached to the shoe, and appears less heavy than it actually is. However, users report that it is barely noticeable while exercising. Again, in an effort to preserve battery life, the foot pod shuts off after not being used for a period of time.

In addition to features that monitor and record exercise sessions,(the watch can store data from a user's previous 16 workouts), the RS200SD has several helpful features not directly related to exercise.

Most feel, for example, that it a particularly good looking heart rate monitor. And because it also performs like a traditional watch, many individuals wear it when they are not training. It also has a stop watch and a timer feature. Athletes who regularly compete, can make use of the countdown calender feature. This feature helps competitive athletes aware of how much time is left before an event.

The monitor's display is very large and easy to read, even while exercising. And, conveniently back lit for use in dark surroundings.

In conclusion, the useful features outlined, have made the Polar RS200D one of Polar's most popular heart rate monitors, and it should continue to be for a long time.

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