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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twin Screen Portable DVD Player and Fresh Look!

Twin Screen Portable DVD players are becoming increasingly common because they bring the wonder of a home cinema system with you, wherever you go. You are no longer confined to watch boring movies on airplanes, long car journeys or train journeys. What is more, it actually is a twin screen and hence more then one person can enjoy this experience. This makes it an ideal gadget and companion on long journeys.

This is especially true if you have kids! God bless them, but they can drive you up the wall. If it is not fights or boredom, then it's an argument who uses the DVD player! Again this is cured by the twin screen DVD player! Where you back passengers can enjoy the movie simultaneously!

To purchase a suitable Dual Screen DVD player, a lot of factors need to be compared. To give a brief overview of the comparison most commonly found we have listed the most important aspects to consider below. Let's go over some of the common items our readers commonly look for and let our expertise guide you in choosing the right player!

Screen Size

Remember its meant to be a PORTABLE player? So don't expect huge size screens, but don't go for screen with very small sizes either because well you wont be able to see much, and constant squinting is known to cause a problem!! We are joking but there are serious implications here. The bigger the Player screen the bigger the battery that goes with it, and generally harder it is to use in public settings like planes.

Battery Life

Speaking of Battery life, it is something that is often overlooked and reader needs to make sure that he or she are aware of the play time you actually get! If your heart is stuck on a player that offers no more than 2 hours of play time then, make sure you carry appropriate charge accessories. We think all players offer Charge facility, but you may have to buy things such as in-car charger

Disc Compatibility

Are you looking to burn DVD ROM your computer? If so ensure that your player is DVD-R & RW compatible (both - and +). Most DVD players are multi-regional and if they have writable DVD media support then chances are they will also play movies in avi etc.

In Our Review Section we have some of the Best Twin Screen Portable DVD Players, we have reviewed them on basis of our customer feedback as well as their technological prowess. We are passionate about Electronic Consumer Goods, and strongly feel this site will help you get the most out from your shopping experience. Furthermore, we only recommend items that we would buy and have bought ourselves.

Twin Screen DVD PLAYER

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