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Monday, June 28, 2010

Beginning of Physical Memory Dump - Fix Computer Memory Dump

By Alexandre Frings

When your computer's screen turns blue suddenly, you read a sentence says: "Beginning of Physical Memory Dump". Although you might be angry because you have yet saved your task, the problem seems trivial because after you restart your computer, you can carry on doing your task again. However, it is not as simple as that, if you do not fix it, it will occur more often. How long can you tolerate doing your task all over again from the beginning because of Blue Screen of Death?

Good news is that you can fix computer memory dump easily today. Fix computer memory dump does not necessarily involve technical stuff. You can do it with couple of clicks even if you are completely blind about technical stuff.

To fix computer memory dump (blue screen of death), you only need to install and run one program called registry cleaner software.

What does Registry Cleaner do?

Registry cleaner program is a program that cleans your registry of your system from unwanted and redundant file entries, which are the main cause of blue screen of death. I bet you also notice that your computer runs slower and slower each day, the reason is still because of overcrowding registry.

Registry cleaner can help you not only to fix computer memory dump but to prevent it from happening again, to maintain your computer speed, and to prevent any windows errors/computer crashes.

Can I do it without registry cleaner?

Yes, you can try to format and reinstall your operating system. It does take a lot of time and you have to move your important files/data before the formatting process.

Do you plan to bring your computer and let a technician fix it?

If you do, you might want to do the fixing yourself because that they do is actually installing the registry cleaner program to fix the problem and charge you for that. Why not do it yourself and save your money plus you can prevent the errors from happening again.

Fixing the problem once does not mean it won't happen again. You have to maintain your system continuously and you won't have such problems anymore. If you install a well designed registry cleaner program you do not need to run it manually because you can schedule the program to run automatically.

If you are really sick and tired of blue screen of death (physical memory dump), you can fix computer physical memory dump once and never have to experience it again, visit Registry Cleaner Software to scan your computer for free.

Alexandre Frings is a computer technology enthusiast and self proclaimed expert. His site Registry cleaner review offers simple yet effective solutions to boost your computers speed and keep them away from errors for as long time as possible.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting the Best Laptop Screen Protection

By Sharon Hunter

The most expensive part of a laptop is the screen. All the other systems in a laptop can be replaced fairly easily and for far less than one would expect, however break your screen and you could be out six hundred, eight hundred, or even more than a thousand dollars. It is important that you take the proper steps to make sure that your have the right laptop screen protection.

There are several things that can go wrong with your laptop screen and it important that you protect it properly. The first thing that can happen is physical damage. Protecting a screen from this should not cost you anything and will just require that you pay attention. Make sure that you do not ever set anything on the screen directly nor that you bring any hard object near the screen.

Obviously do not strike the screen either with your hand or any object. The only thing that needs to contact the screen is possible a cloth to clean it. For this you can use monitor wipes, they are cheap and easy to get.

Other things like paper towels and such may cause scratches that will affect the way your screen displays. You should also look into getting a cover for the screen to protect it from scratches. These are usually not very expensive and can save you a ton of money as well as improving the display of your laptop. Also consider the bag your are putting your laptop in.

Going with something that can secure the laptop completely is the best choice. Make sure that the bag has enough padding to cushion the blow when the bag accidentally hits things. The other thing can significantly damage a laptop screen is burn in damage. This can happen when a single image is displayed on the screen for too long.

Sometimes video games can do this, but most games these days will not cause damage. If you do not have your screen saver enabled however programs can definitely do things to damage your system.
Leaving the screen open with a document up for a long period of time could result in the image being burned into the screen. Be sure that you have a screen saver enabled even if it only kicks on after an hour or so.

To increase your laptop screen protection, it is highly recommended to use Laptop Screen Protectors. If you want to know how to choose the best Laptop Screen Protector, please visit Laptop Screen Protector.


Monday, June 21, 2010

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is a Well Rounded Device!

By Lee Thornton

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is a Symbian based Smartphone with a natural curvature for comfortable use; it is a focused messaging device with a strong entertainment core. It has a full QWERTY keyboard to help speed up the typing process and e-mail integration which allows you to handle multiple accounts on the go. The Vivaz Pro has a fully functional 3.2 inch touch screen to accompany the keyboard and it has a video recorder which is capable of shooting film in 720p nHD quality.

Sony Ericsson's design team have designed the Vivaz Pro for comfortable handling whilst maintaining the idea of a QWERTY keyboard to support the range of messaging features. This has been achieved by keeping the curved chassis from the original Vivaz but making it ever so slightly thicker to accommodate the keyboard, the dimensions of the new Vivaz Pro are 109 x 52 x 15mm and it only weighs 117grams, even with the added bulk this is only an extra 20grams.

The device runs the Symbian operating system and has an S6O user interface, the general functionality of the phone is of a high standard. The touch screen is very receptive and makes light work of simple finger commands and the user interface provides you with some modernized graphical features to play with. The 5 mega pixel digital camera can meet all of your photographical needs and as previously mentioned it boasts a 720p nHD video recorder for the budding filmmakers.

Along with built-in ExchangeActiveSynch and e-mail integration the Vivaz Pro offers up a social network package which gives you dedicated applications for both Twitter and Facebook, they grant you the ability manage your accounts, update your status and make cheeky tweets on the move. With the phones 3G technology in place you can receive a constant stream of status updates and tweets to your mobile and there are pre-installed features allowing for instant messaging.

The Vivaz Pro is well equipped with navigational services; WisePilot, GoogleMaps and the in-built aGPS should get you from A-B just fine and the phone also provides you with high sped web connectivity via Wi Fi and 3G. Enhanced Bluetooth has been embedded into the software for file transfer between compatible devices and the phones accelerometer functions well in collaboration with the QWERTY keyboard for quick messaging and browsing.

As you would expect with a Sony Ericsson phone the Vivaz Pro sports a very good multimedia player, the phone supports a range of formats in audio or video and both the visuals and sound are seamless and smooth, the sound is very bass-full and precise, the video is crystal clear and runs fluidly. With the phones social network connections and entertainment features Sony Ericsson have quite easily equipped the device with video share links to Facebook and YouTube, this is useful for capturing those special and perhaps rare occasions and sharing them with the world or if you prefer just friends.

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is a well rounded device which provides its user with great support for communications, messaging and entertainment; it is receptive and handles touch control very well. There has been a great amount of effort put into the design and functionality of this phone and I see no reason why it wouldn't do well in the Smartphone market.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dell 1100 Toner Based Laser Printer - Bargain Priced Under $100 and Delivers High Quality Prints

By Anthony Allen


The Dell 1100 laser printer is a great bargain. This laser printer costs under $100, offers a full set of features and functionality, and performs very well. Anyone who can benefit from having a laser printer in their home or office should consider picking up a Dell 1100 laser printer.

Features and Functionality

The 1100 laser printer has a maximum printing speed of 15 pages per minute according to Dell. Our testing found that the Dell 1100 produces text based prints consistently at speeds over 12 pages per minute. Print jobs containing graphics averaged about 11 pages per minute. The quality of the 1100 prints was very good. Text and graphics were crisp with smooth edges. The shading and use of grayscale was the only negative in the print outs. Overall the prints were legible and looked very good. This speed and quality make this printer ideal for home office use as well as students.

This Dell printer model comes with a 150 sheet paper tray, which is good for a personal use laser printer. The output tray can hold up to 50 pages. The Dell 1100 supports printing on paper, cards, labels, transparencies, and envelopes. This printer's media size standards are as to be expected, allowing for printing on Standard 10 size envelopes and supporting print media up to 8.5" x 14" in size. Memory on this printer is 2 MB and is not upgradable. The processor is rated at 150 MHz.

Owners will be delighted with the sleek design of the Dell 1100. The printer has a bright white color with soft gray lettering giving it a modern office look and feel. The printer measures 14.1" wide by 8.5" High by 11.8" deep and weighs a little over 12 pounds. The compact size and nice look make the printer a very versatile office machine. This printer will look nice on a desktop or table in any office.

Being a personal class printer, the 1100 only supports USB connectivity. The USB cable is not included with the printer, so owners will need to buy this separately. USB 2.0 is supported by this machine and is recommended for use. Installation and setup takes only a couple of minutes. The Dell 1100 is easily setup using "plug and play" capabilities found in all modern Windows operating systems.

The Dell 1100 toner cartridge is rated at 3,000 pages and is black in color. The Dell 310-6640 toner is available in both OEM Dell branded and Dell Compatible branded versions. Use of compatible ink and toner cartridges can save printer owners a lot of money. Owners of the Dell 1100 model printer are encouraged to use compatible consumables in their machines. This will reduce the overall cost of printing.


The Dell 1100 is a low cost laser printer that delivers big performance. Anyone looking for a personal use monochrome laser printer should consider this printer. It is designed for students, home, and small office environments. Priced under $100 and the quality you expect for a Dell make this printer a great deal.


Monday, June 7, 2010

New Guide Feature Makes DSLR Camera Easier to Use

By Kalyan Kumar

For many people who are used to seeing and using just the handy and lightweight point and shoot digital cameras, the bigger sized DSLR somehow intimidates them. More often than not, they shy away from purchasing this type of camera, even though they can well afford it, for fear that it might be difficult and complicated to use.

The good news is that this professional digital camera has been made easy to use by many manufacturers. For instance, Nikon has introduced a new feature to its compact D3000 model that guides users on the proper use of the equipment. This move is aimed primarily at taking away those fears of complexity present among numerous first time users of DSLR cameras.

With the Nikon D3000, there's a new and special mode called the Guide mode which proves to be very useful to newbies. When the digital camera is set on this mode, an on screen interface actually guides users on how to select the right shooting mode and other settings to enable them to capture the best images. In other words, operating the unit has been made easier and simpler so owners can freely take pictures of their favorite subjects and important events in their lives without having to worry about the settings. As no manual is needed, you spend less time because you are guided directly by the camera itself.

Apart from this new guide mode, the camera has other automatic modes that help new owners, beginners and experienced compact users use the camera similar to a point and shoot unit. They can utilize these modes until they are able to build their confidence in operating the Nikon D3000 model. Whether you want to improve your skills in picture taking or you want to focus more on your subject, you can easily that through the camera's automatic modes.

This camera boasts of a TFT LCD screen three inches wide and the ability to take images in a continuous manner at three frames per second. In addition, the GUI menus are made bigger and simpler to use because of the use of visuals rather than text.

Other great features worth noting are the unit's 10.2 megapixel image sensor, built in flash, brilliant lenses, 11-point autofocus system with 3D tracking and EXPEED image processing system with an instant response time that lets you take clear pictures whatever your subject is doing. So when you want to shoot continuously, this model is perfect because no delayed response is experience unlike other compact cameras. For storing of images, the camera uses SD or SDHC cards.

Unlike other digicams, though, this model is not able to take videos. But who cares when all you wish is to capture your most favorite images in the best way possible.

This Nikon D3000 digital camera is not to be ignored because of its many great features. In terms of its housing and lens, they're guaranteed to be tough and durable. Its compact size and weight are not a problem as well which makes it ideal for travel.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Solving the Challenges of Offshore Software Application Development

By Daniel Henry Jose

The arena of web is vast and universal. This global medium has reach that no one can fathom and expansion that no one can measure. The world is one without any boundaries of nation or language, thanks to the web development and web applications. They are creating brands that are global and have universal reach. They are holistic in terms of scalability, flexibility and user friendly performance.

As web applications continue to reach new horizons,there have been some drawbacks too. Generally web applications consist of planning (usually with client for model structuring a website), designing, development, testing and implementation of application. However, the maintenance costs, poor quality, poor designing or maintenance, configuration management and usability come forward.To resolve this, here are some points that should be taken into consideration for a trouble-free web experience with offshore software application development vendor.

Understanding the Requirements

Most problems occur because offered web development services are different from what clients expect or need. The solution to this problem is simple and straight forward- Listen and Understand. If you are an offshore website development company your work doubles up as in most cases either would you be dealing through phone or email with clients. The wide hiatus and deviation between the needs and delivery model can be fulfilled by smart working and smart understanding of objectives and purposes of business of client.

Also, the customer handling and website functioning is important; it does count in the web development services you provide. This builds up your reputation of hitting the bull's eye at one instant and providing customer satisfaction with excellence.

Internationalization and Localization

It is true that World Wide Web is universal. It binds the whole world into one. However, in the lust of being global, you as an offshore website development company should not forget that the local elements should not be forgotten to ensure long term success. Your web applications should support local language and cater to international visitors also. However, it should not highlight the cultural and regional differences.

Estimation of Pricing

The other significant roadblock in offshore web development services is the correct estimation of prices of the services. Clients visit offshore vendors because of high quality solutions and cost effective methodology. To maintain the credibility of your performance and services, it is recommended to opt transparency in operations and while quoting costs for the work.

Customer Satisfaction with Quality Solutions

Quality still rules and is mandatory in this all glitzy work. Thoroughly test and trouble shoot the application before launching and releasing it before launch. Proper verification and validation should be done to ensure proper performance of the software and web application. Compatibility issues with local or overseas issues should be tackled before implementing.


The result should match the expectations of your client. The web application should be post maintained keeping the market trends in the mind. Services and other maintenance should be guaranteed by you.

Daniel Jose is Software Development Services expert and has been sharing a proud association with Vcare Software Development (VSD) for long.He is working as a consultant on Software Application Development and web development services. VSD is a name that tops the list of services and aspects related to Software Development Services and offshore website development within your budget.

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