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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dell 1100 Toner Based Laser Printer - Bargain Priced Under $100 and Delivers High Quality Prints

By Anthony Allen


The Dell 1100 laser printer is a great bargain. This laser printer costs under $100, offers a full set of features and functionality, and performs very well. Anyone who can benefit from having a laser printer in their home or office should consider picking up a Dell 1100 laser printer.

Features and Functionality

The 1100 laser printer has a maximum printing speed of 15 pages per minute according to Dell. Our testing found that the Dell 1100 produces text based prints consistently at speeds over 12 pages per minute. Print jobs containing graphics averaged about 11 pages per minute. The quality of the 1100 prints was very good. Text and graphics were crisp with smooth edges. The shading and use of grayscale was the only negative in the print outs. Overall the prints were legible and looked very good. This speed and quality make this printer ideal for home office use as well as students.

This Dell printer model comes with a 150 sheet paper tray, which is good for a personal use laser printer. The output tray can hold up to 50 pages. The Dell 1100 supports printing on paper, cards, labels, transparencies, and envelopes. This printer's media size standards are as to be expected, allowing for printing on Standard 10 size envelopes and supporting print media up to 8.5" x 14" in size. Memory on this printer is 2 MB and is not upgradable. The processor is rated at 150 MHz.

Owners will be delighted with the sleek design of the Dell 1100. The printer has a bright white color with soft gray lettering giving it a modern office look and feel. The printer measures 14.1" wide by 8.5" High by 11.8" deep and weighs a little over 12 pounds. The compact size and nice look make the printer a very versatile office machine. This printer will look nice on a desktop or table in any office.

Being a personal class printer, the 1100 only supports USB connectivity. The USB cable is not included with the printer, so owners will need to buy this separately. USB 2.0 is supported by this machine and is recommended for use. Installation and setup takes only a couple of minutes. The Dell 1100 is easily setup using "plug and play" capabilities found in all modern Windows operating systems.

The Dell 1100 toner cartridge is rated at 3,000 pages and is black in color. The Dell 310-6640 toner is available in both OEM Dell branded and Dell Compatible branded versions. Use of compatible ink and toner cartridges can save printer owners a lot of money. Owners of the Dell 1100 model printer are encouraged to use compatible consumables in their machines. This will reduce the overall cost of printing.


The Dell 1100 is a low cost laser printer that delivers big performance. Anyone looking for a personal use monochrome laser printer should consider this printer. It is designed for students, home, and small office environments. Priced under $100 and the quality you expect for a Dell make this printer a great deal.


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