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Monday, June 7, 2010

New Guide Feature Makes DSLR Camera Easier to Use

By Kalyan Kumar

For many people who are used to seeing and using just the handy and lightweight point and shoot digital cameras, the bigger sized DSLR somehow intimidates them. More often than not, they shy away from purchasing this type of camera, even though they can well afford it, for fear that it might be difficult and complicated to use.

The good news is that this professional digital camera has been made easy to use by many manufacturers. For instance, Nikon has introduced a new feature to its compact D3000 model that guides users on the proper use of the equipment. This move is aimed primarily at taking away those fears of complexity present among numerous first time users of DSLR cameras.

With the Nikon D3000, there's a new and special mode called the Guide mode which proves to be very useful to newbies. When the digital camera is set on this mode, an on screen interface actually guides users on how to select the right shooting mode and other settings to enable them to capture the best images. In other words, operating the unit has been made easier and simpler so owners can freely take pictures of their favorite subjects and important events in their lives without having to worry about the settings. As no manual is needed, you spend less time because you are guided directly by the camera itself.

Apart from this new guide mode, the camera has other automatic modes that help new owners, beginners and experienced compact users use the camera similar to a point and shoot unit. They can utilize these modes until they are able to build their confidence in operating the Nikon D3000 model. Whether you want to improve your skills in picture taking or you want to focus more on your subject, you can easily that through the camera's automatic modes.

This camera boasts of a TFT LCD screen three inches wide and the ability to take images in a continuous manner at three frames per second. In addition, the GUI menus are made bigger and simpler to use because of the use of visuals rather than text.

Other great features worth noting are the unit's 10.2 megapixel image sensor, built in flash, brilliant lenses, 11-point autofocus system with 3D tracking and EXPEED image processing system with an instant response time that lets you take clear pictures whatever your subject is doing. So when you want to shoot continuously, this model is perfect because no delayed response is experience unlike other compact cameras. For storing of images, the camera uses SD or SDHC cards.

Unlike other digicams, though, this model is not able to take videos. But who cares when all you wish is to capture your most favorite images in the best way possible.

This Nikon D3000 digital camera is not to be ignored because of its many great features. In terms of its housing and lens, they're guaranteed to be tough and durable. Its compact size and weight are not a problem as well which makes it ideal for travel.

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