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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How a Mobile Computer Workstation Changed My Life

By Allan Axford

They say, having a mobile computer workstation is beneficial. And I whole-heartedly agree. In fact, I can testify the benefits with my own experience.

I have a home-office for my small business. The office is the front-side room of my house, and I also have my secretary working with me. Initially I thought I was doing fine with maintaining my documents on paper. But as my business volume started increasing, I started running into trouble. The immediate requirement of a computer loomed large and since much of my investment money was flowing into the business I was not in a position to buy a new computer.

And then a thought occurred in my mind. I had my household computer that I used for Internet surfing and watching movies in my bedroom with my wife. I could ditch my luxury for some time and use the computer to grow my business till it grew enough. I carried the computer to my front office.

Another month passed. My business was definitely moving forward but I was still far from establishing my concrete presence in the market. And my personal life was disturbed too now that we did not even get an option to plug in our favorite DVD disks into the computer and watch the movies. My wife was unhappy. It was all in turmoil.

They say, necessity is the mother of invention. I didn't invent, but I had a flash of brilliance in my mind. I decided to go for a mobile computer workstation. It was simply way cheaper than buying a new computer. I selected my model online and got it delivered from a reputed brand. All I had to do is place my computer on the mobile computer workstation in my front office. And the rest was easy.

Whenever I or my wife wanted to watch a movie on the computer, I would simply roll the workstation smoothly to our bedroom and enjoy the movie. My life regained its light of lost joy once my mobile computer workstation was in place.

When you need to share a computer between different rooms, a mobile computer workstation will be a very handy piece of equipment. You can learn about the different styles at

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Battling Through the Business Trip With Wireless Internet

By Jason Tandle

Handheld 3G devices have been one of the most influential inventions in the world of big business to come around since, well, the cell phone. Rolling the internet and cell phone communication capabilities into one has given everyone in the world of business from the lowliest peon to the company exec the power to communicate more efficiently and effectively not only verbally but in writing. For ditching the need for cords and providing handheld convenience there's really nothing better than today's cell phones, personal digital assistants, and smart-phones amongst others. It's the place to keep track of your schedule, surf the web, find the best restaurant within 5 blocks of where you're standing, and catch all those important calls that just can't wait. Without the weight of a laptop computer and battery life that goes for days handheld devices are the way to go- until you need a computer. With limited computing capabilities and the virtual inability to manage large files on handheld 3G wireless internet devices, smart business minds are turning to the internet of the future, Fourth Generation or 4G internet technology.

When time is of the essence in business there just isn't time to head to the nearest business center or Wi-Fi hot spot to get a real internet connection. It's undeniable that handheld wireless internet convenience is exactly that, convenient, however when there is need for real internet there'll be a problem. For portability laptop computers are great for transporting all your important data and files from office to office, client to client, or various worksites. That being said, the hassle of dealing with passwords, setting up new connections, and going through the motions of getting connected to a variety of private wireless networks is just slowing you down. To save all the headaches, many are turning to WiMax mobile broadband internet that goes where they do. With the ability to receive and send large amounts of data at some of the fastest speeds available from any type of internet provider, the product really speaks for itself.

By broadcasting wireless internet from a tower, WiMax makes it possible to have a private internet connection anywhere you go. No more worrying about what sensitive files you are downloading over public networks, or waiting for files to come through only to have the connection interrupted at the last minute. With signals covering the entire areas of cities it's a challenge to get out of range of this reliable wireless internet, and without wires to slow you down getting online and getting ahead in business is a breeze. Keep working wherever you may be, the hotel, a restaurant, a meeting, or the airport without paying troublesome connection fees.

As WiMax networks continue to grow the coverage areas will do. For anyone doing a large amount of work in areas outside of major urban centers this will be a lifesaver. WiMax towers can go where laying cable just isn't possible like remote areas, or out-of-the-way locales. Some of these areas are the next to be developed, and it'll be good to know you can still stay connected. Even if you're not ready for this wave of the future quite yet, keep WiMax ability in mind when making computer, laptop and other technologically modern purchases, as It's looking like 4G will soon be the business standard.

Find out whether you can start using 4 G technology today. Hook up with a local wimax plan, and get all the coverage you will ever need.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Purple Laptop - A Fashion Gadget?

By Nuno Ricardo Batista

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Over the years gadgets have always been fancied and every person wants to own the best and the most funky gadget around. Portable gadgets are now a rage and almost every technology freak has some portable gadget to show off.

One of the most popular gadgets is the laptop, and is owned by most technology geeks. Laptops come in various shapes and sizes and every brand has got its own charm. While, for example, Apple provides their laptops in white and aluminum base other companies provide it in many other colors and designs, including Purple Laptops.

Nowadays, it's pretty common that people personalize their Laptops, and attending this market tendency, manufacturers are starting to provide their own pre-personalized Laptops with more and more extras and, in other things, Colors.

One in special evidence is the Purple Laptop that according to market surveys is gaining more and more importance. The first reason for this is that in fact is a really pretty piece of technology and the other reason is that Purple is one of the color that grabs customer attention, so the combination of Fashion and Technology is explosive, in this case.

Purple Laptops with skins and prints on the flap are directly available on manufacturers and you can also get custom models made for you. Many websites also offer these services and you can place the order on the Internet. Manufacturers like Dell are even offering these services on their website so that you can get your laptop designed and customized as you want and usually at a small price.

Most designs that are available on these websites are in shades of purple. Purple is the color that matches well with black and white, which is the base color for most of the laptops available in the market. So, if you choose purple and buy a purple laptop you will not regret it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Explanation and Development of Printed Circuit Board

By Steven S Wood

Modern printed circuit board technology has led to a considerable reduction in conductor crossovers on different planes, resulting in a reduction in space requirements and increased packaging density of electronic components. However, the modern VLSI and other multi-pin configuration devices have tremendously increased the packaging density and consequently the concentration of inter-connecting lines.

This has given rise to complex design problems such as noise, cross-talk, capacitance and unacceptable voltage drops due to parallel signal lines. These problems could not be satisfactorily solved in single-sided or double-sided boards, thereby necessitating an extension to the multi-layer circuit board fabrication.

Multi-layer printed circuit board is, therefore, used in situations where the density of connections needed is very high to be handled by two layers or where there are other reasons such as accurate control of line impedance or for earth screening. The multi-layer board makes use of more than two printed circuit boards with a thin layer of what is known as 'prepreg' material placed between each layer, thus making a sandwich assembly. The printed circuit on the top board is similar to a conventional printed circuit board assembly except that the components are placed much closer to avoid having many terminals, which necessitates the use of additional board layers for the required interconnections. The electrical circuit is completed by interconnecting the different layers with plated through-holes, placed transverse to the board at appropriate places. Multi-layer boards have three or more circuit layers, while some boards have even more than 50 layers.

Multi-layer printed wiring has facilitated a reduction in the weight and volume of the interconnections commensurate with the size and weight of the components it interconnects.

The following areas of application necessitate the use of multi-layer printed wiring arrangements:

1) Wherever weight and volume savings in interconnections are the overriding considerations, as in military and air-borne missile and space applications;

2) When the complexity of interconnection in sub-systems requires complicated and expensive wiring or harnessing;

3) When frequency requirements call for careful control and uniformity of conductor wave impedance with minimum distortions and signal propagation, and where the uniformity of these characteristics from board-to-board is important;

Because of the developments in mass lamination technology, four-layer boards and even six-layer boards can be made with almost the same ease as double-sided boards. With the improvement in reliability and reduction in cost of printed circuit boards, the use of multi-layer boards is no longer limited to only high technology products, but has spread to some of the most common applications like entertainment electronics and the toy industry.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Storage Units Create More Space For Additional Revenue

By Adriana A Noton

Just about everyone at some time or other has wished they had more storage space. This applies to both businesses and individuals. With the present state of the economy, creating additional space can bring in extra income. Storage units can be a source of revenue for businesses or even apartment or condominium owners.

One way storage units are useful is that files can be moved to make better use of office space. Records storage is one prime example of how storage units can be used to help increase revenue. If dated files that are not being used regularly are kept in prime office space, they are not adding to profitability. Moving those files into storage can free up space for more profitable uses such as additional offices.

Some warehouses can also improve or increase their own storage space and store items for others. One ideal and fairly inexpensive way to increase storage space is to use pallets or shelving units which can hold lots of different types of items. Improved storage can also lead to improved operational efficiency. It helps especially in locating needed material or items quickly and easily.

Additional storage can also work to generate additional revenue by ensuring that raw material is always available for manufacturing ventures. If that company creates storage units or rents storage space, they could buy in bulk meaning that they pay less for raw material. As well, they will have purchased items at a lower price in the event that operating costs increase.

In short, storage units can help a company better manage its inventory which results in increased profit or revenue in the long run. This is something any company would want; especially since the outlay to create more space may not be high. Best of all, storage units can be rented, built, or an existing one modified, for better use.

A family with a storage unit that is not fully utilized could also earn additional income. They can rent the storage for boats, furniture or other items for families without storage such as apartment dwellers. The fact that storage units are relatively maintenance-free is also a benefit as there is little expense incurred by keeping them.

To get additional revenue, some businesses actually rent or lease vacant space in the basement as storage. This can bring in quite a chunk in additional income. Many buildings have valuable storage space in the basement that is used to store junk. Getting rid of the unwanted items and cleaning up the space for storage rental is good business sense.

The troubled economy has led many people and businesses to seek new ways to earn revenue, but it is also responsible for the increased demand for storage space. Look around and see where you have unused space that can be used for storage. This space, if large enough, can be used to bring in additional revenue. Increased earnings are a boom in the best of times, but even more so in the worst of times.

Self storage in Toronto has proven to be a worthy investment for businesses. By adopting a storage unit Toronto, it lowers the chances of inventory damages. London storage also helps businesses become more organized.