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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How a Mobile Computer Workstation Changed My Life

By Allan Axford

They say, having a mobile computer workstation is beneficial. And I whole-heartedly agree. In fact, I can testify the benefits with my own experience.

I have a home-office for my small business. The office is the front-side room of my house, and I also have my secretary working with me. Initially I thought I was doing fine with maintaining my documents on paper. But as my business volume started increasing, I started running into trouble. The immediate requirement of a computer loomed large and since much of my investment money was flowing into the business I was not in a position to buy a new computer.

And then a thought occurred in my mind. I had my household computer that I used for Internet surfing and watching movies in my bedroom with my wife. I could ditch my luxury for some time and use the computer to grow my business till it grew enough. I carried the computer to my front office.

Another month passed. My business was definitely moving forward but I was still far from establishing my concrete presence in the market. And my personal life was disturbed too now that we did not even get an option to plug in our favorite DVD disks into the computer and watch the movies. My wife was unhappy. It was all in turmoil.

They say, necessity is the mother of invention. I didn't invent, but I had a flash of brilliance in my mind. I decided to go for a mobile computer workstation. It was simply way cheaper than buying a new computer. I selected my model online and got it delivered from a reputed brand. All I had to do is place my computer on the mobile computer workstation in my front office. And the rest was easy.

Whenever I or my wife wanted to watch a movie on the computer, I would simply roll the workstation smoothly to our bedroom and enjoy the movie. My life regained its light of lost joy once my mobile computer workstation was in place.

When you need to share a computer between different rooms, a mobile computer workstation will be a very handy piece of equipment. You can learn about the different styles at

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