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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How a Mobile Computer Workstation Changed My Life

By Allan Axford

They say, having a mobile computer workstation is beneficial. And I whole-heartedly agree. In fact, I can testify the benefits with my own experience.

I have a home-office for my small business. The office is the front-side room of my house, and I also have my secretary working with me. Initially I thought I was doing fine with maintaining my documents on paper. But as my business volume started increasing, I started running into trouble. The immediate requirement of a computer loomed large and since much of my investment money was flowing into the business I was not in a position to buy a new computer.

And then a thought occurred in my mind. I had my household computer that I used for Internet surfing and watching movies in my bedroom with my wife. I could ditch my luxury for some time and use the computer to grow my business till it grew enough. I carried the computer to my front office.

Another month passed. My business was definitely moving forward but I was still far from establishing my concrete presence in the market. And my personal life was disturbed too now that we did not even get an option to plug in our favorite DVD disks into the computer and watch the movies. My wife was unhappy. It was all in turmoil.

They say, necessity is the mother of invention. I didn't invent, but I had a flash of brilliance in my mind. I decided to go for a mobile computer workstation. It was simply way cheaper than buying a new computer. I selected my model online and got it delivered from a reputed brand. All I had to do is place my computer on the mobile computer workstation in my front office. And the rest was easy.

Whenever I or my wife wanted to watch a movie on the computer, I would simply roll the workstation smoothly to our bedroom and enjoy the movie. My life regained its light of lost joy once my mobile computer workstation was in place.

When you need to share a computer between different rooms, a mobile computer workstation will be a very handy piece of equipment. You can learn about the different styles at

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Battling Through the Business Trip With Wireless Internet

By Jason Tandle

Handheld 3G devices have been one of the most influential inventions in the world of big business to come around since, well, the cell phone. Rolling the internet and cell phone communication capabilities into one has given everyone in the world of business from the lowliest peon to the company exec the power to communicate more efficiently and effectively not only verbally but in writing. For ditching the need for cords and providing handheld convenience there's really nothing better than today's cell phones, personal digital assistants, and smart-phones amongst others. It's the place to keep track of your schedule, surf the web, find the best restaurant within 5 blocks of where you're standing, and catch all those important calls that just can't wait. Without the weight of a laptop computer and battery life that goes for days handheld devices are the way to go- until you need a computer. With limited computing capabilities and the virtual inability to manage large files on handheld 3G wireless internet devices, smart business minds are turning to the internet of the future, Fourth Generation or 4G internet technology.

When time is of the essence in business there just isn't time to head to the nearest business center or Wi-Fi hot spot to get a real internet connection. It's undeniable that handheld wireless internet convenience is exactly that, convenient, however when there is need for real internet there'll be a problem. For portability laptop computers are great for transporting all your important data and files from office to office, client to client, or various worksites. That being said, the hassle of dealing with passwords, setting up new connections, and going through the motions of getting connected to a variety of private wireless networks is just slowing you down. To save all the headaches, many are turning to WiMax mobile broadband internet that goes where they do. With the ability to receive and send large amounts of data at some of the fastest speeds available from any type of internet provider, the product really speaks for itself.

By broadcasting wireless internet from a tower, WiMax makes it possible to have a private internet connection anywhere you go. No more worrying about what sensitive files you are downloading over public networks, or waiting for files to come through only to have the connection interrupted at the last minute. With signals covering the entire areas of cities it's a challenge to get out of range of this reliable wireless internet, and without wires to slow you down getting online and getting ahead in business is a breeze. Keep working wherever you may be, the hotel, a restaurant, a meeting, or the airport without paying troublesome connection fees.

As WiMax networks continue to grow the coverage areas will do. For anyone doing a large amount of work in areas outside of major urban centers this will be a lifesaver. WiMax towers can go where laying cable just isn't possible like remote areas, or out-of-the-way locales. Some of these areas are the next to be developed, and it'll be good to know you can still stay connected. Even if you're not ready for this wave of the future quite yet, keep WiMax ability in mind when making computer, laptop and other technologically modern purchases, as It's looking like 4G will soon be the business standard.

Find out whether you can start using 4 G technology today. Hook up with a local wimax plan, and get all the coverage you will ever need.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Purple Laptop - A Fashion Gadget?

By Nuno Ricardo Batista

Article Word Count: 314 [View S

Over the years gadgets have always been fancied and every person wants to own the best and the most funky gadget around. Portable gadgets are now a rage and almost every technology freak has some portable gadget to show off.

One of the most popular gadgets is the laptop, and is owned by most technology geeks. Laptops come in various shapes and sizes and every brand has got its own charm. While, for example, Apple provides their laptops in white and aluminum base other companies provide it in many other colors and designs, including Purple Laptops.

Nowadays, it's pretty common that people personalize their Laptops, and attending this market tendency, manufacturers are starting to provide their own pre-personalized Laptops with more and more extras and, in other things, Colors.

One in special evidence is the Purple Laptop that according to market surveys is gaining more and more importance. The first reason for this is that in fact is a really pretty piece of technology and the other reason is that Purple is one of the color that grabs customer attention, so the combination of Fashion and Technology is explosive, in this case.

Purple Laptops with skins and prints on the flap are directly available on manufacturers and you can also get custom models made for you. Many websites also offer these services and you can place the order on the Internet. Manufacturers like Dell are even offering these services on their website so that you can get your laptop designed and customized as you want and usually at a small price.

Most designs that are available on these websites are in shades of purple. Purple is the color that matches well with black and white, which is the base color for most of the laptops available in the market. So, if you choose purple and buy a purple laptop you will not regret it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Explanation and Development of Printed Circuit Board

By Steven S Wood

Modern printed circuit board technology has led to a considerable reduction in conductor crossovers on different planes, resulting in a reduction in space requirements and increased packaging density of electronic components. However, the modern VLSI and other multi-pin configuration devices have tremendously increased the packaging density and consequently the concentration of inter-connecting lines.

This has given rise to complex design problems such as noise, cross-talk, capacitance and unacceptable voltage drops due to parallel signal lines. These problems could not be satisfactorily solved in single-sided or double-sided boards, thereby necessitating an extension to the multi-layer circuit board fabrication.

Multi-layer printed circuit board is, therefore, used in situations where the density of connections needed is very high to be handled by two layers or where there are other reasons such as accurate control of line impedance or for earth screening. The multi-layer board makes use of more than two printed circuit boards with a thin layer of what is known as 'prepreg' material placed between each layer, thus making a sandwich assembly. The printed circuit on the top board is similar to a conventional printed circuit board assembly except that the components are placed much closer to avoid having many terminals, which necessitates the use of additional board layers for the required interconnections. The electrical circuit is completed by interconnecting the different layers with plated through-holes, placed transverse to the board at appropriate places. Multi-layer boards have three or more circuit layers, while some boards have even more than 50 layers.

Multi-layer printed wiring has facilitated a reduction in the weight and volume of the interconnections commensurate with the size and weight of the components it interconnects.

The following areas of application necessitate the use of multi-layer printed wiring arrangements:

1) Wherever weight and volume savings in interconnections are the overriding considerations, as in military and air-borne missile and space applications;

2) When the complexity of interconnection in sub-systems requires complicated and expensive wiring or harnessing;

3) When frequency requirements call for careful control and uniformity of conductor wave impedance with minimum distortions and signal propagation, and where the uniformity of these characteristics from board-to-board is important;

Because of the developments in mass lamination technology, four-layer boards and even six-layer boards can be made with almost the same ease as double-sided boards. With the improvement in reliability and reduction in cost of printed circuit boards, the use of multi-layer boards is no longer limited to only high technology products, but has spread to some of the most common applications like entertainment electronics and the toy industry.

Steven W has been writing articles for nearly 3 years. His research is in Printed Circuit Board. So come visit his website that discusses PCB Layout Services products and spin of prototype board such as Quick Turn PCB.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Storage Units Create More Space For Additional Revenue

By Adriana A Noton

Just about everyone at some time or other has wished they had more storage space. This applies to both businesses and individuals. With the present state of the economy, creating additional space can bring in extra income. Storage units can be a source of revenue for businesses or even apartment or condominium owners.

One way storage units are useful is that files can be moved to make better use of office space. Records storage is one prime example of how storage units can be used to help increase revenue. If dated files that are not being used regularly are kept in prime office space, they are not adding to profitability. Moving those files into storage can free up space for more profitable uses such as additional offices.

Some warehouses can also improve or increase their own storage space and store items for others. One ideal and fairly inexpensive way to increase storage space is to use pallets or shelving units which can hold lots of different types of items. Improved storage can also lead to improved operational efficiency. It helps especially in locating needed material or items quickly and easily.

Additional storage can also work to generate additional revenue by ensuring that raw material is always available for manufacturing ventures. If that company creates storage units or rents storage space, they could buy in bulk meaning that they pay less for raw material. As well, they will have purchased items at a lower price in the event that operating costs increase.

In short, storage units can help a company better manage its inventory which results in increased profit or revenue in the long run. This is something any company would want; especially since the outlay to create more space may not be high. Best of all, storage units can be rented, built, or an existing one modified, for better use.

A family with a storage unit that is not fully utilized could also earn additional income. They can rent the storage for boats, furniture or other items for families without storage such as apartment dwellers. The fact that storage units are relatively maintenance-free is also a benefit as there is little expense incurred by keeping them.

To get additional revenue, some businesses actually rent or lease vacant space in the basement as storage. This can bring in quite a chunk in additional income. Many buildings have valuable storage space in the basement that is used to store junk. Getting rid of the unwanted items and cleaning up the space for storage rental is good business sense.

The troubled economy has led many people and businesses to seek new ways to earn revenue, but it is also responsible for the increased demand for storage space. Look around and see where you have unused space that can be used for storage. This space, if large enough, can be used to bring in additional revenue. Increased earnings are a boom in the best of times, but even more so in the worst of times.

Self storage in Toronto has proven to be a worthy investment for businesses. By adopting a storage unit Toronto, it lowers the chances of inventory damages. London storage also helps businesses become more organized.

Friday, November 27, 2009

DIY PC Repair - Saving Money With Simple Maintenance

By Paul RJ Wilson

Interested in a DIY PC Repair? When we take our computers to the shop to get repaired, we pay too much. Usually the problem is very easy to solve. Due to our lack of experience we are required to bring our systems to the repair shop and ask them to "fix my computer!". The technicians are making great money as they charge through the roof to get the repairs done. Also they will be attempting to entice you to spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer. Some will even go so far as to tell you that the computer is not repairable and suggest that you spend thousands of dollars towards a new one.

We should not be so gullible to fall for it. A great deal of the repairs can be done at home for a fraction of the cost. You could even assemble a complete computer at home and save money. Regular maintenance on your computer will maximize its reliability and speed.

If it is freezes, crashes, shows boot errors, blue screens you can actually repair it yourself and save money on the repair.

These are the following things that you could do on a regular basis to keep your machine in working order;

Perform a disk defragmentation. Often your computer will put different parts of programs in different places on the hard drive. This forces your computer to have to search for bits and pieces the program which is an inefficient practice. Doing disk defragmentation helps keep your hard drive in order and your programs will load in a timely manner.

Clearing out hidden startup programs will cut down on the time that it takes for your computer to start up. These applications are not really necessary and you should keep them to a minimum. As more of these little programs that load, it makes loading the desktop take longer to finish.

If you use your computer on the internet, you should clean up the temporary internet files, history, and the cookies. By not keeping the internet browsing cache of you computer clean makes it easy for spyware and various viruses to reside on your machine and potentially perform harm.

You could ultimately save time by learning how to do the repair on your computer yourself. It is not that difficult to do.

For more information about DIY PC Repair visit my blog.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guidelines on Choosing PA Systems

By James Gant

If you consider buying a simple PA system for your school, church or office, then you have to know what system will work best for you. PA systems only require minimum maintenance because it only consists of few devices especially if you are only vying for simple system. So here are few of the considerations when choosing your public address system:

1. Choose a microphone that is of good quality and lived up to its name. So many brands today are flooding the market but unfortunately, they do not last to live beyond their expected performance. A unidirectional microphone is ideal for schools, conference rooms and addressing small crowd but when the purpose of the system is for auditoriums, the omni-directional microphone is suitable. Test the microphone first before buying it.

2. The mixer which job is to route and mix different audio signals produced in the system will accommodate all the signals from your devices so better choose a mixer that can handle this job.

3. The amplifier's job is to amplify sound or give life to the sound so better pick the good one. Poor quality amplifier distort sound because they amplify signals relentlessly so better look for a non-distorting signal amplifier.

4. One of the most essential parts of the PA systems are the speakers or loudspeakers because without them your system is useless so always remember good speakers produce good sounds. Also always place speakers where they can define sounds faithfully.

5. Although cables are not really part of the PA systems, they are very important factors for transmitting audio sounds so if you have the perfect system always vie for the good cables.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

PA Systems - Buying Expensive Or Cheap Ones

By James Gant

Effective speeches are best heard when you have an effective Public Address (PA) systems because every sound, intonation, volume and clarity of the speaker must reach the audience to make an impact. PA systems have helped us go with addressing large number of people in the delivery of messages and public announcements but today, almost every school, churches, malls and commercial establishments have their own public address systems. However, you noticed that sometimes the sound system does not work so well you cannot understand clearly what the speaker was saying. The usual problems of the PA systems are voice distortion, inadequate volume, booming sound without clarity and hissing sound. These problems usually arise when there is inadequacy in the mixture of signals, inappropriate capacity of the speakers in accordance to the space and low quality devices that are in the system. The first two problems are usually human errors but the problem of choosing low quality devices although is a human failure can best be address if you opt for a better quality sound system.

So if you are not sure on what to consider when choosing the right PA systems for your venues, you must have some tips to mull over. Think that there are so many PA systems manufactured by different companies but did you notice that only few of them lived up to their expectations and still hot on the market? This is because a pure and reliable PA system does not need to be expensive but reliable and efficient. Although sometimes the most expensive ones are the most reliable ones, it does not mean the rest are of low value. How can you know you are looking at an affordable system and it will not compromise your goals? You will know it by testing it. Don't hesitate to try for yourself every piece of the device. The microphone, speakers, mixers, router and cables must be carefully selected. Experts advise that you better not go for affordable PA system in one package but better hunt for each device individually. It maybe a bit expensive as compared to packaged systems but it is worth your money especially if the devices you choose fits and mix beautifully to one another.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Improve Computer Startup Time

By Daniel Sanderson

This article is going to tell you how to speed your computers start time up.

The first thing I always look at and ask myself when speeding someone's computer up is 'what programs are running at start-up?' and usually I find the answer to be 'LOTS!'

The easiest way to find out exactly what is running at start-up is by go to the start menu..
- In XP, select run and type msconfig
- In Vista and Windows 7, type msconfig in the search bar
Go to the start-up tab and unselect any programs not needed. Don't just un tick all the entries as you may find some of the programs you like will stop loading or bring up error messages. (A great tool is available called StartUpLite, which can be found at This will list all programs that start-up which are safe to disable.)

The next thing I would do is a full virus and spyware scan. There are many free tools out there to do this, one of my favourite being Malwarebytes and also SuperAntiSpyware. Some good free antivirus programs are:
- Avira
- AVG Free
- Avast

After this you should download a program called CCleaner , run the normal cleanup and also the registry cleanup. You might also want to run a program called Cleanup.

Lastly you should defrag your hard drive. This can be found by going to the start menu, all programs, going to accessories and system tools. This will put all data on your hard drive in order so its very easy to find and open.

A fully illustrated guide is available at the link provided below:

Daniel M Sanderson - For More Free Computer Guides Please Visit:


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flash Charts - Interactivity Guaranteed

By Subhayu Mukherjee

In today's world, two very important keywords are data and interactivity. In an age defined by user needs and information, all solutions need to provide quick access to the user. Quick access means making available, the data demanded by the user in the earliest possible time and as clearly as possible.

Note the two parameters stated above. To actually allow the user to identify the data that she wants to access is a very crucial step. Also crucial is the way in which the data is presented, i.e. how easily understandable that data is. To combine these two parameters together and provide a complete solution should be the aim of all solution providers.

One of the easiest ways to display data is through the medium of charts and graphs. Replacing rows and rows of data by a chart is an easy way to clearly express the data and its implications to the user. A chart or a graph makes any aberrations, trends or changes in trend more apparent than the actual data ever could. Also as a diagrammatic representation, a chart is much more aesthetic than rows and rows of data.

But does a chart itself solve the problem of letting the user select what data she wants to view? It does only when the charts are interactive. Flash Charts offer the user a choice of different kinds of interactive charts. Not only do these chart provide interactivity, since they use the foremost medium on the web for animation, they are more often than not animated and very attractive to look at.

Interactivity in a chart means letting the user interact directly with the chart. Interactivity with a chart could be in several ways. A user could click on any data plot on the chart and get to see another chart with a break up of that data plot(data plot here refers to a column in a column chart or a bar in a bar chart). Or the user could move her mouse to any point on the chart and get to see as tool tips, the details of that point on the chart.

What interactivity in charts implies is that the data is made much more presentable to the user. The user can now actually select the data she wants to view and get that data directly. Both time, effort and money is saved in the process as a result. Also, it smooths out the whole process of data visualization and correspondingly data interpretation.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Eye Tracking Experiment - Can Regions of Visual Attention on a Web Page Be Predicted?

By Michelle Fox and Jia Tan

Researchers from the German DFKI research institute and Microsoft Research department conducted a study using pupil tracking technology to identify the most significant regions of a web page. The study had two objectives: 1) to identify the influence of tasks on the pattern of gaze across a variety of web pages, and 2) to create a predictive model of which elements are most likely to be looked at on a web page. Using a Tobii x50 gaze tracking device paired with an LCD monitor, the researchers logged gaze data of 20 participants on 361 different web pages. Three measures were computed using the visual tracking data: median fixation impact, viewing frequency, and median time of first fixation.

The first goal was to determine where web page viewers focus their visual attention and whether the task they were performing (either page recognition or information searching) effected how they viewed the web page. The outcome showed that for both tasks, page viewers fixate on the top left-hand side of the page. This suggests that web page viewers have been conditioned to believe that the right side of most pages has little relevant content or information, so they quickly scan the left side for clues about content.

Using the data from the original experiment, the researchers approached their second objective. A predictive method was created for finding the most important elements for recognizing a page; however, the model proved too simple to avoid bias for elements on the upper left side of the page. Nevertheless, this predictive model will be used to create compact representations of websites using the most salient regions of the page to aid in the task of page recognition or re-finding.

Using technology that tracks the eyes allows researchers to increase their understanding of users' web-viewing behavior. User interfaces that frustrates the user can easily be identified. It can either be removed or modified to make its function clearer to the user. This information helps web developers, advertisers, etc. to improve page design and create new types of web user interfaces that are pleasing and intuitive. The fundamental take away from the research is the understanding that predicting or expecting users to use an user interface as designed is a flawed approach in the development process. Testing user interactions with the user interface is a necessity in today's competitive business world.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Popular Cell Phone Signal Boosters

By Shawn Manaher

There are two types of cell phone signal boosters that are very popular these days, mobile and in-building. Nowaday's everyone has a cell and one of the most irritating things about a phone is dropped calls. No one likes to be taking an important call and all of a sudden the call just ends. Even if you have purchased the most expensive cell phone made, you still can have a weak signal and lost calls. If you travel often you will be smart to invest in a mobile cell phone booster. If you are working inside an office building or talk on your cell a lot in your home, then you would want an in-building cell signal booster. If your want better reception all the time, you may want to invest in both types of boosters. Phone signal boosters don't come cheap, but they are well worth the money in the long run.

Mobile phone boosters can be purchased in a kit and come with an antenna, booster, and amplifier. Most are wireless so there is not much installation required and the antenna doesn't have to be connected to your cell by a cable. You just mount the antenna on the top of your car, or car window and that's it. You will receive a stronger signal, better reception, and not have any more dropped calls. This type of cell signal booster runs around $500 for the kit.

In building cell phone signal boosters work along the same lines as the mobile boosters. They also make a wireless type of in-building booster. They installation is simple; just attach the antenna to the roof of your home or outside of a window and your set. You will receive a better quality of calls, better reception, a stronger signal, and have no more dropped calls. The in-building phone signal booster kits will run up to $1000 in cost.

One of the most popular types of phones on the market today is the new iPhone 3G and classic iPhone. Wilson Electronics, a leader in cell phone signal boosters has developed a signal booster specially made for an iPhone. This "iBooster" is a very powerful mobile signal amplifier. It comes with a holder, an antenna, and a power cord. The antenna mounts on the outside of your vehicle and the attached cord plugs into the cigarette lighter. Very easy installation and it works just like a regular booster by improving signal strength and call reception.

Many mobile phone accessories are not as need as the cell phone signal booster is, it's importance is seen everyday and if you are in need of one, then stop by a local phone retailer for assistance.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Portable Audio Technica Headphones

Once upon a time, being seen walking around town with headphones protruding from your ears would have seen you branded a 'show-off' or even as being 'eccentric' - because people were expected to be 'modest.' Today, though, walking around with headphones has come to be as widely accepted as walking around with a ring on a finger - where having it or not having one is not really such a big deal.

Indeed, portable headphones for this very application (of walking around with) are among the most widely bought headphone varieties, probably outpacing other types of headphones - because it is when people are on the move and when they want to listen to their stuff in privacy without 'disturbing' others close to them or 'broadcasting' their stuff to others around them that they are likely to need headphones anyway.

As would be expected, Audio Technica, which has made a name for itself making and selling various headphones for a variety of uses has a wide variety of portable headphones for the person looking for headphones to use 'on the move' to choose from.

If, for instance, sound-balance is your greatest shopping feature while looking for portable Audio Technica headphones (so that you want the Audio Technica headphones that rate highest in terms of dual balance - in that neither of the ears gets a greater decibel load than the other), then the ATH-CK10 model of Audio Technica headphones might be just what you are looking for. In addition to perfect dual balance, you also get a pair of very compact headphones in ATH-CK10 Audio Technica headphones as an 'extra' feature to top of up the perfect dual balance.

If you are looking for portable Audio Technica headphones for use in very noisy settings (so that you are looking for the best in terms of background noise cancellation), then the best product for you would probably be ATH-CK7ASV, which is built of titanium, and which in addition to near-perfect background noise cancellation, is also a super lightweight pair of headphones, making it perfect for you if you don't want a pair of headphones that will weight you down perpetually.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for in a portable Audio Technica headphones set is one that rates very high in audio fidelity, (with the greatest audio detail), then the best pair for you to go for would probably be Audio Technica headphones model ATH-CK9, which comes in monochrome (black and white). ATH-CK52W, which is designed with the woman in mind (with a highly feminine design, according to Audio-Technica) is another product that rates very highly in terms of audio-fidelity, as does the similarly feminine ATH-CK1W so that if you are a woman, seeking for a high-fidelity audio technical headphones set, you might find yourself utterly spoilt for choice, between the unisexual ATH-CK9, and the more feminine ATH-CK52W and ATH-CK1W Audio Technica headphone sets.

If you love the bass in your music, and want the Audio Technica headphones sets that brings the bass out most clearly (while also keeping it well balanced to protect the nearby eardrum), the best product for you would probably ATH-CM7 CV, which in addition to the better bass quality, also offers extended cord ear bud support.

Buy portable audio technica headphones or headphones of other brands from

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dedicated Staging Services - What Are the Benefits?

By Derek Rogers

One of the top priorities for person who is setting up his business network is finding out whether it is necessary for them to implement dedicated staging services. Not only does the business get amazingly efficient network security, but every single aspect of network configurations is made uniform and standardised, through dedicated staging. Staging is also extremely useful when you are setting up networks connecting different offices in different locations all over the place.

Every single Branch in your network is going to perform and look the same, after you have connected all these locations through a good staging service. The only difference in the staging is going to be in the IP address as well as the other pertinent details, which differentiates one particular branch from the other. A staging service is normally going to be done in remote locations, for example, it might be completed in staging labs. Then every single component, which is used during the staging, is shipped out to the relevant office after it has been tested, and configured properly.

A good company can also easily recommend staging services for the hardware that already exists in your company. Apart from this, you are going to get brand-new and tested network components. One might need expert staging services when your company's network administrator is upgrading the configurations or decides to reconfigure the software still existing in your enterprise. Look for a company that can give you cost efficient staging services as well as the highest possible standards. The idea is for looking into the total elimination of latency and error.

Outsourcing your staging services is always an excellent option because many companies cannot afford a fully-fledged IT or networking staging department onsite, in the office. You might want to look for companies that can give you the right dedicated staging services, according to your requirements and specifications, keeping your budget in view. One may not be able to afford a special staging lab created upon the office premises especially when he is working on a tight schedule and a tight budget.

Professionals who have been doing dedicated staging for a long while know all about the configuration as well as staging procedures. So all you have to do is look for a company that can give you plenty of staging service options, apart from the normal network services as well as products. They should also be able to give you plenty of reassurance in matters of security, especially if your network is spread over a large area.

Some of the important aspects of staging which you have to look for include test certificates, routers for single users, complete diagnostic checks, connectivity throughout your enterprise, switches, installation as well as delivery services when required.

So whether you are reconsidering the configuration of an existing network or looking to set up a brand-new network, it is always a sensible idea to go in for professional and dedicated staging services so that every single aspect is looked into, securely and accurately. The idea is to make sure that better security measures are added to your network so that every single bit of data transmitted over the network is kept intact and secure.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For information on Staging Services, he recommends Network 24.

Friday, October 23, 2009

How to Reinvent the Wheel - Or in This Case the Dyson Air Multiplier

By Geoff Cummings

How do you improve something that has been around it seems like forever, essentially unchanged during most of that time, and charge 10 times as much for it?

Putting a new spin (pardon the pun) on a piece of household or office equipment can't be easy. But, British inventor James Dyson, of the bagless vacuum cleaner fame, has come up with something quite revolutionary. And because it is so unique, just like many of his inventions are, he can charge a premium price.

This new piece of technology? A fan, but without blades! Almost a reinvention of the wheel.

Costing close on £200 or in US dollars around $300 for the 10" version, this new fan doesn't come cheap. the 12" version works out about £20 ($30) more.

So, what makes this Air Multiplier so different?

For a start it is bladeless, at least as far as can be seen from the outside. So, without blades, or grilles, it is much easier to clean. And because there are no blades, this results in no buffeting which is normal with conventional fans as the wind that blades create hit you.

The way it works is by air being drawn in, then accelerated through an annular aperture which is set within a loop amplifier. The resultant effect is that as the Air Multiplier amplifies the air every fifteen seconds hundreds of litres of cooling air are churned out every second.

It also has oscillation and a simple power control, and comes in several colors.

One drawback, however, the Dyson Air Multiplier is in short supply, and there is currently a waiting list to get hold of one.

So, if you have that much money to spare be my guest. As for me, I'll stick with the common-or-garden desktop low-cost blade fan, until I get rich.

Geoff runs a home products site at along with property repairs advice at

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Samsung BD-P2500 1080p Blu-Ray Disc Player - Great Features For the Price

By T Traver

Have you decided to get a Blu-ray player but don't know which brand or model to buy? The Samsung BD P2500 1080p has some great features while keeping you in the mid-level price range. You don't need to spend a fortune to get upgrades from basic units.

The Samsung BD-P2500 has a few stand out features including BD-Live, Bonus View, full high definition 1080p, the HQV processing chip, and Netflix streaming.

BD-Live is an interactive internet feature that allows you to download extra program content from the internet. BD-Live content is always live and updated. You'll be able to download the newest previews, special scenes, and ringtones. You can also play online games or participate in communities.

The Samsung BD-P2500 player Bonus View allows you to watch special features and commentary inline while you continue to watch your movie. You can navigate to other scenes or settings without leaving your spot in the show.

1080p resolution is the highest that you can get in a blu-ray player and this unit has it. The Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) processor lets you watch regular DVD's with improved picture and noise reduction.

One of the neatest features of the Samsung BD-P2500 is the Netflix Streaming Video availability. If you activate your Samsung blu-ray to your existing Netflix account, you can immediately access over 12,000 movies and TV shows. Just like that you'll have endless movie possibilities.

If you don't already have a Netflix account just sign up, but sure to remember that Netflix is a paid service. Make sure you review any monthly fees before subscribing.

The Samsung BD-P2500 1080p Blu-ray is a great gift for the entire family and is one of the top Christmas gifts this year.

For a full review of this product and for some other ideas for your Christmas shopping visit

The Advantages of USB Turntables

Since the advent of the CD in the 1980's, the old vinyl record format has languished. Nowadays kids don't even know what a vinyl record looks like. Us old timers, however, usually have a stack of records gathering dust somewhere. Even if we actually own a turntable we just don't take the time to dig through the old pile and find our favorites to play. Enter - the USB turntable! This is a turntable that you can connect to your PC with a regular USB cable, and transfer your favorite vinyl records to a more accessible digital format like MP3.

I like the fact that this invention brings old long lost favorites back to life, and that it's so easy to use. But mainly it's just been so much fun rifling through my old stack of vinyl records, look at the covers, handle the records and hear the songs again. I'm not one to advocate throwing the records themselves away, unless you're really tied for space in a small apartment or something. It's just an added way to enjoy music that you at one time actually took the time to go to the record store and buy.

The USB turntable is a fairly new invention, having been around for only a year or so. The reason for their increasing popularity is that they make ripping old records so easy. Just plug the cable into your computer, put the record on, fire up the easy to use software and you are on your way. You can also choose to edit the songs after they have been transferred to a digital format. Many records, especially the ones that you played over and over again back in the day, are plagued with scratches and dents. This makes it through to the digital recording unfortunately. However, there are now great software programs to identify and remove sounds that aren't part of the original recording. After having applied the proper software filters and a little hands on editing, your tunes will sound like new.

Gunnar Bengtsson writes about how to convert vinyl records into digital formats with a USB Turntable.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

RS200SD Review - An Overview of the Polar RS200SD Heart Rate Monitor

By Michael S Hutchins

The Polar RS200D heart rate monitor is a good example of an aerobic training tool that has features that can make a difference in the effectiveness of any exercise regimen. It is popular among elite athletes, as well as the proverbial "weekend warriors."A brief overview of it's many state of the art features will shed light on it's growing popularity.

Many of the features included can be adjusted and calibrated toward individuals. Hence, by inputting appropriate data in to the RS200D, the results will be created for a specific individual.

For example, during an exercise session, five separate screens can be adjusted with three different lines of output. Information such as pace, lap time, heart rate, caloric expenditure,etc. are displayed on the screens. This is very valuable information to be aware of while exercising. Users can adjust the five screens to personal preferences.

Polar is very sensitive to the practical needs of the individual. For example, a "sleep" mode, provides the opportunity to shut the watch down when it is not in operation. This satisfies the practical need to prolong battery life.

The Polar RS200SD features a unique foot pod that detects and records highly individualized data related to the exercise being performed. It is attached to the shoe, and appears less heavy than it actually is. However, users report that it is barely noticeable while exercising. Again, in an effort to preserve battery life, the foot pod shuts off after not being used for a period of time.

In addition to features that monitor and record exercise sessions,(the watch can store data from a user's previous 16 workouts), the RS200SD has several helpful features not directly related to exercise.

Most feel, for example, that it a particularly good looking heart rate monitor. And because it also performs like a traditional watch, many individuals wear it when they are not training. It also has a stop watch and a timer feature. Athletes who regularly compete, can make use of the countdown calender feature. This feature helps competitive athletes aware of how much time is left before an event.

The monitor's display is very large and easy to read, even while exercising. And, conveniently back lit for use in dark surroundings.

In conclusion, the useful features outlined, have made the Polar RS200D one of Polar's most popular heart rate monitors, and it should continue to be for a long time.

Get ALL the facts before buying the Polar RS200SD! Visit our website for up to the minute LOWEST prices, expert reviews, and important product updates for the RS200SD heart rate monitor!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Features of Sennheiser Headphones

By Jamie Gram

Sennheiser is a universally known brand of headphones. It is widely popular
in the headphone market segment due to its state of art technology that
outdoes most competition and is available at a reasonable price. They are
designed well, are user friendly, trendy and above all are cost efficient.

Sennheiser headphones come in various forms, conventional, wireless, have
noise reduction and so on

Here are some of the features of Sennheiser headphones.

Noise Cancellation

This feature is very valuable. It blocks out the background noise. It often
happens that one is using music to meditate with, or listening to the lyrics
of a favorite song, and some noise in the kitchen or a train passing by,
drowned away the notes. With Sennheiser, this simply does not happen because
the headphones come with noise cancellation that blocks out the outside
noises and gives you complete listening pleasure.

Trendy and sturdy design

These are simple and stylish. Their elegant looks come with ease of
functioning. You have just a few buttons that take care of all the functions
and the elegant looks make it just right for any place you have to carry
them with you. Moreover they are so light, they can travel with you to any
place easily. Moreover, it does not break easily if it falls, and is durable
enough. You can use them without the worry of them breaking or getting

User Friendly and Comfortable

The padding and fabric used is very comfortable. You can put them on and
forget all about them. They are so easy to use, no crazy menus to navigate,
buttons to fidget with. It has simple features that are essential like
volume, tuning and power. That is all.

Ambient Sound Capability

Now this is an interesting feature. Often we miss phone calls or the
doorbell ringing because we are wearing headphones. This does not happen in
Sennheiser because it has tiny microphones that pick up some peripheral
sounds around you that are important. Important stuff is what you get to
hear, not the annoying sounds.


While they are not as cheap as some of the low end ones that you can pick up
at the local mall, they are quite low priced for the sound clarity and
quality that you get when you purchase Sennheiser headphones.

Quality Sennheiser headphones at unbelievable prices only at

Send instant messages to your online friends

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Makita Radio - Cordless Tunes For the Worksite

By Dillon Linder

With Makita's full line of high-quality, professional tools, it's not surprising that they would also offer a worksite radio. It's also not surprising that it lives up to the Makita reputation. The radio can be connected to AC power or can use any Makita battery, from lithium ion, cluster batteries, slide batteries, and Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh, and Li-Ion ones. However, it does not charge batteries, and you'll have to use your current Makita charger. If you're already using Makita cordless tools, this shouldn't be a problem. Also, it can run for 2 full days before completely draining the battery.

Featuring a rugged design, digital tuning, auto scan clock, and timer, it offers both AM and FM reception with excellent sound quality and stereo speakers. Built to withstand use on the job site, this radio offers five minutes of rain resistance and elastomer protection bumpers. That is enough time to get the radio under cover without harm in a sudden downpour. It is built to withstand intense heat or cold, as well as work site dust. It's also portable, with a sturdy handle. Compared to previous job site radios I have owned from DeWalt and others, the Makita BMR100 just looks and feels like an indestructible brick.

Even though it's small, the Makita work site radio is loud enough to be heard over the power tools and other noises of most job sites. You can also use headphones if you prefer, and the input jack allows you to play your mp3 player through these speakers. The price, at close to $200 in most stores, is expensive, but it's so durable that it should last much longer than a cheaper radio would in the tough conditions of a job site.

Dillon Linder writes on many home improvement topics and trends in tools including reviews of many cordless power tools like the Makita radio and the latest Makita 18v cordless drills.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twin Screen Portable DVD Player and Fresh Look!

Twin Screen Portable DVD players are becoming increasingly common because they bring the wonder of a home cinema system with you, wherever you go. You are no longer confined to watch boring movies on airplanes, long car journeys or train journeys. What is more, it actually is a twin screen and hence more then one person can enjoy this experience. This makes it an ideal gadget and companion on long journeys.

This is especially true if you have kids! God bless them, but they can drive you up the wall. If it is not fights or boredom, then it's an argument who uses the DVD player! Again this is cured by the twin screen DVD player! Where you back passengers can enjoy the movie simultaneously!

To purchase a suitable Dual Screen DVD player, a lot of factors need to be compared. To give a brief overview of the comparison most commonly found we have listed the most important aspects to consider below. Let's go over some of the common items our readers commonly look for and let our expertise guide you in choosing the right player!

Screen Size

Remember its meant to be a PORTABLE player? So don't expect huge size screens, but don't go for screen with very small sizes either because well you wont be able to see much, and constant squinting is known to cause a problem!! We are joking but there are serious implications here. The bigger the Player screen the bigger the battery that goes with it, and generally harder it is to use in public settings like planes.

Battery Life

Speaking of Battery life, it is something that is often overlooked and reader needs to make sure that he or she are aware of the play time you actually get! If your heart is stuck on a player that offers no more than 2 hours of play time then, make sure you carry appropriate charge accessories. We think all players offer Charge facility, but you may have to buy things such as in-car charger

Disc Compatibility

Are you looking to burn DVD ROM your computer? If so ensure that your player is DVD-R & RW compatible (both - and +). Most DVD players are multi-regional and if they have writable DVD media support then chances are they will also play movies in avi etc.

In Our Review Section we have some of the Best Twin Screen Portable DVD Players, we have reviewed them on basis of our customer feedback as well as their technological prowess. We are passionate about Electronic Consumer Goods, and strongly feel this site will help you get the most out from your shopping experience. Furthermore, we only recommend items that we would buy and have bought ourselves.

Twin Screen DVD PLAYER

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to Change a Projector Lamp

By James Keane

There are a few things that you should know to ensure that you not only change your bulb properly, but that it is done at the right time to avoid injury or damage to your projector.

When to change the projector lamp

Sometimes, you will know when to change the bulb because one day you will switch on the projector and it will not work. There are a number of environmental factors that can shorten the life of a projector lamp because the bulbs are delicate objects. Factors such as letting the bulb cool before moving the projector, not cleaning the filter or even storing the projector lamp in a cold or warm place can all shorten its expected lamp life.

However, assuming this is not the case, you should see a message appear on the projector stating something along the lines of 'Lamp Life Exceeded'. When this message appears, you should replace the bulb. It is an important point that you should not exceed the lamp life by more than 20 percent. Older bulbs become very fragile and this is usually the case when you hear of them exploding. This is not only dangerous but can damage your equipment.

It is always useful to have one or two replacement projector lamps on hand to ensure you can replace the bulb at the right time and use the projector when you need to.

To tell how old your bulb is, there is usually an option in the menu of the projector showing how many hours have passed. There should also be a reset option for when you install a new lamp.

How long should a lamp last?

A typical lamp will last for around 2000 projection hours. Genuine lamps may seem expensive with prices typically between £150 and £500 but when you work this out, that is only 8p to 25p per projection hour.

As with all models, no matter how old the lamp is it can take just one sharp knock, or being left in an extreme temperature for a short while, to adversely affect the life of the bulb so it is worth keeping a replacement bulb on hand.

How to change a projector bulb

Possibly the most important point is to ensure that you only purchase genuine replacement projector lamps and you must get the right one for your model. Never use a bulb intended for another brand or model, such as using Epson projector lamps in a Sony projector.

Make sure the old bulb has sufficiently cooled; otherwise it may explode with handling. As a general rule, ensure that your projector has had around 30 minutes to cool.

Unplug the projector and remove the lamp cover, which is normally on the bottom of the projector and is held in place with screws or a clip. Remove the lamp module and the old lamp. Reverse the process to install your replacement bulb, switch the power back on and check the new lamp works. Remember to reset the projector hours in the lamp life menu option.

Disposing of the old bulb

Be sure to dispose of your old lamp carefully. Projector lamps should be recycled to ensure environmental safety.

The author James Kean represents JP-UK, a specialist UK supplier of projector lamps and bulbs as well as ink toners and cartridges. For further information, visit for projector lamps.

Friday, October 2, 2009

iPhone Compatible CCTV DVR

By Vernon DeHart

Hi, I just purchased a Digimerge DH200 4ch DVR with a 320GB hard drive. SDI is running a promotion on this unit for September and October. It is has H.264 compression with a 704 x 480 display resolution and is able to record at CIF, 2CIF, D1 qualities.

·     Four BNC inputs but no loop through

·     One composite output

·     One programmable spot output

·     One channel audio in/out

·     Four programmable alarm inputs and one out

·     RS485/RS232 for PTZ

But, that is enough about the specs the reason why I'm testing the unit is because it is suppose to be compatible with an iPhone. I called and talked with Digimerge tech support and talked with them about iPhone compatibility. Turns out that it is not quite compatible as of 9-4-09 but I bought it anyways. I asked the tech how it was able to work an iPhone because I only know of one other manufacturer with this ability. Basically the way that Digimerge is going to make it work is by building a site that will connect with they're DDNS server with a special software that allows the DVR to be viewed by an iPhone. I done a little research and believe that they are going to use YOICS software. I don't know but I assume it is going to be server based as the tech said that no apps needed to be loaded to any cell phone for remote video streaming. Supposedly it is simple as logging in to DVR with user name and password then just view your security cameras.

The DVR has user friendly GUI interface that makes programming and searching easy. Recorded security camera images are recorded in thirty minute blocks which is not bad for searching with use FF play forward and backwards feature. Continuous and event recordings are color coded so that they are easy to distinguish from each other. The one drawback I see so far is that it can't record a motion event while in the continuous record mode. So, that means that you can't program a low fps (frames per second) for continuous and a high fps for motion. Also because of this you can't receive email notices of a motion event while in the continuous mode. But, switching to scheduled recording is simple with just push of a button on the DVR or a click of the mouse on the viewing software. The reason for my adding this characteristic to this article is my own personal preference for recording both continuous and motion at the same time is to be assured that there is always some recorded images at all times.

The viewing software is easy to load and use either on your home network or over the internet. Any feature on the DVR can be accessed from the viewer this includes setup and search. The software allows you to view multiple DVR's that might be needed with a chain of convenience stores. You can create a virtual DVR that shows one channel from each DVR so it can be used to live view multiple sites at once. This would come in handy for someone that owns several stores that wanted to keep an eye on every cash register all the same time. It allows you to view up to 64 security cameras on one screen but be aware it is for only one camera from each DVR. You can always view a single DVR and all of its security cameras with a simple click if you needed view all cameras at one site in case of robbery or the like.

Overall I like the unit as it is easy to use, economical, comes with one year replacement, three year repair, and five year hard drive warranty

P.S: It supports up to a 2TB.hard drive. After programming the one I bought for its maximum record quality (704x480) and maximum 30 fps a 320GB will last two weeks recording 24/7.

Alert Networks, Inc

Serving Metro Atlanta.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cambridge Audio Azur 640C CD Player and Amplifier Review

By Noel D Guzman

One thing is absolutely certain: for the money this Cambridge Audio Azur 640C is one hell of a player, and if you want something better you will have to pay much much more. Build quality (at least from feel and weight) is excellent. The player's remote is excellent for the price and operationally the player is perfect. Cambridge Audio Azur 640C appears more than capable of holding its own against other amplifiers in this arena and could probably show amps costing? 100 more a thing or two about the subtleties of musical entertainment. So, a superb player, particularly for the presented price. Strengths of Cambridge Audio Azur 640C:Extraordinarily refined and smooth sound, Natural Tone, Great radio control, Midrange.

The details the Cambridge 640C prefers to increase are also rather masking others that it likes less. However I do need to be fair at that point. All these pros are truly only found in players costing at least many times more than that one. And I was judging Cambridge Audio Azur 640C in a context with an amplifier costing more that 3 times what the Cambridge 640 C costs, and speakers that are far more than seven times more expensive. Usually it essentially did great, indeed holding its own in these hard circumstances, sounding fairly convincing almost all the time and rather good some of the time. I was prepared to hear Cambridge Audio Azur 640C for hours without real fatigue or annoyance and it passed all my test tracks without showing major problems.

The rationale why I went into so much detail explaining Cambridge 640C's abilities is to permit you to get a clear image of its innovative concept, and also because I would like to take this device seriously. This Cambridge Audio Azur 640C player is setting new standards in its price class and may be reviewed without taking its nice price into account. even though the result was fully open and engaging it didn't induce high-level or extended listening and you'd be better off sticking with speakers offering less complex loads. Look for sensitivity of 90dB or higher and avoid anything with a 4-ohm impedance

The Main strengths of the player are its vivacity, its fast and lively mids and treble and its ability to reproduce complicated and dense recordings without falling apart. With heavy jazz renderings Cambridge Audio Azur 640C has lots of instrumental energy in a steady and interesting condcut. Ambient dance grooves exhibit its inspiring bass kick and capacity to trace energy increase rather effectively, the sound pulling you in and engaging your attention. I also gave the amp a spin on a harder pair of speakers, the fantastic ATC SCM36s simply to discover how far its 70 watts could go.

I need to preface this review by saying I have the Cambridge Audio Azur 640C v.2. Getting down to the nuts and bolts this is a fantastic CD player. Good CDs will sound better than ever which is a satisfactory goal.
So far I'd say the classical music in my collection has shown the best results in display with Cambridge Audio Azur 640C. Bad low budget jazz stuff still suffers. Well-liked music like Lyle Lovett sounds surprisingly good.

The final analysis of Cambridge Audio Azur 640C is that this player, great as it is with its awfully pure and smooth sound, great Natural Tone, wonderful radio control and Midrange, still has a personality and clour of its own, enough to softly blend with the full atmosphere of any recording. The Cambridge Audio Azur 640C V.2 is a very good player for the price.

Noel Guzman holds advanced degrees in computer security. Having worked in the review industry for the last ten years, he has provided consulting services to large corporations. He has written several dozen articles on security that were published in trade journals and several widely read publications outside the security industry. As well, he has written a number of short fiction pieces that were published.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Loud Alarm Clocks, For Deep Sleepers

Some people have a light sleep, and the tiniest sound makes them wake up, just as some people have a really deep sleep, and only a powerful sound can make them get out of bed. It depends on person to person, and this is why alarm clock manufacturers also developed loud alarm clocks: for those that have a sound deep sleep.

 It happened to everybody at least one time in their lives: fell asleep and didn't hear the alarm clock. This isn't such a big problem if you don't have anything to do in the day, but then again, those that don't have a program to follow, don't have a wake-up hour and the need for an alarm clock. However, most persons need to get up as soon as the clock starts ringing, and sometimes it's crucial to do so. The best option that will ensure that you will never oversleep and miss your ride/train/plain/etc, is a good alarm clock, that has a really loud buzzer or alarm.

 Fortunately, on the market there are plenty of devices to choose from, some of them having a small price, and some of them being really expensive and with a lot of functions. As always, the model that you will choose depends on your budget and preferences. Even so, there are some things that you should consider before buying an alarm clock.

 If you travel a lot, then perhaps you should go for an alarm clock that is operated by batteries and has a compact design. Some models are designed so that you can attach them to your belt and sleep with them under so pillow, all that to ensure that you won't miss out on anything because of oversleeping.

 For those that don't travel, then the alternative is simple: buy a loud alarm clock that you can plug in. These devices usually have some extra functions like radio and/or CD player, which can come in handy from time to time.

Even if you stay at home or travel a lot you should consider a device that you can plug in but also can be battery operated, so that in the unfortunate even of a power surge over night, you will be awaken at the exact time you need to be awaken.

 No matter the case,loud alarm clocks come in great variety of designs and with an even greater number of functions. The only thing left to do is decide which to buy, and then you can rest assured that you will always be on time and you won't miss out on anything because of your heavy sleeping habits.

Please click on link for more information - Loud Alarm Clocks

Friday, September 25, 2009

iPhone Education - 4 Reasons Why Mobile Devices Will Transform How Our Kids Learn

Say goodbye to textbooks and hello to the next-gen mobile tools that will power our children's education. Increasing access to high-end mobile devices and an explosion of mobile educational software are leading to pilot programs focused on determining the role this new technology should have in the classroom. These pilot programs are already demonstrating significant impact on student learning. Curious about what else lies ahead? Here are four trends driving the death of the chalkboard and the coming mobile education revolution:

Smart phone penetration will hit 82% by 2013
In order for mobile devices to be the future of education, kids need access to devices that are more sophisticated than yesteryear's Razr. Text-to-screen, in-class polling exercises are a great component of many forward-thinking teachers' current curricula, but for mobile devices to take center stage in the classroom, better devices need to achieve ubiquity. This is happening -- fast. eMarketer recently reported that by 2013, 82% of all mobile devices in use worldwide will be smart phones.

The App Store is producing an explosion of educational mobile content
In little over a year, the iPhone App Store has taken the world of mobile computing by storm -- and educational apps have been a huge part of this. This exponential increase in the availability of mobile educational software parallels the improvement of the hardware devices -- and is just as critical for mobile education to be a reality. Translation tools, musical instruments, learning games, and mobile books are just the tip of the iceberg. Every day more than 10 new educational kids apps are added to the App Store. Tens of millions of educational apps have already been downloaded. And while this focuses narrowly on the impact of Apple's iPhone, the broader trend here is clear -- others are following the lead of the App Store, and as soon as there are smart phones in everyone's hand, there will be first-rate mobile educational software to match.

Existing pilots of mobile education are demonstrating success
Preliminary research from both Australia and the US is finding that when using iPod Touches as part of their class activities, school attendance increases, students are more willing to come to school, and they do more homework. Further quantitative research is needed, but it seems obvious that kids will learn more if they are engaged in the process -- and cutting-edge mobile devices like the iPod Touch are brilliant at driving engagement.

Mobile devices offer access to the internet in places where the traditional web doesn't reach
In Africa, for example, mobile web penetration is six-times higher than the traditional web. This means that for many people using their mobile devices is their only means of accessing the practically infinite sources of scholarship available online. Similar circumstances hold true in India, where video English lessons are delivered via cell phones to rural schools that can afford neither English teachers nor computers for their students.

What's all that add up to? More powerful mobile devices, in more people's hands, powered by a growing digital library of educational software. Together these trends make one thing clear -- mobile education is poised to have a significant impact on the way our children learn.

For more information on educational kids iPhone apps and the future of mobile education please check out:

For more information on iPod Touch pilot programs in schools see:

(c) Copyright - Christopher RG Taylor. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Reason Why Reading Radar Detector Reviews is Important If You Consider Buying One

By Tom Harkenshire

Since the very first radar gun and the very first radar detector have been invented, an arms race of sorts has began. Wielders of the radar gun, members of the police force, attempt to catch drivers who drive over the speed limit. On the other side, the average Joe, owner of a radar detector, does not wish to be caught speeding nor does he wish to be falsely blamed for speeding because of a faulty gun.

This arms race causes manufacturers of radar guns to find way of overcoming the ability of radar detectors' ability to detect them, and vice versa: manufacturers of radar detectors find ways of outsmarting radar guns - and even jamming their signal altogether.

Consequently, new models are occasionally released that are specifically aimed to deal with the new features of the 'nemesis' (for lack of a better word). Just like an old radar gun is almost certainly going to be useless against modern radar detectors, an old radar detector will not be effective against modern police guns.

The 'arms race' from a technical perspective

Radar detectors detect EM emissions from radar guns and trigger an alarm to the driver that a radar detector is used in the area. In order to outsmart radar detectors, radar guns change frequencies to those that radar guns are insensitive to and so, are effectively blind to them. However, once detector manufacturers figure this out, they enable their devices to be sensitive to these frequencies as well.

Furthermore, some devices passively absorb the radar signal, and consequently, render the car invisible to the radar gun. Note that this can look suspicious to a police officer with a radar gun.

New radar guns use laser light (called LIDAR) instead of EM emissions. Older radar detectors would be completely ineffective against this type of radar gun. However, radar detector manufacturers have a way to circumvent that as well.

In addition, technology has been improving in other ways. By incorporating GPS technology into radar detectors (as some model do, for example, the Escort Passport 9500ci) radar detectors do not always have to detect the presence of radar guns - all they need to do is connect to a database of people who have reported the presence of radar guns in certain locations, and simply drive slowly in these regions. This is an impressive feat, though personally I believe the other side is already working on a way of circumventing that as well - perhaps by creating numerous false alerts in order to make this database useless? We shall have to wait and see.

From an academic perspective, it is an interesting topic to follow. However, in practice, if you want to use a radar detector, you must be sure it can deal with modern radar guns, otherwise, you may be setting yourself up for a very unpleasant surprise as you might find yourself overconfident because of your radar detector device.

In conclusion: only by reading up-to-date reviews of radar detectors you can be certain that you pick the best radar detector for your needs, and that it will be effective in this day and age. One last point: it goes without saying that before buying a radar detector, you need to make sure that using and owning a radar detector is legal in your state and country.

In my website, Escort Radar Detector Review, I thoroughly analyze a variety of a radar detectors and radar jammes using several criteria (specifically, Price, Bands, False Alerts, Features, GPS capability and Detectability), and offer for each a radar detector review. In addition, I provide useful and helpful articles, including this one, The Reason Why Reading Radar Detector Reviews Is Important If You Consider Buying One.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Apple iPhone as a Book Scanner and Book Scouting Software

Is there an app on the iPhone that can take the place of your PDA book scanner and book scouting software? Almost but not quite yet though it is clear the capability is there. So do not cancel your book scouting subscription and throw away your PDA yet. Hopefully the day will come soon when you can.

There are several apps for the iPhone that try to replicate a scanner by taking a photo or video of a barcode and transmit back price info. I have used all these apps and they do not work. They may work every 2 out of 10 times and are not worth buying - they are just a headache. These scanning apps will often have trouble reading a barcode and the info they give back isn't all the info booksellers need.

Amazon has their own app that when you take a photo of an item it emails you back the info - this is a bit slow if you are at a library sale but okay if you are just out at one of your book buying haunts. You can take a picture of a book cover and Amazon will email you back the info on the book.

SnapTell is another app that is pretty good and like the Amazon app it is free. SnapTell works the same way as Amazon's app - you take a picture and it brings back info on the book.

If you have an iPhone it is clear the capability is there to provide an application that will be able to integrate with the Amazon database and provide Amazon sales rank info, book conditions and price info. At the very least the app would enable you to download the database and be able to get the info you want from it the catch is going to be getting the isbn's entered into the iPhone quickly.

The camera on the new iPhone has been improved and hopefully we are close to seeing the potential uses for booksellers come to fruition.

The iphone is not a book scanner yet but it seems apparent that as the operating systems improves and the camera gets better there will be a book scouter on the iphone

Dave Wilson is a full-time online bookseller. He has written an informative guide to help all online booksellers improve their business. The guide is available at

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Is Green Screen Technology?

By Angel Wood
Green Screen technology refers to the process of mixing two images together. In this technique, the color of one image is removed to reveal another image behind it. Green is often used as a backdrop as compared to other colors because image sensors in digital video cameras are most sensitive to this color. Therefore, the green camera channel contains the least "noise" and can produce the cleanest mask. Additionally, less light is required to illuminate green because of the higher sensitivity to the color in image sensors. The technology produces results in the form of effects you see in everything from the weather forecast to blockbuster movies.
There are a few considerations to keep in mind to use the technique. You should have proper lighting and high quality camera to work wonder with the green colored screen. Improper lighting can cause undesired shadows and different shades on the screen. This will give undesired results.
The mechanism solves many problems of a photographer in various ways. It eliminates a background all together. It serves as a temporary backdrop. With one background screen, a photographer can feature various colors and designs. For example, a photographer wants to mix the cast of a television show together, he can take pictures of the complete cast separately and then mix them together easily by removing the background. In this way, a photographer requires one background screen instead of several.
Professionals mainly use the technique. The use is popular for photo shoots in magazines, newspapers and on the Internet. Photographers use the mechanism for Portrait Photography as well. They are able to fix elaborate sets and all kinds of backgrounds. Teachers can use the technology in the classrooms. She can place the image of a student in the area of the topic that they are learning. Those who have photography as their hobby can also use it. If you want, you can use the technique at home. Instead of a green background, you can use a solid colored sheet. Mount it to the wall and make it as flat as possible. Using green color in the background is essential so the sheet should be of the same color. Take the pictures and use an advanced photo program in order to eliminate the background of the picture and replace it with another. It is fun for the family to take their photographs and see their well-lit faces when you place them in settings around the world.
Angel Wood is the Web master of, providing video editing software, green screen software, chromakey software, and help with customizing video and images for replacing backgrounds and generating special effects as per your needs.

How Roll Top Computer Desks Reduce Clutter

By Kenneth Elliott

The roll top computer desks are coming back into play these days. At one time a they were considered your grandmothers desk. In contemporary designed households this style has not been in good taste. It just reminds people of older times when bulky was the thing to have.

But not anymore, now owners are once again finding real value in these desk. They are finding out why these desk were so popular in the 1950 and 60's.

Computer desk have always been a concern of many household. Hell, as I look at my computer desk I see plenty of wires and paper lying around with no where to put them. Roll top computer desk make it possible to ride all the clutter or at least organize the clutter into meaningful organized information. First of all they make it possible to tuck away and cover every part of the computer. That includes the CPU, the monitor and the keyboard. Now depending on how large your system is, you may have to tuck away the printer and scanner in another piece of furniture.

Roll top computer desk also have another great advantage over traditional computer desk. It is feasible to have a them in public areas of the home. This is very advantageous for apartment dwellers that just don't have the room to dedicate an entire room to a home office. When the desk is down, the desk looks like a normal piece of furniture.

They also have a large selection of draws to store away books and important papers. Some desks are equipped with secret draws that are only accessible by the owner. The owners are the only ones who know how to open or even get to these draws.

Roll top computer desk is a revamp of a old favorite. They are very flexible and should make a great addition to any home.

Get you very own roll top desk. Also check out the flexibility of these roll top computer desks.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

iPhone Users Vulnerable to Data Theft

While the iPhone is the undeniable king of smartphones, security flaws in the operating system create vulnerabilities hackers can exploit to steal email, contact and personal data. Surprisingly, smartphone users are seemingly unaware of data security issues with their cellular phones. According to a recent Trend Micro report, respondents (44%) feel surfing the internet on their smartphone is just as safe as surfing the web on their computer, despite the fact that most smartphones offer no internet surfing security. What can you do to protect your iPhone? Use these tips:

1. Wifi Hotspots Attract Hackers - those bent on maliciously collecting information from laptop and smartphone users know that wifi hotspots offering broadband internet access to anyone are great places to troll for the unprotected equipment. When surfing at your local hot spot, make sure you know whose network you are connecting to. Reference the name of the hotspot and ask yourself if the name makes sense with the location. For instance, all Starbucks have a hotspot named "att" that requires validation through the iPhone's Safari internet browser. Connecting to any other wifi network increases your risk of data theft.

2. Wifi Hotspot Login Page - many wifi hotspots require you to accept terms of service and login to a web page on your internet browser. While checking a box to accept terms of service is rather innocuous, no other information is typically collected (such as name, address, credit card number, etc) so be wary of any login process requesting such information. Also (more applicable to laptops) if the login page seems to be taking an extraordinary amount of time to load or appears to be loading a large file to your laptop or smartphone immediately disconnect your wireless internet connection as malicious software may be downloading to your device.

3. Password Protect Your Data - most smartphones provide a feature to password protect your device and the data inside it. This is typically enabled in a settings panel on the phone and requires the owner to enter a password before gaining access to phone data and functionality. While this might be annoying it is a great way to protect your data from theft, especially if your phone is lost or is left unattended in public for an extended period of time.

4. Layered Protection - exercising caution when connecting with wifi hotspots and password protecting your data is a great start, but you can increase your data protection with additional layers of security such as the Trend Micro application Trend Smart Surfing freely available on the iPhone application store that blocks users from accidentally visiting a site that could exploit an iPhone vulnerability.

These simple steps will greatly increase data security on your smartphone device and better protect you from identity theft. Also be certain to regularly update your smartphone or iPhone to receive the most up-to-date security patches made available from hardware manufacturers.

Kelly Short is a Fort Worth, Texas based expert in the technology, business process automation and marketing disciplines. He shares over 15 years worth of experience everyday at helping small and medium companies with actionable advice on increasing sales with powerful marketing, lowering operating costs using business process management, and leveraging unified technology to crush competition.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Add "Turn Off Monitor" Option in Desktop Context Menu

By Jaladhi Desai

Imagine you are converting a movie file, uploading/downloading a large file, performing a scheduled task etc. Now if you are using a desktop computer then you would just turn off the monitor to save power. What if you own a laptop? Laptops, notebooks and netbooks don't have a explicit hardware switch (you are lucky if you have) to turn off the laptop screen. Of course, there are options in the battery settings/power management settings like when to turn off your monitor automatically. But then, what if you want to turn it off manually when you wish and get it back on by slightly moving your mouse. Here is a quick and easy solution.

The easiest option available is to make an entry like "Turn OFF Monitor" in your desktop context menu (informally known as the 'right click menu'). Well, there is one really small utility that does precisely that. WinFlog eXtreme. Download it. It is just an executable (.exe) so you don't even have to install it. Just run WinFlog.exe and you are ready to customize the options.

Once you start the WinFlog eXtreme application, you are presented a bunch of customizable tweaks for your Windows PC. Here we are focusing on just one option among them. Click on the tick-mark against the 'Turn OFF Monitor' option in the Desktop/Explorer Right Click Menu tab. This will put a new entry named 'Turn OFF Monitor' in your desktop context menu. [Visit my blog for screenshots]

That's it. Now whenever you need to turn off the monitor of your computer, just right click on desktop and click the 'Turn OFF Monitor'. As you can see, in WinFlog eXtreme, there are other options available too. Tweak them according to your preferences.

This tweak will save much of your time while you are hurrying for that quick tea-break or attend the phone call. Imagine how much power you will save in a month or a year if you just turn off your laptop screen for even half and hour a day. This utility is definitely eco-friendly.

PS. This tweak can be applied to desktop computers too.

Resources:Download WinFlog eXtreme here.

Be sure to check out Tech Explorer for more.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Buy Cheap Aliph Bluetooth Headset

By Ricky Lim

One of the best features of a cheap Aliph Bluetooth headset is that the noise cancellation of this gadget absolutely works. The user can hear the person he is talking to clearly because it reduces the unnecessary sound such as traffic, dogs barking, and the wind howling.

It also relays the message clear from one person to the other - because of the good voice quality.

The problem with the cheap Aliph Bluetooth headset is that it can be uncomfortable when worn. The gadget is bulky and hard and is somehow not stationary when tucked inside the ear.

This needs some getting used to. But if the user can get past that and just concentrate on the fact on how well the cheap Aliph Bluetooth headset reduces the noise, then this should be the Bluetooth headset he invests in.

The user shouldn't worry too much because there is a remedy to this uncomfortable state. He can buy those eargels in appliance stores. They only cost less than $10. The important thing to remember is that the conversations on the headset are natural and clear for both parties.

One wouldn't mind having something in his ear as long as it is comfortable. The eargels also help in making the earpiece secure.

Get the eargels that are washable and hygienic. If it is washable, then this means it can be used again. Get a pack so that you will have a good deal of your money.

Another good feature of a cheap Aliph Bluetooth headset is that it has an attractive design.

The fairly sound good filtering system is an inside feature (meaning specs that can only be determined once the gadget has been used) but the design is an outside feature, therefore it can already draw the attention of potential buyers.

Aliph regularly releases new models of their products so the loyal customers just look for an upgrade of the headset that they already have. Some may not be of a first generation technology but there is something about Aliph that the customers just keep going back for their products.

Cheap Aliph Bluetooth headset continue to be in demand especially by customers who have tested how durable the products are.

Finally, some customers are overwhelmed by the headsets that are available in the market today. There are just a lot of them and they all claim to be the best when compared with the rest.

The truth is the headset is said to be the best if it meets the demands of the clients. They can all claim they're the best as long as the customers are satisfied.

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