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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guidelines on Choosing PA Systems

By James Gant

If you consider buying a simple PA system for your school, church or office, then you have to know what system will work best for you. PA systems only require minimum maintenance because it only consists of few devices especially if you are only vying for simple system. So here are few of the considerations when choosing your public address system:

1. Choose a microphone that is of good quality and lived up to its name. So many brands today are flooding the market but unfortunately, they do not last to live beyond their expected performance. A unidirectional microphone is ideal for schools, conference rooms and addressing small crowd but when the purpose of the system is for auditoriums, the omni-directional microphone is suitable. Test the microphone first before buying it.

2. The mixer which job is to route and mix different audio signals produced in the system will accommodate all the signals from your devices so better choose a mixer that can handle this job.

3. The amplifier's job is to amplify sound or give life to the sound so better pick the good one. Poor quality amplifier distort sound because they amplify signals relentlessly so better look for a non-distorting signal amplifier.

4. One of the most essential parts of the PA systems are the speakers or loudspeakers because without them your system is useless so always remember good speakers produce good sounds. Also always place speakers where they can define sounds faithfully.

5. Although cables are not really part of the PA systems, they are very important factors for transmitting audio sounds so if you have the perfect system always vie for the good cables.

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