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Friday, November 27, 2009

DIY PC Repair - Saving Money With Simple Maintenance

By Paul RJ Wilson

Interested in a DIY PC Repair? When we take our computers to the shop to get repaired, we pay too much. Usually the problem is very easy to solve. Due to our lack of experience we are required to bring our systems to the repair shop and ask them to "fix my computer!". The technicians are making great money as they charge through the roof to get the repairs done. Also they will be attempting to entice you to spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer. Some will even go so far as to tell you that the computer is not repairable and suggest that you spend thousands of dollars towards a new one.

We should not be so gullible to fall for it. A great deal of the repairs can be done at home for a fraction of the cost. You could even assemble a complete computer at home and save money. Regular maintenance on your computer will maximize its reliability and speed.

If it is freezes, crashes, shows boot errors, blue screens you can actually repair it yourself and save money on the repair.

These are the following things that you could do on a regular basis to keep your machine in working order;

Perform a disk defragmentation. Often your computer will put different parts of programs in different places on the hard drive. This forces your computer to have to search for bits and pieces the program which is an inefficient practice. Doing disk defragmentation helps keep your hard drive in order and your programs will load in a timely manner.

Clearing out hidden startup programs will cut down on the time that it takes for your computer to start up. These applications are not really necessary and you should keep them to a minimum. As more of these little programs that load, it makes loading the desktop take longer to finish.

If you use your computer on the internet, you should clean up the temporary internet files, history, and the cookies. By not keeping the internet browsing cache of you computer clean makes it easy for spyware and various viruses to reside on your machine and potentially perform harm.

You could ultimately save time by learning how to do the repair on your computer yourself. It is not that difficult to do.

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