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Sunday, November 22, 2009

PA Systems - Buying Expensive Or Cheap Ones

By James Gant

Effective speeches are best heard when you have an effective Public Address (PA) systems because every sound, intonation, volume and clarity of the speaker must reach the audience to make an impact. PA systems have helped us go with addressing large number of people in the delivery of messages and public announcements but today, almost every school, churches, malls and commercial establishments have their own public address systems. However, you noticed that sometimes the sound system does not work so well you cannot understand clearly what the speaker was saying. The usual problems of the PA systems are voice distortion, inadequate volume, booming sound without clarity and hissing sound. These problems usually arise when there is inadequacy in the mixture of signals, inappropriate capacity of the speakers in accordance to the space and low quality devices that are in the system. The first two problems are usually human errors but the problem of choosing low quality devices although is a human failure can best be address if you opt for a better quality sound system.

So if you are not sure on what to consider when choosing the right PA systems for your venues, you must have some tips to mull over. Think that there are so many PA systems manufactured by different companies but did you notice that only few of them lived up to their expectations and still hot on the market? This is because a pure and reliable PA system does not need to be expensive but reliable and efficient. Although sometimes the most expensive ones are the most reliable ones, it does not mean the rest are of low value. How can you know you are looking at an affordable system and it will not compromise your goals? You will know it by testing it. Don't hesitate to try for yourself every piece of the device. The microphone, speakers, mixers, router and cables must be carefully selected. Experts advise that you better not go for affordable PA system in one package but better hunt for each device individually. It maybe a bit expensive as compared to packaged systems but it is worth your money especially if the devices you choose fits and mix beautifully to one another.

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