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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Improve Computer Startup Time

By Daniel Sanderson

This article is going to tell you how to speed your computers start time up.

The first thing I always look at and ask myself when speeding someone's computer up is 'what programs are running at start-up?' and usually I find the answer to be 'LOTS!'

The easiest way to find out exactly what is running at start-up is by go to the start menu..
- In XP, select run and type msconfig
- In Vista and Windows 7, type msconfig in the search bar
Go to the start-up tab and unselect any programs not needed. Don't just un tick all the entries as you may find some of the programs you like will stop loading or bring up error messages. (A great tool is available called StartUpLite, which can be found at This will list all programs that start-up which are safe to disable.)

The next thing I would do is a full virus and spyware scan. There are many free tools out there to do this, one of my favourite being Malwarebytes and also SuperAntiSpyware. Some good free antivirus programs are:
- Avira
- AVG Free
- Avast

After this you should download a program called CCleaner , run the normal cleanup and also the registry cleanup. You might also want to run a program called Cleanup.

Lastly you should defrag your hard drive. This can be found by going to the start menu, all programs, going to accessories and system tools. This will put all data on your hard drive in order so its very easy to find and open.

A fully illustrated guide is available at the link provided below:

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