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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flash Charts - Interactivity Guaranteed

By Subhayu Mukherjee

In today's world, two very important keywords are data and interactivity. In an age defined by user needs and information, all solutions need to provide quick access to the user. Quick access means making available, the data demanded by the user in the earliest possible time and as clearly as possible.

Note the two parameters stated above. To actually allow the user to identify the data that she wants to access is a very crucial step. Also crucial is the way in which the data is presented, i.e. how easily understandable that data is. To combine these two parameters together and provide a complete solution should be the aim of all solution providers.

One of the easiest ways to display data is through the medium of charts and graphs. Replacing rows and rows of data by a chart is an easy way to clearly express the data and its implications to the user. A chart or a graph makes any aberrations, trends or changes in trend more apparent than the actual data ever could. Also as a diagrammatic representation, a chart is much more aesthetic than rows and rows of data.

But does a chart itself solve the problem of letting the user select what data she wants to view? It does only when the charts are interactive. Flash Charts offer the user a choice of different kinds of interactive charts. Not only do these chart provide interactivity, since they use the foremost medium on the web for animation, they are more often than not animated and very attractive to look at.

Interactivity in a chart means letting the user interact directly with the chart. Interactivity with a chart could be in several ways. A user could click on any data plot on the chart and get to see another chart with a break up of that data plot(data plot here refers to a column in a column chart or a bar in a bar chart). Or the user could move her mouse to any point on the chart and get to see as tool tips, the details of that point on the chart.

What interactivity in charts implies is that the data is made much more presentable to the user. The user can now actually select the data she wants to view and get that data directly. Both time, effort and money is saved in the process as a result. Also, it smooths out the whole process of data visualization and correspondingly data interpretation.

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