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Monday, December 31, 2007

How to Learn Computer Programming Fast

By Damian Power

Computer programming is not for everyone, working with computers constantly is hard work not physical work but very much mental. The drawbacks of working with computer are you cannot really work outside, tired eye and some days I personally cannot go near my computer. In saying that I love working with computers. My first computer was a commador 64bit and since then technology has integrated into nearly everything in modern life.

One huge lie is that you need a college degree to work as a computer programmer. Computer Programming has well paid jobs anywhere in the world, if you feel up to the task of learning a useful new skill. It is possible that you can learn computer programming in under 4 weeks if devoted enough.

I find it hard to dedicate oneself to learning no matter what age, but I believe with the right motivation anyone can learn to do anything, and start a new career in one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. You can learn from experts worldwide and learn what you need to know for the high paying Programming jobs. The first time I looked at computer code and languages I was totally confused, but I learned the computer languages and after practice to code quicker.

You can learn databases and software to become a programming. Pick the best computer languages for you to use. Information, techniques and hands on experience will lower your learning curve, increase your chances of a job, where to find jobs with these new found skills and lower your learning time dramatically.

I believe the best way to learn anything is to have a study plan which allows you to use your time more efficiently as if you have children and work. That's why I like home learning you can take you time no rush learn the way that best suits you. You can learn all the skills of the computer programming that are required for the higher paying contract work.

If You Would Like More Information Click Here

I learned computer programming and I personally really enjoy my job but it more like a hobby for me than work. So if computer programming is something that you wanted to do for a long time, you should not wait! Start learning now, enjoy a better job and live your dream.

Computer Forensics Jobs

By Alison Cole

Computer forensics is a fast-growing career field, offering immense potential for jobs in law enforcement, military, intelligence agencies, corporations, and businesses. The job opportunities are skyrocketing, commensurate with the rapid spurt in computer crimes.

Computer crimes, in the beginning, had only a sporadic occurrence. Now, it has become a fact of life that has to be dealt with by law enforcement agencies. As computer applications and the Internet have become inseparable parts of life, the instances of wrong-doing with the help of computers are the order of the day.

For tackling crimes, the computers themselves have to be scanned thoroughly to determine whether they have been used for illegal or unauthorized activities or frauds.

This can be done only by computer forensic experts who gain the tools through on-the-job experience, certification programs, and other qualifications.

Computer forensic professionals are known by many titles, such as computer forensic investigators, digital media analysts, and digital forensics detectives. Each one describes the same career as it is concerned with the investigation of digital media.

A computer forensic specialist earns salaries ranging from $85,000 to $120,000 per year, depending upon one's skills and experience and the company and organizations he works for. Private companies offer more lucrative salaries than law enforcement agencies.

A graduate degree in computer forensics can help advance the career, making one eligible for positions as forensic team leaders or bureau supervisors. Fifty percent of FBI jobs require computer forensic applications.

Consulting is an attractive field for computer forensic professionals, as they are independent and free agents. They take up assignments at will and charge hefty sums for their time spent on the job. They bill the client per hour. The hourly remuneration ranges from $375 to $600, depending upon the kind of job they complete.

There will be an ever-increasing demand for qualified security and computer forensic professionals. Computer and networking skills no longer suffice as security is of prime importance for the server, work station, or router.

Computer Forensics provides detailed information on Computer Forensics, Computer Forensics Software, Computer Forensics Consulting, Computer Forensics Jobs and more. Computer Forensics is affiliated with Industrial Robots.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nokia N82 Is Latest Addition To Nokia N-Series Range - Nokia N82 Titanium Edition

N-Series handsets are in a different class to the rest of the Nokia range of mobile phones, these specialist phones have features that cannot be found on other models as well as very different designs and the very latest technology.

N-Series relates only to the Nokia mobile phone models that start with the letter 'N', these include the likes of N91, N81, N76, N95 and the latest addition N82.

The manufacturer uses the range to showcase their latest creations to come out of their research and development department with features such as 5 megapixel camera lenses, new software applications, designs such as the twist and flip of the N92 and expanded internal memory such as with the Nokia N95 8GB.

Some models are music orientated whist others cater for users who primary use of their handset is as a camera. The newest addition to the range is the Nokia N82 which recently launched in a titanium casing.

This new model is concentrates more on digital photography and video, offering a 5 megapixel camera and fast video capture.

The Nokia N95 has, for a long-time, been the premier camera phone on the market and the recent 8GB updated version has seen its position consolidated and strengthened with the addition of a larger screen as well as the increased memory.

With the new Nokia N82, it looks like the Finnish manufacturer is looking to move itself further ahead of the pack. Like the N95 it possesses a 5MP Carl-Zeiss optics camera, however with the inclusion of a Xenon flash the intentions are clear, to establish Nokia as the premier camera phone company.

With the recent release of theis new handset, we can now get a better idea of what the N82 should be capable of and how it ranks alongside the increasing number of competitors in a congested market.

Capability wise, the N82 is almost identical to Nokia's original flagship N95 coming with 3G HSDPA, Wi-Fi, 100mb of integrated memory, microSD slot (a 2Gb card is likely to be supplied in the retail package) and built-in AGPS. As well as this, Automatic UI rotation has been added enabling automatic screen rotation when the phone is held in either portrait or landscape mode, somewhat similar to the K850i from Sony Ericsson.

One feature that is likely to divide opinion, is the keypad which is reminiscent of the N91, and Sony Ericsson's W880i, as the keys are thin and long, which for some could prove an irritation.

For a phone that packs in such large amount of features it's no surprise that the N82 is a quite large handset, as it has similar dimensions to the above-mentioned K850i, though is marginally wider and taller. A large handset does have its advantages though, as it makes some users feel more comfortable when using the handset and can also encourage the use of stronger materials during manufacturing.

Though not currently available for general release and therefore not for an in-depth review, the N82 is shaping up to be Nokia's next flagship model. If it improves upon the photo quality of the N95, it is likely to become the best camera mobile phone on the market.

The Nokia N82 is one of many new Nokia mobile phones to be released this year. Should you require any further information please feel free to visit our mobile phones shop.

Choosing a PDA

In a busy world where work, home, and recreation aren't always separate, having an assistant to track appointments and important dates, make the internet available, and allow users to access and complete their work wherever they may be is invaluable. To meet this need, a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is most often the best and most affordable answer.

For those who are first time PDA buyers, the options can be overwhelming. Although there are certainly a large number of features available, having a brief list of some of the primary characteristics to consider can make the decision making process much easier.

- Size

Which size works best varies by individual. The smaller the better for some while others prefer larger as they feel it is easier to handle and operate. To assure satisfaction with a PDA purchase it is wise to put hands on and use the device before buying. For those who take advantages of the savings that can be found in shopping online, a pre-purchase excursion to a brick and mortar store can give them the face-to-face time they need with a variety of devices.

- Data entry method

Keyboard entry is the old standby, touch screens are newer and generally use a stylus pen, and some have handwriting recognition. Again, if you haven't used a particular method of entry it is best to give it a trial run before making a decision to assure that using the PDA will become almost second nature. These devices are made to make life more simple or efficient not frustrating and slow.

- Get enough memory

32 MB of internal RAM is a recommended minimum and having the ability to expand memory is also suggested. Keep in mind that some software demands even more memory and therefore must also be taken into consideration. Use of Compact Flash and Secure Digital (SD) are the most common memory formats.

- Functionality

How will the PDA be used on a routine basis? Will the user make phone calls with it, access the internet, play games, use it to play MP3 music or games, use it as a camera or voice recorder, or work with spread sheets, MS office documents, etc.? PDAs can do all of these things and much more. Buyers also need to remember that with more demands for processing, more processing power is needed.

- Wireless connection

Is Bluetooth, infrared, or WiFI preferred? Of course, buyers also want to be sure their new PDA will connect to their computer so that work, calendars, and other information can be communicated among work or home PCs and the PDA. A disorganized assistant that can't communicate is of little value.

- Visibility

While many shoppers think to try out the key pad and controls, many fail to really look at the display. It is important to note the visibility of the screen; which is influenced by a number of things including screen size, resolution, and brightness. When possible it is best to view the PDA screen in various lighting conditions.

Certainly, a PDA can be a very useful and time saving tool. Determining which functions the individual user will need and putting hands on the device before buying can be the two most critical steps in assuring that a shopper makes a wise purchase.

The author, Christine Peppler invites readers to discover more information about any of a variety of home electronics products through information available on her website. Visitors to her online home electronics store can also shop for the products they want.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Samsung SCH-N330 Review - A Review of the Samsung SCH-N330 Cellular Phone

The Samsung SCH-N330 is a mobile phone with many fine features. The 65K STN LCD 128 by 160 pixel display is 1.71" square and has QQVGA resolution.

The Samsung SCH-N330 comes with 32 poly midi ringtones. DRM OMA provides protection against insecure ringtones. At 3.8" high while closed, this phone is compact and convenient to carry. Further, the cell phone is 1.9" wide and 0.9" thick.

The pop-up screen is an interesting and unique feature on this phone. When in compact mode, the screen is not fully protected, but instead is about a quarter of the way hidden behind the number pad. The screen slides into full view when the user needs to use it. The keypad, which is the user interface, is standard with extra navigation buttons for ease of use.

The mobile phone's features include hands-free speakerphone and VibeTonz, which makes playing games on a Samsung SCH-N330 an impressive and interactive experience. Through the SMS/EMS messaging system, users can send sound, text or animation messages.

The Samsung SCH-N330 smartphone operates on the 900/1800 Mhz dual band, and supports UP 6.2.1. The operating system is Rex and the SAR value is 0.6 W/kg. Talk time can reach up to 200 minutes on a standard battery and up to 311 minutes on a Long Life battery - whereas standby time is up to 160 hours standard or 248 on a Long Life battery.

Internet access is available via WAP 2.0. The phone holds up to 500 phonebook entries and includes an excellent array of PIM functions, including a calendar, scheduler and alarm.

The Samsung SCH-N330 is a unique and interesting cell phone ideal for social networking.

For more excellent mobile phone information, visit the Cellphone Forums at today. We hope that you enjoyed this Samsung SCH-N330 review!


The Battery Is Your Laptop's Weak Link

By Tan Corp

We talk about being mobile, part of a wireless world, untethered (OK, it's just me who says 'untethered'). But if, mid flight and mid sentence, you've ever cursed your laptop battery for giving out, or developed the habit, when you walk into Starbucks, of immediately peering under chairs and through people's legs for a power outlet, you'll know that the reality doesn't quite match the talk. Our laptops might be more portable than before, our connections might be faster and involve less cabling, but we know our batteries will let us down. We still need juice.

Of course, there are some people who never seem to need an outlet. At one conference, I offered a slot in a power strip I had managed to purloin to a fellow journalist, only for him to turn it down, snootily proclaiming he was using a Mac and therefore didn't need power (personally, I don't agree with his view that Macs have longer-lasting batteries; I suspect he just had a newer battery than mine). And some people, who always seem to be ridiculously good-looking, sit in Starbucks all day in front of laptops without any visible wires (I suspect their laptops are turned off). But what can the rest of us do to make the most of our batteries

The truth is: not an awful lot. 'I watch the consumer becoming more and more agitated,' says Christina Lampe-Onnerud, founder and chief executive of U.S. battery-technology company Boston-Power Inc. 'My message is very simple: There's very little you can do.' Of course, Ms. Lampe-Onnerud has an ax to grind: Her company is working with heavyweights like Hewlett-Packard Co. to launch a new kind of battery called Sonata, which she says will have a lifespan as long as that of your laptop and give you at least four hours of power between charges, compared with two to three hours with existing batteries. (She declined to say when they'd be available and how much they'd cost.)

Truth is, there's a lot of smoke and mirrors about batteries. Computer companies offer plenty of advice about how to get the most from yours, but it's probably wise to keep your expectations low. Battery technology still relies on chemical reactions taking place inside those innocent-looking slabs of plastic, and improvements happen, according to Isidor Buchmann, founder and chief executive of Canadian battery-charger maker Cadex Electronics Inc., far more slowly than improvements in, for example, chip speed.

So assume your battery is a dying beast as soon as you buy it. It only has a few hundred cycles -- from charged to empty -- before it starts to resemble a very expensive doorstop. The trick is to slow the dying process. To do this, it's best to think of your battery as separate from your laptop. Yes, it fits snugly underneath it, but that doesn't mean it should live there.

When you buy a new laptop or a new battery, go through at least one cycle of charging it fully and then discharging it, and do the same again every few months. This will reset the digital circuit that estimates the battery's charging status, so it doesn't stop charging prematurely. Resetting the gauge, says Atsushi Kumaki, director of ThinkVantage Technologies at Lenovo-Group Ltd.-owned Yamato Labs in Tokyo, 'will gain you a few percent' of charge each time.

Then plan your day. If you know you're going to use the battery, charge it fully beforehand. If you're not going to need it, let the battery run down until it's just under half full and remove it from your laptop. (Of course, this means you no longer have a battery backup if power fails, so if you're vulnerable to power outages or colleagues yanking out the power cord with their legs, you might not want to do this.) Laptop batteries should be stored at about 40% full; fully charged, they're a fire hazard, but if you store them entirely discharged, they might not charge again.

The reason for storing your battery outside your laptop is simple: Laptops get hot. If a battery is too hot, it starts to discharge itself and this, over time, reduces how long each charge lasts. Tests conducted by Cadex indicate laptop batteries under such conditions will last only 12 to 18 months, something I'm unhappily able to confirm.

So the battery is best kept somewhere else, preferably at room temperature. Some people recommend keeping it in the fridge (though not in the freezer), but I don't think you need to go that far -- just don't store it in your car in hot weather.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Defragmenters - Why Most PC Users Never Use Them?

By James Xuereb

Defragmenters are software tools or utilities that inverse the process of hard disk fragmentation, which is the process by which the data stored on the hard disk is split into pieces and scattered all over the hard disk. This is not usually a problem on a freshly installed PC; however it usually becomes a problem over time. The more files you copy, move around and delete from your hard disk, the more your hard disk becomes fragmented.

Unfortunately most users do not know this fact and never run any disk defragmenters during the lifetime of their PC. They only know that their PC is slowing down over time; however they have no idea that some of the causes of PC slowdowns are related to fragmentation. Most users don't even know that Windows comes with a completely free tool, rightly called "Disk Defragmenter". On the other hand there are many other users that know about fragmentation but do not believe that it is a good practice to defragment your hard disk on a regular basis.

Windows operating systems partitions are much more prone to fragmentation than Linux partitions. So Linux machines do not usually include any defragmenters. It is also recommended not to use FAT partitions on Windows machines since FAT partitions are more prone to fragmentation than NTFS partitions.

To access the free Windows defragmenter go to Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter. Then click the "Analyze" button. If the program reports that you should defragment your hard disk go ahead and press the "Defragment" button. Disk Defragmenter will warn you if you have less than 15% of free hard disk space. Such a tool needs sufficient free space to reorganize your files, so it is strongly recommended that you provide this free space or otherwise it cannot operate efficiently.

The free Windows Defragmenter does a fairly decent job. And if you don't like this free tool you can find other decent defragmenters that can be downloaded for free. Unfortunately these free tools are still miles away from being as efficient as some paid defragmenters. For more information on fragmentation and more information on free / paid defragmenters please visit PC Problem Site:

James is the the owner of PC Problem Site

PC Problem Site provides info on essential PC software: antispyware programs, backup programs, defragmenters, registry cleaners, firewalls and antivirus programs. James has a B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Information Technology and works as an IT manager on a full time basis.


New Way Of Refilling Inkjet Cartridges For Your Inkjet Printer

By Brian I Park

As you may already know, refilling an ink cartridge can be a difficult task. Most people try inkjet printer refills once and simply give up because it is quite complicated and difficult to do right. But, there is a new method for refilling inkjet cartridges that has emerged - the gravity method. This method claims to make refilling ink cartridges easy for anyone.

The regular process of refilling an ink cartridge starts with purchasing a printer refill kit. These kits come with all the pieces you will need to refill your inkjet printer cartridges: the ink, a syringe, needles, latex gloves, and a set of instructions. With these inkjet cartridge refill kits it is very import to follow every set of the instructions as any careless mistake can immediately end your chance at a successful refill.

The most crucial step is using the syringe and needle tip to inject the ink into empty inkjet cartridge. One must be very careful during this step as adding too much ink to the inkjet cartridge can create pressure and also bubbles inside the inkjet cartridges; which will inevitably lead to spotty printing on the sudden cessation of functionality of your printer.

The gravity method is quite similar to the regular method of refilling inkjet cartridges with the only difference being in the way you transfer the ink into the inkjet cartridge.

To do the gravity method you will need two syringes (We will refer to them as Syringe A and Syringe B for simplification purposes). To start you need to remove the plunger from Syringe A and insert Syringe A into the chamber of the inkjet cartridge you are refilling. Next you will need to inject the needle as far back as possible into the spongy part of the cartridge - the one thing most printer refill kit instruction guides advise us to never do. After it is in you will then prop the cartridge up somewhere with Syringe A sticking out of it with its opening facing up.

Once you completed this you will then load Syringe B with the proper amount of ink and then fill Syringe A's cavity with ink and then wait. While you are waiting you are free to do whatever you want. You will need to check back on the ink cartridge from time to time to see the progress. Eventually you will see that gravity has pulled the ink down from Cartridge A into the inkjet cartridge.

Believe it or not, the actual process of using the gravity method to refill your inkjet cartridges is even easier than explained here. I strongly urge you to try it out and think that you will agree the gravity method is the answer to your inkjet refilling problems.

To learn more about how to refill Inkjet and Save Money, visit Refill Inkjet Cartridge or Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Laptops Can Do What Your PC Can Do

By Kelvin Hall

Laptops are the computers of the 21st century, but they can do so much more than just allow us to document our ideas with text and drawings. Once considered an expensive luxury, they will soon claim the mantle as the personal computing platform of choice in the enterprise. Laptop use is being driven by changes in work habits as much as by advances in technology.This is a small computer that can be carried with you and it is light weight yet powerful. There are different

varieties. The thin and light weight laptops can support Blue tooth technology and It weighs between 2 -5 pounds. Then only it can come under thin and light weight category. There are budget laptops that will suit the requirements of students and small business man and It will provide fast performance. You can use it for entertainment purposes and not for graphic and multimedia. Now even budget laptops are having powerful memory management and level 2 cache memory. It will have optimum hard drive and storage capacity.

Today's laptops are packing more power and features than ever--for less. They are one of the most useful and popular types of computer available because of their portability, style, high-performance, and flexibility. They are no longer the pricey ultra luxury items they once were and even discount laptops are a great value for the money. More recently as technology for these types of computer has improved. When you think about all they can do, laptops are really an engineering marvel. The average weight is not more then the four pounds. As Personal computers, laptops are capable of the same tasks as a desktop computer, although they are typically less powerful for the same price. With the advent of dual-core processors and perpendicular recording, they are beginning to close the performance gap with PCs. While rugged and semi-rugged laptops are more expensive, the total cost of ownership is the figure that really counts. They are configured with Microsoft Office and Windows 2000, Internet Explorer and several accessory programs. Contemporary laptops are generally cooler than their predecessors.

Most are equipped with built-in wireless cards for internet access. They are both a window and a tool: a window out to the world and a tool with which to think.

Laptops are great for college students. When searching for the perfect one for a college student you need to consider for this college student will it require a larger screen size, faster video for possible gaming or should it be something lightweight and cheap. The best Laptop for a College Student should also be lightweight. In addition it should have wireless LAN capabilities and allow support staffers to easily move from office to office to provide vacation coverage or to help with a project. They are a perfect fit for sales staff who are constantly on-the-go and are also a nice option for managers, especially those who spend a significant amount of time away from their desk. Other employees who need laptops are individuals whose job requires them to work in the field or in multiple locations. If you are doing business these days, you have to recognize that the world has changed.

If you would like to learn more about different laptops visit:

The Inside-Out on Nokia N73

By Ben Bradley

As the successor to the N70, the N73 ups the ante with an excellent 3.2-mega pixel camera/camcorder and an extended internal memory. It also offers music playback, integrated Bluetooth technology, and a number of productivity tools based on the Symbian OS platform.

In terms of design, the Nokia N73 sports an attractive candy bar-style design that is available in two stylish color schemes: Silver/deep plum and frost white/metallic red. Though it might not be the most compact phone, but is still fairly sleek. The camera lens cover on the back of the phone also adds a bit of extra weight, but nothing too overwhelming. Nevertheless, the N73 has a solid construction and is comfortable to hold in hand or to carry in pocket.

The N73 boasts of a beautiful 2.4-inch (diagonal) QVGA screen that displays 262,144 hues at a 240 x 320-pixel resolution, that translates to bright colors and sharp text and images.The numerical keypad and navigation controls sit below the screen.

The Nokia N73 offers a 3.2-megapixel camera. It features a Carl Zeiss Optics lens, an auto-focus function, and a 20X digital zoom. You will be virtually blown away by the vast array of photo customization and editing options available on the N73. You can choose from eight scene modes, ranging from portrait to sports to night mode; four image qualities and five resolutions. The camera captures video with sound in MP4 or 3GP formats with upto 4x zoom. You get a choice of two shooting modes and three quality settings.

The camera lens is located on the back, and is protected by a cover. Nokia packages the N73 with most of the basic accessories, including an AC adapter, a USB cable, a stereo headset, a wrist strap, a wipe cloth, Nokia PC Suite software, and reference material.

The N73 is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 for wireless headsets and car kit. You can also use the device as a modem to send or receive email, or to connect to the Web with a compatible PC. The N73 runs Symbian OS 9.1 so you get the basic PIM capabilities and more. There's an HTML/XHTML Web browser. An application called Quickoffice lets you view (but not edit) Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files; plus, Adobe Reader is there for PDFs. The N73 is also equipped with e-mail capabilities. The phone supports SMTP, IMAP4, and POP3 accounts with full attachment viewing and mobile VPN support for corporate users.

Performance wise, the Nokia N73 provides 4.1 hours of talktime and upto 14.6 days of standby time. In a nutshell, when life starts moving, the Nokia N73 has everything in it to keep you happy and content.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Training For Apple Mac Certification

The article provides structured guidance that is very easy to comprehend and follow to complete Apple Mac Training successfully. The following short article breaks things down in a very quick and easy to read format for those that do not have the time to research in detail about Apple Mac training.

Apple's certification training is meant to produce a highly proficient technician, systems administrator and user. Apple offers you its certification exams at various training centers throughout the United States and various locations around the world. Apple Mac training courses and tests are carried out according to a specified schedule. The faculty at these the various centers consist of Apple Certified Trainers. Training is delivered through lecture, hands-on lab work and excercies. The following are the various certifications that can be achieved through Apple Mac training.

1. Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist (ACHDS)

This Apple Mac training course is specially formulated for the individual who desires to become an Apple Mac help desk specialist, service tech or technical worker.

2. Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA)

This Apple Mac training is the certification typically arranged for system administrators who admin large IT networks and use Mac OS X Server and other Apple technologies.

3. Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC)

If you are a system administrator and offer help desk to Mac OS X users and keep the Mac OS X Server platform, then this is the Apple Mac training course for you.

4. Apple Certified Desktop Technician (ACDT)

This certification is for those individuals who have interest in achieving the landmark of Macintosh desktop service technician.

5. Apple Certified Portable Technicians (ACPT)

This certification is for those individuals who have interest in achieving the landmark of Macintosh desktop service technician.

Joe Brochin provides more information concerning training for Apple Mac certification at his website Computer Training Know How.


Colour Mobile Phones - Paint Me With Ebullience

By Cera Paul

Mobile phones are no more a mere communication device, they are much more than that. In the last couple of years the usage of mobile handsets has gone up rapidly. Different mobile phone makers have aggressively marketed their products - thanks to the compelling features in the phones for making marketing process easier than ever. Yes, today's mobile handsets work like an all-in-one device offering utmost functionalities to the users.

Colour is a very important factor in making a particular mobile phone popular in the market (from the manufacturers' perspective). There are many mobile phone users who consider the colour aspect of a mobile phone before making any purchasing decision. Pink, White, Blue, Green, Black, Silver, Red - all colours are now available with the mobile phones. While White and Black are meant for those who are not that much fashion conscious, the rest are the perfect companions for the people who want to flaunt their attitude and be in sync with the present-day fashion trend.

Motorola, LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung - all these leading mobile phone manufacturing have brought feature-rich mobile handsets into the market. Response has been amazing all across the globe. These colour phones boast some of the highly touted mobile features like high resolution megapixel cameras, high resolution displays, built-in as well as external memory options, embedded Java games, downloadable games, web activities, FM radios, music players and much more.

Colour mobile phones now can be purchased online only with some Internet search. You put the name of the handset or simply put the colour plus name of the manufacturer or any other relative keywords - you wills see different colour mobile handsets which are available. Buying a colour mobile phone online will not only save a lot of your time but also give you complete piece of mind.

To get some of the best deals on colour phones like Nokia 6300 Red, Nokia 6300 White and Nokia 6120 Pink in UK, please visit the site.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sony Ericsson V640i vs Nokia Prism - The Game is On

By Cera Paul

Available exclusively with Vodafone, the Sony Ericsson V640i is a 3G phone that weighs only 97 grams. The handset measures 103 x 47 x 15.5 mm and fits very well into one's hand or pocket. The colourful TFT screen of the mobile phone (176 x 220 pixels) supports 262k colours and offers very nice viewing experience to the eyes.

Talking of the entertainment part, the Sony Ericsson V640i houses a built-in music player that not only supports a variety of formats but also offers very impressive sound output. The easy-to-use music features are complemented by a media management CD that comes included in the start-up kit. The phone supports Bluetooth Stereo A2DP, enabling you to wirelessly get connected with other compatible devices. There is also a built-in FM radio in the phone, so music will never cease here.

The Sony Ericsson V640i has got a 2-megapixel camera with 2.5 x digital zoom. Picture blogging is another cool feature in the phone. Connectivity features in the phone are also standard - thanks to 3G, HSDPA, Bluetooth, EDGE, PC Synchronization and modem. The phone supports web access through Access NetFront Web Browser and RSS Feeds.

The Sony Ericsson V640i is bound to get tough competition from Nokia, in the form of Nokia Prism. The Nokia Prism consists of two powerful handsets called the Nokia 7500 Prism and the Nokia 7900 Prism. Both the handsets have been made keeping the style part in mind. Studded with diamond-cut keys, the Nokia Prism exudes style and radiance from all angles. Both the handsets have been endowed with features like integrated 2 megapixel cameras, dedicated music players, sufficient memory rooms, multiple connectivity features, embedded Java games and so on.

The final verdict is - both the handsets have got the power to handle present-day pressure. Wait for the game of Sony Ericsson V640i vs Nokia 7500 Prism and feel the force!

To get some of the best deals on latest mobile phone models like Sony Ericsson V640i or LG Viewty in UK, please visit the site.


Why Firefox is Better than Internet Explorer

By Mackenzie C

Even though Firefox is newer than Internet Explorer, it is considered by many, to be superior in security and reliability. While Internet Explorer may boast its new features in recent upgrades, there are plenty of bugs that people are encountering and for the most part, the majority of the 'newer features' IE brags about, were already available in Firefox for a while.

One of the most recent embellishments to Internet Explorer is the tab browsing. This is a very useful feature; however Firefox has had it for over a year now. Regardless if there are or aren't any bugs in this particular IE feature, given their track record, I give Firefox a thumbs up on this one because it's old school for them at this point.

Additionally Microsoft Internet Explorer offers protection against phishing scams with its anti-phishing scanner. Due to the rise of phishing threats, it is a well received and necessary feature. However, Firefox offers this same safety feature with its Google Toolbar extension.

And while Firefox might not be absolutely one hundred percent secure, the bugs are realized and repaired much faster due its Open Source software. While some feel this poses unnecessary security risk, by making the source code readily available to the public, it receives more support and contributions from various software developers. In contrast, with Internet Explorer, Microsoft is solely responsible for fixing security issues, which sometimes means delayed response.

Then comes the Internet Explorer Web Developer Toolbar extension feature. This ingenious feature offers welcomed tools to web developers by way of troubleshooting web pages. But, you guessed it, still yet another pre-existing and perhaps superior feature available with Firefox tools.

To sum it up, even with Microsoft Internet Explorer running alongside Firefox, the fact still remains that Firefox has had few problems from the beginning. With both being neck to neck in available features the competition is stiff. But if you're ready to put some of the new features to work for you in web browsing, why not check out the dependable one that been doing right all along. You can download now, Firefox for FREE, plus learn some special tips that will allow you to make the most out of Firefox tools.

Check out how easy it is at


Monday, December 24, 2007

Sony Vaio VGN-N11H Laptop - Business On The Move

Sony Electronics with its innovative style and technology has always stunned the consumer market. The latest model Sony VAIO VGN-N11 is also no exception. The model coming from the home of Japanese techno giant shouts elegance at a very first look with its royal appearance. This laptop comes with enhanced features assisting the interactive management of your personal, professional, and entertainment collection.

Known as an ultra-portable powerhouse, due to the unique features, this notebook is enabled with an ideal configuration for all the digital leisure needs that the user longs for. This model lap top supports the user from multi-tasking, to demanding flexibility and power without compromise, to be productive and connected, and to be equipped with leading technologies. Of course, there are various expectations that a user will carve for while opting for a laptop that has to be fulfilled to conquer the heart of the consumer. And the latest model from Sony, VAIO VGN-N11 succeeds in that.

Sony VAIO VGN-N11 model laptop arrives in the market equipped with a Core-Duo processor and a 80GB hard drive, a DVD writer, and 1 GB of RAM, Display Size of 15.4", and an Operating System of Windows XP Media Center Edition. The attractive characteristic features incorporated in the laptop notebook, not only gives the users a hassle-free but also it didn't fail to exude a sense of feel good factor, comfort and relaxation in them. The notebook is a very resourceful, efficient notebook which has already created a strong wave in the market.

The luxuriously sleek and ultra-portable Sony VAIO VGN-N11H notebook comes in an incredibly small size and lightweight form-factor making it more comfortable to the user. Thanks to the 3.1 kg weight that makes it comfortable to carry by the user. The lap top notebook comes with innovative power-saving technology embedded in it. It has various features that offer lower power consumption for improved battery life that provides incredibly high brightness levels.

Also it don't fail in providing an incredibly high brightness level, amplifying colors and creating clear with crisp and sharp pictures. And, with the anti-reflective coating in the Sony VAIO product, reflection has been minimized while providing a wide viewing angle, ensuring a beautifully clear image from almost every angle.

Raina Kelsey is a gadget expert and writes about the latest gadgets in the market.

Sony Laptops
Sony VAIO N31S/W

Laptops - The Comfortable Computers

By Alice Erin

A laptop computer is a small mobile computer that weighs 2-18 pounds based on size, materials, and other factors. Being smaller in size than a desk top, a laptop computer usually runs on a single main battery. Generally they have liquid crystal displays and use different memory modules for random access memory (RAM).

It was in 1981; Osborne 1, the first commercially available portable computer was produced. In spite of the large size, this model was a beginning of revolution paving way for the later models. This model helped the professionals in carrying the data along with them. Later came various models of laptops, but the true; laptop was the Grid Compass 1101, designed by Bill Moggridge, released in 1982. It was in 2000, the first commercial IBM laptop, Kaypro was launched, which was featuring a 25 line by 80 character LCD display, a detachable keyboard, and a pop-up 3.5 inch floppy drive.

With the passage of time, and growth in technology, laptops became common name among professionals. But time gave rise to various health issues related to laptops. According to a study conducted by the State University of New York, it was found that sitting in front of laptops was causing the serious problem of infertility among men. Generally laptops are the easy targets of theft, which has led to serious social problems.

The different terms used for subtypes of laptop computers mainly include:

UMPC: The Ultra-Mobile PCs that are easily portable as are small in size.

Ultra portables: The expensive laptops with screens typically less than 12 inches diagonally and a weight of less than 3-5 lbs.

Thin-and-lights: The laptops generally weighing in between 4-6 lbs with a screen size of between 12 and 14 inches diagonally.

Mainstream: Laptops weighing in between 5 and 7 lbs with a screen size of 14.1 inches and 15.4 inches.

Best Laptops Offers

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Motorola T605 Stereo Bluetooth Car Kit

By Anna More

Drive with care and get good company with the Motorola T605 Bluetooth Car Kit. In many ways, the kit gives more satisfaction-in looks, price, and functionality-without the hassle. You get CD quality audio and clear audio transmission on the hands-free phone. You can always be on top of the news, music and the latest business development even when you are on the road. Drive and stay focused and have a nice time while at it - that is the entire message of the Motorola T605.

Motorola T605 Stereo Bluetooth Car Kit combines music and connectivity in one little compact package. The Bluetooth application provides the Motorola T6050 accessibility to a of host multi-media systems that are also Bluetooth enabled. This provides a wide range of possibilities for wireless audio and data transfer anytime, anywhere without compromising quality. The hands-free audio technology makes it a popular appendage for vehicles of all makes - calls can be taken while driving and that very instant, the music pauses only to resume after the call has been concluded. There is no need to adjust volume buttons or risk one-hand driving while you make that call, thanks to the "hands-free" option.

There is no worry about missing a call. The Motorola T605 Stereo Bluetooth Car Kit will alert you to incoming calls via your car's audio unit - even when you are listening to your kind of music. If your MP3 is cannot use Bluetooth then, wire a connection using the 3.5 millimeter standard stereo jack. The kit can also source music from mobile phone. Hooking up the unit to more than one mobile phone can be done easily with the Motorola's EasyPairTM technology. Calls coming from any of the mobile phones can be transmitted to the main system. If it is not enough, the Motorola T605 minimizes echo and background sounds to allow for clearer audio transmission. You get everything right - no garbled conversations and no miscommunication.

Since the model corroborates the 2.0 Bluetooth version, it can use Audio Video Remote Control, and Audio Distribution Profile on top of the hands-free profile. The many features of the Motorola T605 Stereo Bluetooth Car Kit makes a good investment; if you want to stay connected at all times and anywhere, this kit is for you. There is charging required so have more listening satisfaction without any troublesome charging along the way. You can listen to music when the device automatically synchronizes with the compatible mobile phone when the car's ignition is turned on.

For better results, get a professional to install the system. Discuss with the installer any installation needs such as the harness that may be needed before purchasing the Motorola T650. A stereo harness (GMCELL) can be bought for less than $30. The entire package is a sleek unit with dynamic exteriors and an easy to navigate interface. The Motorola T605 Stereo Bluetooth Car Kit was meant for ease of application as well as navigation. The designers had the user in mind - the users in and outside the car.

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Astak WL906D Night Vision Wireless Color Camera

By Anna More

Security cameras are perfect for maintenance of home safety; the Astak WL906D Weatherproof Night Vision Wireless CCD Color Camera effectively protects premises throughout day and night. Security cameras help to keep an eye on the children within the perimeter of the home. These cameras are now in high use and people are keen to install these cameras to ensure better home security. Homeland security cameras also help you keep an eye on your children at play time. These considerably minimize risks of theft, robbery, burglary and other criminal offenses. The prices are pretty cheap and these cameras are now also sold online.

There are different models if security cameras but Astak WL906D Weatherproof Night Vision Wireless CCD Color Camera is both good looking and functions well. Weatherproof wireless CCD cameras are in high demand and this camera can be attached to the TV or VCR. Usually no wiring is required and it gets installed within just 5 minutes. Most of the wireless cameras come with sensitive microphones and provide audio-visual monitoring.

Many people prefer security systems but the security systems are often costly and people cannot afford it. For such people, Astak WL906D Weatherproof Night Vision Wireless CCD Color Camera is the ideal solution. Moreover, this is weatherproof and wireless. The price is also affordable. These CCD color cameras are widely available in Wall mart stores.

Individuals need to feel they have a secure home. Often for many reasons, measures of security remain lower that what should be done. This can lead to major crisis and unwanted hassle. So, precautionary measures are highly advisable. The Astak WL906D Weatherproof Night Vision Wireless CCD Color Cameras come with powerful Imaging Sensor of: 1/4-inch CCD. It takes hardly five minutes to complete the installation process. Overall weigh of the camera is 8 kg's and the dimension is Width x Length x Height = 44 x 44 x 56 mm. While purchasing any Weatherproof Night Vision Wireless CCD Color Camera, it is prudent to check the night vision range; the night vision range of this camera is 30 feet.

Astak WL906D Weatherproof Night Vision Wireless CCD Color Camera is indeed provides a fashionable look. The price usually ranges between $135 and $ 140. With a shutter speed of 1/50 - 1/10,000 second, the camera effectively monitors the front and the backyards of the home and ensures safety. Instead of being confused with the different home security cameras available in the market, it is prudent to rely upon this Astak manufactured camera.

Selection of a wrong CD camera can be just wastage of money, so vivid research can be of great use. There are different online articles on home security cameras and it is best to go through them to have a clear insight about these cameras. Performance of Astak WL906D Weatherproof Night Vision Wireless CCD Color Camera has been good and it is a reliable product. The prince of this CCD Camera is moderate compared to the other similar products available in the market.

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Content Management and Document Management Systems

By Peter Stone

The entire life cycle of a document or multimedia file needs to be managed. This includes tasks such as storage, tracking of changes, archiving and clean up. Content management systems can do all this and also offer:

• Collaboration during content creation: This is often an extremely critical feature because there is plenty of scope for chaos during collaborative content development. It is useful to have a system that facilitates and simplifies the process by ensuring correct versioning and providing alerts to developers when content is changed.

• Easy management of versions: The management of various versions of a file, from creation to publishing, with all the editing required during the workflow, can be daunting. With reliable content management software, the risk of the wrong version reaching the final stage is greatly reduced.

• Access to mission-critical content: A good content management system ensures a business can access its mission-critical content whenever it needs to. This can increase the efficiency of the department or organisation that needs it.

• Guaranteed publication to target audience: The system will ensure that the appropriate content is published to a location where the relevant audience can access it easily when required.

• Security of sensitive information: A management system will help ensure that the information is available only to the appropriate audience. This ensures that sensitive internal information does not reside in public spaces. The content management system also provides the means for tracking any malicious activity.

• Adherence to regulatory standards: In today's regulatory environment, it is critical for a business to ensure compliance in every aspect. Content management systems can ensure that all documentation complies with the necessary criteria.

Best Christmas Mobile Phone Deals with Free Gifts and Offers

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Buying Gadgets Online

By Bill Pratt

Everybody loves checking out and trying new gadgets online. Electronic gadgets are not only for children or computer freaks. Today, you would be able to find a gadget that would be appropriate for any age or gender. They are practical and functional and they can be conveniently bought online. They range from desktops to laptops to mobile phones to music players to digital cameras.

Buying these cool electronic gadgets on the web can give you the chance to own them before anyone else. With the updates and news that can be found and read online, people who are in search of the newest trend in the gadget world are able to know what the hottest item of the minute is and if they like what the product offers, as described on its website, they have the power to order it and be one of its first owners.

Finding and buying new gadgets online gives consumers the wonderful option of shopping around from the store to store, much like in a shopping mall, without having the additional hassle. As a consumer, you need not get dressed, gas up and drive to the store and walk around until you find the product that you want. You can do all the shopping and browsing in the comfort of your own room.

You would only just have to take some time to go to the websites that are selling the products to make sure that you would be getting the best deal available. Compare the products that each store offers, as well as the prices.

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The iPod And The Data Recovery Software

By Sandy Cosser

The Apple iPod has taken the audio world by storm. When it was first introduced to the public, it was snapped up so quickly that suppliers often ran out of stock and had waiting lists that were weeks long. Apple soon realised the marketing and entertainment potential that the little device held. The hard drives grew rapidly and their range expanded from music storage and playing to include photo viewing capability and video playback. Even though the hard drive is prone to the same inherent risks and dangers of all hard drives i.e. viruses, formatting and data loss, the age of the iPod has arrived.

IPods come in a variety of styles, each with different features and special functions. The iPod Classic has come a long way since its inception as a strictly musical device. It now comes in two sizes, 80Gb and 160GB, and has audio as well as video capabilities. It comes with an Extras menu where you'll find features such as a calendar, a clock and a space for all your contacts. There is also a function that allows you to lock your screen with a four-digit combination.

The iPod Touch has a multi-touch interface, which allows you to access all of the features and adjust systems using only your fingers. Aside from being able to effortlessly switch between albums and songs and flick through and enlarge photos at will there is also a QWERTY touch screen keyboard. This makes surfing the web with your Wi-Fi connection easier, just another one of the special features of the iPod Touch. An ambient light sensor detects changes in the light around you and adjusts the brightness of the screen to suit the environment. This not only enhances your experience of the iPod, it also saves on battery power.

One of the few flaws in Apple iPods is their reliance on inbuilt hard drives, so they face the same potential data loss risks as all hard drive systems face. Data recovery companies can restore lost data from iPods, but there is also data recovery software available that is just as reliable.

The software is able to recover data from iPod drives that have been formatted or corrupted by viruses. The drives are also vulnerable to physical damage from being dropped and banged around or can simply malfunction due to a fault in their hardware. Data lost in this way is also fully recoverable with the use of data recovery software. Images, videos, photos and music that have been accidentally deleted can be easily restored.

As iPods continue to develop more elaborate features and meet more entertainment needs, the demand for them increases. Apple discovered a niche in the audio market and filled it, expanding to every corner and crevice. It remains to be seen whether or not they left any room for competitors, as so far no one has risen to the challenge and developed quite as spectacularly as Apple has. The age of the iPod is upon us, and it seems that the little device is bent on world domination.

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Inkjet Chip Resetter Can Be The Difference Between A Successful Ink Refill And A Total Failure

By John Synder

Epson has recently introduced a new fancy technology used with some of its inkjet cartridges, namely the Intellidge® chip, also known as Integrated Circuit (or IC, for short) chip. It performs a few fairly important functions, such as communicating to the printer and the computer when your ink levels are getting low and it's time to replace the cartridge. It also identifies the cartridge model and ink color to the printer to prevent the use of wrong cartridge. While it is useful, many people have discovered what hassle it can be if you are trying to refill such a cartridge yourself. It's not as intelligent as the name would suggest and seems to think that the cartridge is empty even after it has been refilled, making printing outright difficult, since the software complains that the ink is depleted and may even refuse to print. To circumvent the problem, several companies now manufacture the so-called "inkjet chip resetters", which are used, as the name suggests, to reset the chip on Epson cartridges so that it believes it's full once again.

While there are a couple of different models, they all function pretty much the same way. These resetters are small devices with their own batteries that are really easy to use and only reset the "empty" indicator, so the printer has no way of detecting that the cartridge was refilled. One such resetter, Multi-Model Resetter, model #R168-III, manufactured by Repeat-O-Type sells for $24.95 and can be used to reset the Intellidge chip on any Epson cartridge. Another, Universal Chip Resetter, model number SK168, costs $19.95. That does add significantly to the cost of refilling, but these can be used as many times as you need and will pay for themselves in the long run.

The actual process of resetting the chip is very easy. The resetter has seven prongs that are matched with the chip's holes. Once it is paired with the chip, the LED on top of the resetter will light up in case of the Multi-Model Resetter and after holding it in that position for three seconds, the LED should start flashing, which means the reset is complete. The Universal Chip Resetter works the same way, except the LED does not turn on when you pair the resetter with the cartridge, so you just need to hold it there for three (3) seconds and, again, make sure the LED is flashing upon completion. If that doesn't happen, your inkjet chip resetter has either run out of juice itself, in which case you just need to replace the AA batteries, or the chip is damaged, in which case there isn't much you can do.

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Buying Computer Hardware Online

By Bill Pratt

Computer hardware would refer to the physical components of the computer. If you do not have the proper hardware, you would naturally not be able to run any program or software on your computer. Also, a program's optimum performance mainly depends on the type of hardware being used. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that the product you would be purchasing should be of great quality.

As an individual plans to purchase computer parts, he is faced with the option of buying from an actual store or buying from an online retailer. It is actually more advisable to buy online, as you would have the ability of browsing through different models and items effortlessly.

You would just need to verify if the website that you are planning to buy the items from would have a security system that would prevent your personal details from being stolen.

Buying computer hardware online usually is a lot cheaper compared to buying it at an actual store, because the overhead costs they incur are a lot lower. So you would be paying less yet getting more. This is one of the reasons why a lot of consumers have been turning to the online option when purchasing computer parts.

Discounted and relatively cheap computer hardware is fairly easy to locate online. Regardless of the computer part you are searching for, you would surely be able to land great deals and get an amazing value for your money.

And before agreeing to anything, verify that all the items you are purchasing would be genuine so be sure to do business with the more reputable dealers.

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Find The Hottest Verizon Wireless Phones Available Online

By Joshua McNiel

Verizon Wireless is one of the top Wireless service providers in the United States. By the early part of 2007, Verizon is serving over 63 Million subscribers in the country. Their main product is that of wireless communication. This service includes everything from SMS and MMS, Video on Demand, Mobile TV and a lot more.

Verizon Wireless has a wide collection of phones that they offer their subscribers. This season, Red and Gold are on top of each fashion savvy's list. Below is a list of the red phones available on Verizon Wireless plans that you should look into.

MOTORAZR K1m and Fire - This MOTORAZR K1mis available on Verizon for $99.99 US with a 2 year contract with Verizon. Phone features include: Bluetooth, ESPN MVP, Mobile Email, V Cast Music and VZ navigator. Aside from the internal phone features, this MOTORAZR phone is strikingly Sleek and Slim, it has everything that is ever needed in a Mobile phone plus the style. Available of the same price range is the MOTORAZR K1m Fire. The K1m Fire shares the same features as that of the MOTORAZR K1m, the only difference with the K1m Fire is its color which is fiery red and glossy, this phone will definitely catch the eye of those who see it.

LG Cherry Chocolate - This phone is red all over, from the navigation wheel to the backlit keypad. The LG Cherry Chocolate definitely gives new meaning to the phrase: Seeing Red! Despite being beautiful, this phone is capable of Bluetooth, ESPN MVP support, Mobile Email, V Cast Music and VZ navigator. The LG Cherry Chocolate is available from Verizon for a $49.99 price tag that is accompanied by a 2 year contract. If you are craving for a stylish yet modern phone that comes in red, then this phone will certainly do you in.

LG Chocolate in Black Cherry - Essentially a similar phone to the LG Cherry Chocolate, Verizon's LG Chocolate in Black Cherry is Bluetooth Capable, Mobile Email compatible, has a removable and expandable memory, and is available with V Cast Music and V Navigator. This Red phone is for those that have a more subdued style. It is Sleek and Slim in deep black cherry color that still gives the hint of the red LG Cherry Chocolate but only a few shades darker and the navigation key in the middle comes in silver. The keypads are backlit in bluish white, while the navigation keypads are backlit in red. The phone is available through Verizon for $ 149.99 US with a 2 year contract.

Samsung Juke in Red - The Verizon wireless Samsung Juke in Red is a sleek phone that gives a hint of red without overpowering the senses. Juke in red is available from Verizon for $129.99 at a 2 year contract. This phone is Bluetooth capable, has the Juke Music Player feature, MMS capable and has the VZ navigator.

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Nokia E90 and Nokia Prism - The Power Clash

By Cera Paul

After doing such a terrific job in the mobile industry, Nokia has never shown a sign of slowing down. After winning the world of communication with some power products, the company is still on a hunt to bring out the best in communication and hence we have been showered with tools like Nokia E90 and the Nokia Prism.

Nokia E90 Communicator has already become much popular among the tech-savvy people. Marketed as the Nokia E90, the handset is a smart-looking business phone running on Symbian OS Version 9.2. The fold-open design of the casing of the phone makes the device really a cool contrivance. Displays are amazing - 16 million internal colour screen (800 x 352 pixels) and 16 million external colour screen (240 x 320 pixels). With a built0in 3.2 megapixel camera, you can freeze anything you feel like. With features like email (POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP), push email, email attachment editor and viewer, text to speech message reader, contacts with images, Nokia active notepad etc. the Nokia E90 turns into a complete business machine. Additional features include music player, FM radio, push-to-talk, handsfree speaker, voice commands, voice recording, voice dialling, Internet call voice over IP, 3G HSDPA, WLAN, USB 2.0, Bluetooth, Infrared, 128MB memory plus MicroSD memory card support etc.

The company has also released two handsets in its designer Prism category. Named as the Nokia 7500 Prism and the Nokia 7900 Prism, these two devices carry great aesthetic sense with supreme features. While the 7900 is a Quad Band 3G phone, the 7500 Prism is a Tri Band phone. Except weight and size, almost all the features in the two phones are similar. Common features include 2 megapixel camera with 8 x digital zoom, stereo music player, FM radio, web access, Bluetooth, EDGE, embedded Java games, downlaodable games.

Be it the Nokia Prism or Nokia E90 Communicator, both are feature rich, both are user-friendly. By choosing one, you could give a different angle to the way you communicate!

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Solar Power for Notebook and Laptop Computers

This may seem incredible and impossible to do, but many computer technophiles are going "green" when they travel with a laptop in tow these days. If you are familiar with "extreme" or remote computing this may not seem too far fetched. Let's not forget that many professionals enjoy rugged recreational activities, but just can't always leave the office behind.

The idea of solar power for remote computing is finally catching on. It is working for everyone from the cross-country cyclist and weekend camper, to regular working stiffs that have to rough it on the job.

Solar power is not just a possibility, but could be a necessity for those that go remote. Solar panels are used to collect solar energy for direct use or storage in batteries to power up later.

Here is how solar, or photovoltaic energy is realized from the "How Stuff Works" website. If you are not an electrical engineer or scientist of some sort, don't be surprised if this does make light bulbs go off in your head. You can always come back and do further research on the Internet.

"The solar cells that you see on calculators and satellites are photovoltaic cells or modules (modules are simply a group of cells electrically connected and packaged in one frame). Photovoltaics, as the word implies (photo = light, voltaic = electricity), convert sunlight directly into electricity. Once used almost exclusively in space, photovoltaics are used more and more in less exotic ways. They could even power your house. How do these devices work?

Photovoltaic (PV) cells are made of special materials called semiconductors such as silicon, which is currently the most commonly used. Basically, when light strikes the cell, a certain portion of it is absorbed within the semiconductor material. This means that the energy of the absorbed light is transferred to the semiconductor. The energy knocks electrons loose, allowing them to flow freely. PV cells also all have one or more electric fields that act to force electrons freed by light absorption to flow in a certain direction. This flow of electrons is a current, and by placing metal contacts on the top and bottom of the PV cell, we can draw that current off to use externally. For example, the current can power a calculator. This current, together with the cell's voltage (which is a result of its built-in electric field or fields), defines the power (or wattage) that the solar cell can produce."

To continue, we will discuss the smaller hand held devices for cell phones and PDAs, all the way to powerful self-contained and fully remote commercial solar systems. Here are several links that describe the use of solar power for mobile computers and other wireless devices from the Do-It-Yourself perspective.

DIY Solar System for $180:
How To - Laptop Solar Power:

It is amazing what is already available and out in the marketplace for solar power options. As energy costs and energy conservation continue to garner interest as mainstream issues, we should see the rapid development of solar integrated design features. Soon it may be a standard feature and part of everyday portable computers.

Let's hope so, because going green is good for everyone, not just an intriguing proposition for rugged notebook users and remote computing,

Hand Held Solar Kits

Solar kits are designed to be self-contained. They combine solar cells, rechargeable batteries, and a wide selection of cables. These won't power a portable laptop yet unless it's a miser on energy, but they will keep you connected with a limitless power supply for your cell phones, Smart phones, PDAs, and smaller devices. As long as the sun is shining, or the batteries are charged up, you will have power.

Many purists will argue anything solar is not really "green", either because it will never be energy positive (will never generate more power than it took to manufacture), or because it has a battery, making it environmentally unfriendly by default.

Arguments aside, at issue for rugged and remote users is a reliable power source, and having some sense of being connected. So, solar charging devices can be considered either as "convenience efficient" or "emergency efficient". Don't take this as a challenge to engineer types that will want to get their slide rules out, just a notation that these solar kits are an honest attempt at the "plus" column for reducing the human carbon footprint. Wider adoption and acceptance of new technology usually results in greater efficiencies.

Two promising examples that have had good reviews are the reasonably affordable products from Solar Style Dot Com, and the pricier Solio Dot Com. Do a search on YouTube and you will find many videos of Solio in action. If it did not work, we would know it by now.

Portable Solar Power Docking Stations

The idea of using solar power in remote situations is nothing new. The question for us is how well, and how fast, a solar power station will power up your notebook or laptop. Other considerations are the size, weight, and portability. You will find many products in this category, but few online reviews that confirm that these products will actually perform as advertised. The best source I have found for honest reviews in this regard is

There are very few winners in the category of a portable solar power docking station to efficiently run a laptop computer. One that does get good reviews on the subject is the "PowerDock System".

Do an online search for PowerDock System, and you will find many retailers and dealers at different price points. So be patient and shop around. Your Mobile Desk Dot Com is the best resource for a complete descriptions of the PowerDock product line. These include from the least expensive to the most expensive: PowerDock Lite, PowerDock Basic. PowerDock Executive, and PowerDock Elite.

Power Dock Systems are relatively expensive, and range in price form a few hundred dollars on up to $450.00. The PowerDock is an attractive product design an weighs in from 5 to 13.5 pounds.

Another potential winner is the Notepower Solar Laptop Charger from Sierra Solar Systems. You will see the Notepower Solar Charger pop up along with the PowerDock in a search engine query for these type of solar products. Plug in the SmartAdapter with extended 10 foot cord included, and start charging or topping off your computer battery as long as sunshine is available.

Once again, this is not a review recommendation, but the Notepower has had favorable comments by and other reliable sources, giving no pause to mention it here. The 3 lb. Notepower is not designed with a storage battery, but the 20-30 watts of power will charge and run most laptop computers, according to the specs.

You may not consider the Notepower as a true solar docking station, but it is an attractive portable solar package for a temporary power solution. Originally priced around $250.00.

Commercial and Military Grade Solar Power Systems

Some of the best remote solar power systems are designed to meet military standards. You could even say that anything designed for military use is pretty much guaranteed to perform. These systems will compliment anything in the fully rugged notebook computer category.

Energy Technologies, Inc. in Ohio, USA makes a wide assortment of military standard power equipment for field use. Things like field deployable inverters, converters, UPS, engine-generators, along with solar power stations with the trade name Tactical Solar Products.

The product features for these Tactical Solar Products include various combinations of charge controllers, power storage batteries, AC/DC power adapters, multiple DC outputs, and a large selection of folding solar panels. The specific product line is the Solar Suitcase I, Solar Suitcase II, Solar Suitcase III, Solar Suitcase IV, along with the folding SolarTacticalPanels.

Solar Suitcases I-IV can charge Lead Acid, Li-Ion, NiCad, NiMH & other types of rechargeable batteries. The nearly bullet proof folding solar collection panels are available from a 15 Watt to a hefty 330 Watt output panel set. This is "green power", but you are out of luck if you prefer a color other than the two camouflage patterns available.

You will have to call ETI for costs, as product pricing is not published on the ETI websites.

Computing Solar Power Wrap-up

We have looked at several of the many possibilities for solar power, and going "green" with remote computing. The possibilities are becoming more reliable and starting to make more economic sense. You can try to go solar and Do-It-Yourself, or for the less technically inclined there is a wide range of retail and commercial applications for sale. We have attempted to highlight a few of the proven DIY options, and find some of the readily available products, and systems from various online reviews.

Some of the solar power resource websites you might want to keep an eye on include:,, and There obviously are many more you will find now and in the future with your favorite search engine.

As computing devices become smaller and more mobile, and with nascent technology soon to push the boundaries of wireless networks, solar power could prove to be a factor in your computing future.

Michael Beck is a blogger, author and digital nomad. He writes The Digital Nomads Blog and The Rugged Notebooks Blog, and contributes to other blogs that deal with the paradigm shift to mobility and wireless technology.


Buying iPods Online

By Bill Pratt

The advent of the iPod is truly a technological breakthrough. People of all ages are literally dashing to the stores every time a new version comes out in the market. And even if you are not one of those people, and are just planning to buy an iPod, you could easily do so online.

iPods and iPod accessories are readily available in numerous online stores. And anyone looking into buying one has the ability to look into the specifications of the versions and models, as well as their prices online. This makes it a lot easier on consumers to be able to know that they would be getting exactly what they want and need. There are even some retailers who offer freebies with your iPod purchase.

iPod models today would include the iPod Video, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and a lot more. Accessories like speakers, earphones and cases could also be found and purchased online.

As you browse for the iPod that would be best for you online, you would need to remember a couple of things. If you will be using it or if you would be buying it for someone else, consider how it would be used. You would also take into account the durability, accessories and most of all, functionality. Make sure that you will not just be buying the iPod because of its color or design. Although, the style and design would be one of the important factors to consider, it certainly is not the most essential.

How to buy iPods online? While it is important to buy from popular online retailers, you can save lot of money if you look for some good deals, bargains and discount coupons at the dell coupons blog. You can buy ipods for cheap, printers, hardware, mobiles, ipods and software by using printable coupons and save money in the process as well

Monday, December 17, 2007

Purchasing the Ideal Fine Leather Briefcase

Having a fine leather briefcase can often set you apart from your co-workers or from people competing for the same job as you. Finding the best durable fine leather briefcase is also important for frequent travelers who need to travel with their laptop computer. The sturdiness and durability of a leather laptop briefcase often provides protection for your electronic equipment rather than letting it get bumped around. A fine leather briefcase is also important in regards to being a convenient means of transporting your important documents with sophisticated style. If you are in the market for a leather briefcase, there are some things to consider when trying to find the best one for your needs.

With the many different styles of fine leather briefcases on the market, the first step is to decide on the best one for your specific needs. If you are looking for one to transport your laptop, make sure the style you choose is spacious enough to contain your laptop as well as other essentials. Oftentimes, briefcases will have several compartments to help you organize the things you carry with you, such as pen and pencil holders, a checkbook pocket, and an organizer. Nowadays, almost every new briefcase also has a pocket specifically designed to hold your cell phone. A good leather briefcase is also water-resistant to provide extra protection for your important belongings.

If you do not plan to travel with your laptop, you might want to consider a soft leather briefcase. With a soft leather briefcase, you can have more stylish options and lightweight capabilities which make it easier to carry. Most soft leather briefcases also have metal feet as well as large storage capacities for carrying around all of your essentials. With interior pockets specifically designed for transporting your important documents, you can be sure that a soft leather briefcase will provide you with a stylish appearance while still being practical for your particular lifestyle.

The Milano Collection through the Jack Georges leather company offers seven different styles to choose from in assorted colors. The collection offers products that are handmade with genuine Italian leather and they allow for carrying practically anything you need to carry with you, including a laptop, documents, or other office supplies. A shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and the nickel hardware provides sophisticated accents to its appearance. The Milano Collection Slim Flapover Briefcase and Wide Gusset Top Zip Briefcase come in a wide range of colors namely, black, blue, brown, cherry, green, orange, pink, red and yellow.

The Milano Collection is just one example of fine leather briefcases available for sophisticated business people. In today's competitive society, conveying a strong business-like attitude is vital to achieving any degree of success. Jack Georges strives to create products that will help you convey that feeling to people that you encounter. When it comes to the business world, you can't go wrong with by walking around in style.

Gale Boone is the founder of eLuxe Bags. For more information about Fine Leather Briefcases, visit


Upcoming PS3 Games - How to Download Upcoming Games

By Lewis Waller

Are you getting excited about all the upcoming PS3 Games? What if you could download them as soon as they were released? No more walking to the local video games store to spend stupid amounts of money on the latest games! These days, it's a lot easier, faster and cheaper to download all the upcoming console games online. But there are so many sites to choose from where do you start?

As you probably know, the internet is full of scams, so when choosing a site to download your PS3 games from you have to be careful. But follow a few simple rules and you will find a great site that you can download all your games from for life.

Firstly you should find a site that offers games for all consoles, not just your PS3. The best sites on the net have games for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3, as well as all the latest TV shows, movies and music. You should find a site that offers everything, just to get the most out of the service.

Although you can download PS3 games from free 'torrent' sites, you should try to avoid them. As well as it being illegal, the files on the sites are unregulated, meaning that what you download, a lot of the time can have viruses and spyware on that even antivirus software can't detect. For the price of one second hand game you join a site that has all the best games on, all ready and easy to download.

Finally, you should choose a site that has a customer support service, in case you have any problems or questions you need answering (the better sites have a 24/7 customer support service) and you should also choose a site which has a money back guarantee, in case your really not happy with their service.

Follow these few rules and you will find a great site to download all the upcoming PS3 games from along with TV shows, movies and music.

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