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Monday, December 24, 2007

Laptops - The Comfortable Computers

By Alice Erin

A laptop computer is a small mobile computer that weighs 2-18 pounds based on size, materials, and other factors. Being smaller in size than a desk top, a laptop computer usually runs on a single main battery. Generally they have liquid crystal displays and use different memory modules for random access memory (RAM).

It was in 1981; Osborne 1, the first commercially available portable computer was produced. In spite of the large size, this model was a beginning of revolution paving way for the later models. This model helped the professionals in carrying the data along with them. Later came various models of laptops, but the true; laptop was the Grid Compass 1101, designed by Bill Moggridge, released in 1982. It was in 2000, the first commercial IBM laptop, Kaypro was launched, which was featuring a 25 line by 80 character LCD display, a detachable keyboard, and a pop-up 3.5 inch floppy drive.

With the passage of time, and growth in technology, laptops became common name among professionals. But time gave rise to various health issues related to laptops. According to a study conducted by the State University of New York, it was found that sitting in front of laptops was causing the serious problem of infertility among men. Generally laptops are the easy targets of theft, which has led to serious social problems.

The different terms used for subtypes of laptop computers mainly include:

UMPC: The Ultra-Mobile PCs that are easily portable as are small in size.

Ultra portables: The expensive laptops with screens typically less than 12 inches diagonally and a weight of less than 3-5 lbs.

Thin-and-lights: The laptops generally weighing in between 4-6 lbs with a screen size of between 12 and 14 inches diagonally.

Mainstream: Laptops weighing in between 5 and 7 lbs with a screen size of 14.1 inches and 15.4 inches.

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