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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Samsung SCH-N330 Review - A Review of the Samsung SCH-N330 Cellular Phone

The Samsung SCH-N330 is a mobile phone with many fine features. The 65K STN LCD 128 by 160 pixel display is 1.71" square and has QQVGA resolution.

The Samsung SCH-N330 comes with 32 poly midi ringtones. DRM OMA provides protection against insecure ringtones. At 3.8" high while closed, this phone is compact and convenient to carry. Further, the cell phone is 1.9" wide and 0.9" thick.

The pop-up screen is an interesting and unique feature on this phone. When in compact mode, the screen is not fully protected, but instead is about a quarter of the way hidden behind the number pad. The screen slides into full view when the user needs to use it. The keypad, which is the user interface, is standard with extra navigation buttons for ease of use.

The mobile phone's features include hands-free speakerphone and VibeTonz, which makes playing games on a Samsung SCH-N330 an impressive and interactive experience. Through the SMS/EMS messaging system, users can send sound, text or animation messages.

The Samsung SCH-N330 smartphone operates on the 900/1800 Mhz dual band, and supports UP 6.2.1. The operating system is Rex and the SAR value is 0.6 W/kg. Talk time can reach up to 200 minutes on a standard battery and up to 311 minutes on a Long Life battery - whereas standby time is up to 160 hours standard or 248 on a Long Life battery.

Internet access is available via WAP 2.0. The phone holds up to 500 phonebook entries and includes an excellent array of PIM functions, including a calendar, scheduler and alarm.

The Samsung SCH-N330 is a unique and interesting cell phone ideal for social networking.

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