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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Find The Hottest Verizon Wireless Phones Available Online

By Joshua McNiel

Verizon Wireless is one of the top Wireless service providers in the United States. By the early part of 2007, Verizon is serving over 63 Million subscribers in the country. Their main product is that of wireless communication. This service includes everything from SMS and MMS, Video on Demand, Mobile TV and a lot more.

Verizon Wireless has a wide collection of phones that they offer their subscribers. This season, Red and Gold are on top of each fashion savvy's list. Below is a list of the red phones available on Verizon Wireless plans that you should look into.

MOTORAZR K1m and Fire - This MOTORAZR K1mis available on Verizon for $99.99 US with a 2 year contract with Verizon. Phone features include: Bluetooth, ESPN MVP, Mobile Email, V Cast Music and VZ navigator. Aside from the internal phone features, this MOTORAZR phone is strikingly Sleek and Slim, it has everything that is ever needed in a Mobile phone plus the style. Available of the same price range is the MOTORAZR K1m Fire. The K1m Fire shares the same features as that of the MOTORAZR K1m, the only difference with the K1m Fire is its color which is fiery red and glossy, this phone will definitely catch the eye of those who see it.

LG Cherry Chocolate - This phone is red all over, from the navigation wheel to the backlit keypad. The LG Cherry Chocolate definitely gives new meaning to the phrase: Seeing Red! Despite being beautiful, this phone is capable of Bluetooth, ESPN MVP support, Mobile Email, V Cast Music and VZ navigator. The LG Cherry Chocolate is available from Verizon for a $49.99 price tag that is accompanied by a 2 year contract. If you are craving for a stylish yet modern phone that comes in red, then this phone will certainly do you in.

LG Chocolate in Black Cherry - Essentially a similar phone to the LG Cherry Chocolate, Verizon's LG Chocolate in Black Cherry is Bluetooth Capable, Mobile Email compatible, has a removable and expandable memory, and is available with V Cast Music and V Navigator. This Red phone is for those that have a more subdued style. It is Sleek and Slim in deep black cherry color that still gives the hint of the red LG Cherry Chocolate but only a few shades darker and the navigation key in the middle comes in silver. The keypads are backlit in bluish white, while the navigation keypads are backlit in red. The phone is available through Verizon for $ 149.99 US with a 2 year contract.

Samsung Juke in Red - The Verizon wireless Samsung Juke in Red is a sleek phone that gives a hint of red without overpowering the senses. Juke in red is available from Verizon for $129.99 at a 2 year contract. This phone is Bluetooth capable, has the Juke Music Player feature, MMS capable and has the VZ navigator.

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