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Friday, July 31, 2009

No Sound on PC - How to Get Your PC's Sound Back

Have you been noticing error messages related to your audio driver? Wondering why you have no sound on your PC? If so, it's imperative that you read this article and learn how to efficiently update your audio driver.

A driver is a group of files that come with every component of your PC. They allow each element to communicate to each other in a universal computer language. The most up-to-date drivers are essential to have on your computer especially when you add or update new software and hardware. If you do not compliment them with these driver updates then your computer is likely to malfunction. As an example, let's say you just purchased a new video game for your computer. If your audio driver is outdated or missing, then you may not be able to even play the game since the technology isn't advanced enough to support it.

Updating your drivers can be done by one of two ways - manually or automatically. First, if you have plenty of free time and have pretty extensive knowledge of the inner workings of your PC, then you can do it manually. But, if you are like the average computer user, you have neither the time nor the experience.

That's where driver update software comes into play. It's the best automatic solution available for updating drivers. The scan only takes a few minutes, the list you get is comprehensive and includes the up-to-date driver downloads. You can even perform periodic scans whenever you want to see if you can update a driver to get your PC to perform better. This software really is a time and money saver! Stop wondering why there is no sound on your PC, the solution is right here!

Sick of your computer having no sound? Want to fix the problem by updating your drivers? With this software you can stay on top of driver updates for all your hardware devices. Scan your system for free and up your ALL your drivers automatically!

Jim Marshall is a computer technician expert with over 15 years in the industry. He has spent a lot of his time researching products that provide easy solutions to complex computer problems. After extensive testing see what software performed best in updating hardware drivers.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Technology Trend - UAVs Are Getting Deadlier Each Day!

By Lance Winslow
The future of warfare is shaping up and that is good news for peace and security in the world, well not for everyone. For instance, the terrorists are not going to like these latest developments much. Stealthy UAVs that can shoot their targets, at night, in the dark, through cloud cover, seeing inside of buildings from 60,000 ft in altitude. Scary stuff, and those terrorists that do not seek immediate retirement are not long for this world!
According to a Forbes Article; "New Ways to Kill Terrorists," by Jonathan Fahey in Forbes Magazine our military's UAV's are getting deadlier each day; "AeroVironment is now trying to add some teeth to its drone-powered growth. It is developing a small, backpack-size plane called Switchblade that will carry a small but lethal explosive. After a recent test one military observer said of potential targets: "They can run, but that just means they are going to die tired."
But, opponents of mechanized death from the sky state that ethics issues for UAVs are very important in future warfare. One graduate student at GA Tech has developed an artificial intelligent decision matrix program to help prevent collateral damage and allow the unmanned military units to make life and death decisions in the battlespace; "because death is permanent."
All these are current topics as the game changes, and these technologies continue to innovate, each generation better than the last by a significant factor. In the near future we are not going to be able to recognize the reality of the conflicts of the future. Please consider all this.
Lance Winslow is a retired franchisor - Lance Winslow's Bio. Lance Winslow is formerly the CEO of WashGuys family of franchises which Lance;

Monday, July 27, 2009

Laptop Cases Available in a Durable Material

By Alamdar H

The current trend shows that most people are turning towards the laptops. People feel more convenient to use laptops rather than desktop computers. If you have purchased an expensive laptop and you want to protect your computer from scratches and other damages then you should purchase a good quality case. There are many different types of cases available in different materials such as cases made up plastic, metal, leather and aluminum. You might have stored a lot of information on your computer and have invested a lot of money to purchase it. That is why it makes sense that you should protect your computer from damages. Many people are opting for aluminum laptop cases.

After purchasing an expensive laptop, now you are planning to purchase a computer case. Although the prices of these cases are little higher than other cases, it is beneficial to purchase an aluminum case for your computer.

When you are going to purchase a case for your computer, you should consider the benefits of investing in aluminum case. Aluminum cases are available in different shapes, colors and sizes. Here are some of the following advantages of aluminum laptop cases.

Aluminum cases are made up of tough material that is why they are more durable than other cases. If you accidentally drop your aluminum case, your computer will be free from all dangers. These cases are specially designed to absorb the shock.

These cases are very helpful for those people who extensively travel and take their laptop with them. In most of the aluminum cases there is internal padding of foam or any other soft material that protects the computer from jerks and scratches. So while purchasing an aluminum case, make sure that it has internal padding.

Manufacturers of these cases have produced a large variety of cases in different colors, shapes and designs. They are available in different colors such as black, silver and blue. The best advantage of buying an aluminum case is that it is lighter in weight as compared to a metal case.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Heated Computer Mouse - A Warm Mouse Relaxes Computer Mouse Hand Muscles

By Anna Miller

An infrared, heated mouse -- a warm mouse -- is available for computer users to keep the mouse hand muscles relaxed and stress free.  If you spend several hours per day using the computer, it's wise to use infrared heat as an alternative source of hand therapy to keep computer hand muscles relaxed and free of tension and stress.  According to the PC World Forum archives, the average computer user spends 7-10 hours per day using the computer.  Between work, home and play, that's a high risk for Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD).  Not to mention, an array of other hand-related injuries like tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

The endless number of mouse clicks alone is known to create serious computer-related hand injuries.  Plus, the gently pounding of keys on the keyboard adds to the cumulative trauma our computer hands deal with on a daily basis.  Thanks to infrared heat, we can use the computer in a healthy manner to help us prevent the onset of serious hand injury.  Hand therapists agree the use of the computer is on the rise and so are computer-related hand injuries.  So, it's time we take a proactive approach and make the computer work for us, not harm us.

Infrared heat has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.  It is used in medical facilities and by massage therapists to relax muscles.  Now, computer users can benefit from the powerful positive effects of infrared heat.  The heated computer mouse plugs into the USB port and within a few minutes delivers a steady flow of deep healing infrared heat to the mouse hand.  A cold mouse hand can be an annoying problem preventing a person from using the computer.  Relief is achieved using a heated mouse. 

A test was performed with a person who suffers with hand arthritis.  After 30 minutes of infrared, heated computer mouse use daily for one week, the person was able to use the computer for longer hours pain free.  Before the use of the warm mouse, the person's computer use was limited, and the mouse hand pain was intense.  A cold mouse hand with arthritis causes the hand to cramp and the fingers to become numb.  With the aid of a warm mouse, the mouse hand became warm, muscles relaxed and tension was gone.

The heated computer mouse is safe for people and the computer.  It uses a low 5v USB carbon fiber heating element.  The carbon fiber creates the infrared heat.  When purchasing a warm mouse, make sure it is made with a carbon fiber.  Ergonomic shape is also important and helps the hand's posture remain in proper position using the warm mouse.  Infrared heat penetrates deep through the skin's layers to the muscle tissue.  Using an USB ergonomic heated mouse will help prevent computer related hand injuries and provide a soothing source of hand therapy every time the computer is used.

For more heated mouse information and the healthy effects of an infrared heated, Warm Mouse, visit the Learning Center at &

Anna Miller, ValueRays® USB Hand Warmers with Infrared Heat &
Warm Mouse - Heated Mouse - Heated Mouse Pad - Heated Computer Keyboard - Mouse Hand Warmer®


Selling Your Laptop and Helping the Planet is Easy As 1, 2, 3

By Katy Marie

Every year, hundreds of thousands of old computers go into the garbage. That's not their last stop, of course. From there, they head to a landfill to sit and decompose, with horrendous consequences to the local ecosystem. This disaster can be easily avoided when people decide to sell laptops rather than throw them out. With online services making this process easier than ever, there's no longer any reason to kick a machine to the curb. In fact, most laptops are actually worth a significant amount of money, which can provide you with the capital to purchase a new machine that better suits your needs. In short, when people sell laptops, everybody (including the earth) wins.

Let's take a quick look the steps people take to sell laptops online. The first thing to do is to point your web browser to one of the services that recycles laptops, and then resells them as refurbished products. The best companies have easy to use guides that can immediately tell you the approximate value of your old computer. Simply insert the make and model and select the condition, along with answering a few simple questions. From there, you'll be sent a secure package with the shipping label already filled out with a return address. The only thing left to do is to send off your old machine. You don't even have to go to the post office; the majority to the time, you'll be able to hand off the package to your postman. Within a few days, you'll receive payment for the laptop. Just as promised, easy as 1,2,3!

Now lets compare this with what happens when people don't sell laptops, but instead relegate them to the trash bin. While your old computer might look harmless enough while it's whole, when broken apart, it contains a host of disastrous heavy metals. This isn't just a case of "out of sight, out of mind". Let's assume that your machine is one of the "lucky few" that make it to a recycler, rather than the landfill. Indeed, the effects of this are perhaps even more harmful than the alternative.

Recyclers are generally located in countries that don't have very strict guidelines when it comes to environmental protection. After the useful parts are stripped in order to build new machines, the rest of the contents are burned. According to Robin Schneider, vice-president of the Electronics Take-Back Coalition, more than 80 percent of children in these developing countries have high levels of lead poisoning in their blood, with much of the chemicals coming as a result of inhaling chemicals from the incineration of used electronics. That's not even mentioning the direct damage done to the local ecosystem, including animals and plants. Those laptops that aren't recycled are left to rot in domestic landfills, slowly leaking harmful materials into groundwater.

The effects of the difference in deciding whether to sell laptops or toss laptops is simple and clear-cut. By going for the former, you can save the environment and make cash at the same time. When you sell laptops in the future, you'll have the benefit of knowing that you did your part to make the planet a better place.

Thinking of cleaning up some clutter? Head to for an easy, quick way to turn your old laptop into cold, hard cash.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Buyer's Guide to Notebook Computers

Buying notebook computers can be a daunting task for many consumers, but one can avoid the pitfalls by following a few common sense rules and understanding what each component does and why it is important. The first step is to decide what the notebook computer will be used for as that will have a major influence on later decisions. Notebook computers used for simple tasks cost less money than those used for gaming and more advanced needs such as video editing and photo manipulation. Also decide how big the notebook computer should be at this stage.

Notebook computers come in a wide range of sizes, ranging from tiny netbooks that are under an inch thin to monstrous powerhouses with screens in excess of twenty inches when measure diagonally. The best rule of them here is to only look at notebook computers that one is comfortable taking on the road, but are not too small to be ineffective. After all, what good are notebook computers that have screens too small to read?

After selecting a general range of screen sizes, it is time to look at the pixels. A pixel is a tiny dot on the screen that can change colors, and grids of thousands of pixels work together to display what end users see on their screen. The more pixels in a given space will result in sharper image quality, but also in higher prices more often than not. Of course, notebook computers with gorgeous screens need a graphics chip to render all those lovely images, windows, DVDs, games, and so on.

Graphics chips come in two varieties: discrete and integrated. Discrete are generally far more powerful, and have their own dedicated pool of memory but may also draw some additional memory from the system RAM. Integrated graphics are generally less powerful, and always use system RAM for their tasks. A general rule is that games, video editing, and image manipulation software all tend to take advantage of discrete graphics, while everyone else is probably better off saving their hard earned money on other features that notebook computers have to offer.

One of those features is memory, often called RAM. Notebook computers, like desktop computer need lots of memory if they are going to be tasked with handling multiple and/or complicated programs. RAM is measured in gigabytes, and it is important to know that systems with more than 4 gigabytes of RAM need 64-bit operating systems to reach their full potential.

Don't forget to factor in the CPU. Low-end notebook computers may feature either single or dual core CPUs and may be either 32- or 64-bit. It makes little sense to buy a 32-bit CPU today as the 64-bit era is upon us. It is only a matter of time before 32-bit applications are a thing of the past.

Rounding things out are the storage and networking options. CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drives and burners can augment a spacious hard drive, but one gets what they pay for. Wired and wireless networking is fairly standard on most modern laptops, though there are varying speed grades available.

Matthew Kerridge is an expert within the computer laptop industry. If you are looking for cheap notebook computers please visit

Pre-Owned Computer Hardware - Be Careful Buying a Used Laptop on eBay Or Online

When buying a used laptop you must be careful online. You must realize that many times people sell used laptops because there is something wrong with them. Sometimes people sell used laptops because the battery doesn't last for a long time anymore, and the price of the new battery is $150 or more, while the price to buy a new laptop is $499. So the person selling the used laptop figures they would be better off to buy a new one than to put more money into the old one, when they are going to need a replacement soon.

You must be skeptical as to why people are selling a used laptop and be cognizant of all little things that can go wrong with laptops; such as all the keys being worn off for instance. That can be a real problem if you are a writer or you will be using the keyboard a lot, or if you're not used to that particular brand or keyboard it might be very difficult for you even if you are an excellent typist and your fingers automatically know where all the keys are.

But that's not all, you must also be careful that the laptop is not stolen. A stolen laptop can be a real problem especially if the software on it is registered to someone else. And even if the person who stole the laptop erased the hard drive to cover their tracks, there are still issues with the serial number of the laptop in case you ever take it in for repair. The used repair shop will run the serial number. How would you like to get arrested just for taking your laptop in for repair? Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired franchisor - Lance Winslow's Bio. Lance Winslow is formerly the CEO of WashGuys family of franchises which Lance;

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Long Range Wireless Bridge Connects Your Network Segments

When it comes to low cost Internet services, you can look no further than your current computer programs. Getting on the Internet is easy, but getting connected can sometimes be the hard part, that is, unless you have a long range wireless bridge to make your connections easier. A wireless bridge is available one of two way, via the programs that are currently being used on your computer, or via a wireless router (or other wireless access points). You can use your wireless connection to connect to other network segments, such as your printer or another printer on your network, or to the Internet, depending on what your needs are.

Before investing in long range wireless bridge equipment, you should first check your computer to see if you already have wireless access points. While creating a bridge is not the most expensive thing that you can do for your computer or your network, it is a shame to spend money if you do not have to. Many computer come with the wireless connections that you need as part of its sub programing and you should take advantage of that before you purchase any equipment.
Setting up a long range wireless bridge yourself requires a bit of know how. If you do not understand how your computer works and how to set up common same service set identifiers (SSID), then you probably should not be missing with this application for your computer or network. Hiring someone to do it for you could easily save you time and money as doing it yourself could mess it up. If you do have some basic computer knowledge, however, then you are likely going to be able to take care of this instillation, just make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Having everything at home or in the workplace connected is can be very important. With a long range wireless bridge, you can ensure that all of your network segments, your printers, etc. are available to you when you need it. Make sure to do your homework and determine which wireless device is best for you and your company (or home) and provide yourself with all of the tools that you need for success!

Sydney Hornbrook has been researching new technologies in internet service providers including the T1 leased line for years. If you want to find out more about T1 Point To Point and other high speed internet connections check out!

Pre-Owned Computer Hardware - Be Careful Buying a Used Laptop on eBay Or Online

When buying a used laptop you must be careful online. You must realize that many times people sell used laptops because there is something wrong with them. Sometimes people sell used laptops because the battery doesn't last for a long time anymore, and the price of the new battery is $150 or more, while the price to buy a new laptop is $499. So the person selling the used laptop figures they would be better off to buy a new one than to put more money into the old one, when they are going to need a replacement soon.

You must be skeptical as to why people are selling a used laptop and be cognizant of all little things that can go wrong with laptops; such as all the keys being worn off for instance. That can be a real problem if you are a writer or you will be using the keyboard a lot, or if you're not used to that particular brand or keyboard it might be very difficult for you even if you are an excellent typist and your fingers automatically know where all the keys are.

But that's not all, you must also be careful that the laptop is not stolen. A stolen laptop can be a real problem especially if the software on it is registered to someone else. And even if the person who stole the laptop erased the hard drive to cover their tracks, there are still issues with the serial number of the laptop in case you ever take it in for repair. The used repair shop will run the serial number. How would you like to get arrested just for taking your laptop in for repair? Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired franchisor - Lance Winslow's Bio. Lance Winslow is formerly the CEO of WashGuys family of franchises which Lance;

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cisco Switches Are Suitable For Any Business and Are Really Easy to Find on the Internet

Cisco is a large manufacturer of IT equipment and Cisco switches are one of their most famous range of products. If your business needs to find items like this then you'll be pleased to know that on the web you can find a range of options at a variety of prices.

If you're interested in items like this then you'll have a few things to think about before you part with any cash. Firstly, you'll need to set yourself a budget; there's an easy way to do this. Head over to your favourite search engine and grab a pen and paper - or open Notepad.

Type in "Cisco switches" or "Cisco products" and see what comes up. Make a note of all the products and prices that you're interested in so that you end up with a list of about 10 or 15 prices. You should then have a good idea of how much you'll need to spend so you can set a realistic budget.

You'll also need to set a minimum spend to ensure that you don't buy products that are too low in quality. Make sure that you're able to find a range of prices so that you'll be basing your budget on factual information and can therefore make an informed decision.

When you've set a budget, you can then do your major research. You will need to take a closer look at the stores online and find out where the best deals are. Once you've found a few stores that offer what you need at a reasonable price, it could be worth emailing the more expensive stores and seeing if they can beat the price of the other stores.

If not, then at least you know that you tried. Getting the best deals for products like this is important but you'll need to remember that normally the quality of a product is reflected in the price. One thing you can be sure of, when buying branded products, is that the quality will be about the same.

This allows you to concentrate on finding the best price and you shouldn't have to worry too much about quality. The good thing about Cisco switches is that they are suitable for almost any business so you can relax and simply spend your time looking for the best offers online.

Overall, as long as you keep your wits about you and you do your research properly, you should find that buying Cisco switches online is really easy.

Author Ewan H Gibbons talks about buying Cisco switches online. has a huge range of high quality information, you should easily find what you're looking for.

"ERROR_UNRECOGNIZED_VOLUME" Error in Windows and File Loss

By Robin Watson

In a Windows computer, the file system is a method to store and organize your files and directories. It makes it easy to find and access data from the hard drive. In general terms, it is a special-purpose database that is used for storage, manipulation, organization and retrieval of data. In some situations, this important data structure gets damaged due to a number of reasons and all of the stored files become inaccessible. At this point, critical file loss situations occur and you need to go for File Recovery solutions to retrieve critical and valuable files.

Most of the computer uses file system an underlying data storage media, which provides access of an array of data block, known as sectors. It is responsible for systematizing these sectors into files and directories. It keeps track of which file belongs to which sectors and which sectors are not being used. It addresses data in fixed-size units, known as "blocks" or "clusters" that contain a fixed amount of disk sectors. It is the minimum amount of hard drive space, which could be allocated to store a file.

Whenever a Raw files of system gets damaged, the operating system can not find the required information about the file such as file name, starting sector, ending sector, creation date and so on. Thus operating system can not locate and access the particular file and the file loss with partition loss situations occur. In a practical scenario, when you attempt to start your Windows computer, you might come across the below mentioned error message:


The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted."


In order to sort out this issue and carry out Partition Recovery, you need to install a new file system. It is possible by formatting the hard drive and reinstalling the operating system. This method is capable of solving most of the disk related errors.

Although, this procedure can solve the system file corruption problem but it also removes all of the files from hard drive. In such cases, Partition Recovery Software is required to thoroughly scan entire hard drive and retrieve all of the missing and lost files of corrupted partition. These applications are quite safe and easy to use.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is the best ever made and the most advanced tool to recover all sorts of lost files of partition. This Partition Recovery Software recovers files from FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file system partitions. It is designed for Microsoft Windows 7 RC1, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000.

Author is researching on hard drive partition related problem also on lost partition recovery and gives solution to recover your data in partition loss with partition recovery software.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mobile Virtual Office Tip - Use Your Camera As a Scanner

By Kevin A O'Brien

If you're part of the growing number of professionals who have made the decision, or are otherwise able, to work from home you've probably put together a "virtual office" in order to conduct business remotely. If you like to travel, or your business requires you to do so, your virtual office probably has some degree of mobility. The basics would be a notebook computer, removable storage devices and an online collaboration service or access to your company's network via VPN. There are some types of office equipment that just don't lend themselves to travel, especially if you like to travel light. Scanners, for example, come in portable versions but it's just one more piece of equipment to purchase and lug around. Why not use something you're going to carry anyway? Your camera or camera-enabled mobile phone could be the perfect substitute.

Your digital camera or mobile phone camera can double as your scanner when you're on the road. Combine that with an online fax, or email-to-fax, service and you've got a portable fax machine. The quality may not be as good as your office scanner, but acceptable reproductions are possible. Some digital cameras even have a built in "document mode" which configures the camera settings to effectively photograph print on paper. Check your camera's documentation to see if yours does.

If you're a smartphone user and your phone has a built-in camera, there is software available designed to turn your phone's camera into a document scanner. iPhone users have options as well that will enable them to make electronic document reproductions using their phones. An important note for iPhone users is that they will have to find the optimum distance from the camera to the document in order for the 'scan' to be in focus. The key to quality reproductions, regardless of the device you use, will depend on focus and lighting. One thing to keep in mind is that you want to keep your camera as parallel as possible to the document being 'scanned'. You may have to turn off your flash in order to avoid glare that will render your image unreadable.

Why burden yourself with the extra weight of carrying a mobile scanner, not to mention the cost of acquisition, when you can use your camera or mobile phone to get the job done? Your mobile virtual office needs to be just that... mobile. Smart travelers travel light. If you're interested in device or software specifics, or more mobile virtual office tips visit The Mobility Guy.

Buying Guide For Widescreen Monitors

So, you want to buy a new widescreen monitor, but you're not sure what to look for? Well, look no further. There are a few key things you need to take into consideration when buying one.

First of all, you have to figure out what your needs will be. They come in a wide range of sizes. Depending on what it will be used for is what will determine the size you need. The factors that come into play include the available space you have on your computer and the features you may want. Some features that a widescreen monitor may include are HD viewing capability, better game graphics, multi-window application support, USB hubs and much, much more. The best thing you can do is perform some searches on the internet and check out the features and specs of the latest models to determine what will best fit your needs. Always be sure to look at the resolutions of the monitors so you get the best picture. A typical 19 inch widescreen monitor has a resolution of 1280x960, for example.

Second, make sure that your video card is accordant with the particular widescreen monitor that you have chosen. If not, the monitor may not work properly. Also check the monitor's compatibility with your operating system and processor.

Third, once you have done all of your research and found the type you might be interested in, shop around to make sure you're getting the best deal. Don't buy the first one you see that you think is a good deal because you never know what else might be out there. Decide whether buying online or in a store is better for you. Buying in a store is more convenient but sometimes the prices are significantly lower online. If you are going to buy online, make sure that the seller is reputable and has your best interest in mind.

Fourth, even if you are going to buy online it never hurts to go into your local store and look at the physical model to make sure that it is as good as you think it is. That way, you can check out all the specs in person and ask someone who specializes in monitors all the questions you have about a particular model.

And lastly, make sure you know all of the pros to owning a widescreen monitor. If you watch movies on your computer, a widescreen monitor will allow for the most favorable playback, as most DVDs are made in widescreen format these days. The widescreen format also allows for full-range view while viewing documents. Workspace feels less cramped and multi-tasking is much easier, which allows for an overall more pleasant experience while using your computer. Also, a lot of widescreen monitors come with built in speakers, leaving your workspace less cluttered and giving you fewer wires to worry about. They are lighter in weight and use much less energy. In addition, they are quite cost efficient. You truly will get more for your money with a widescreen monitor.

Matthew Kerridge is a computer monitor expert. If you are looking for a cheap widescreen monitor please visit

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Samsung Omnia I8910 HD - For Business Or Entertainment

The Samsung i8910 HD is also known as the Samsung INNOV8. It is a sleek and elegant 3G phone with a black coloured casing. Here is the analysis of its features:

The Samsung Omnia HD has a slide opening which enables the user to open the phone and have access to the numeric keypad, with letter entry facilities. This amazing 3G phone has a huge display measuring 2.8 inches, and a very good resolution of 240 pixels by 320 pixels, showing very clear images. The Samsung i8910 comes in two versions; the eight gigabyte version and a sixteen gigabyte version, which both support an expandable memory that will allow an additional sixteen gigabytes of external memory.

The handset also has a Ram memory of 128 megabytes. The users can choose whichever memory best suits their storage needs.For a high quality image, Samsung Omnia HD has a built in 8 megapixel camera that allows users to capture great pictures or videos. Who needs a digital camera when you have the i8910 HD? The camera comes with an autofocus feature and LED flash, which enables users to take pictures even in dark places. It also has an image stabilizer which allows the user to capture good pictures even if there's a slight movement.

This Handset supports the following video formats: MP4, WMV, DivX, H263 and H264.

Users of the i8910 mobile phone, can enjoy browsing the internet at Broadband speeds, and are also able to video call. To transfer and upload data this handset supports Blue tooth and USB compatible devices. It has built in Wi-Fi technology, which allows the user to have wireless internet connection.

Here are the other features of the handset: Video recorder ( 24 frames per second), Symbian S60 5.0 Operating System, WLAN WIFI technology, Organizer, Alarm clock, To do list, GPD navigation, Video Streaming, Video Editing, Photo Geo Tagging, Photo effect (Negative, Sepia, Emboss, Frame and Gray), Picture Wallpaper and Voice Memo.

Samsung i8910 Omnia and Nokia N97 are the popular Mobile Phone deals and these deals are available on Online Mobile Phone Shop UK.

Faith Hill is Search Engine Marketing Consultant for Cheap Mobile Phone Contract UK.

Brother HL 5280 DW - The Fastest Prints This Side of the Mississippi

By Ben Pate

Brother HL 5280DW printer, basically a wireless printer which is ideal for small networks and light usage. Your work and business is absolutely secure while using this printer. Its function of high speed laser technology and is a monochrome printer. When you buy this, you are taking home one of the Brother's award winning monochrome laser printer.

This is the new in the series with 3D color display and a wireless network interface. You can enjoy 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet interface and hence easy to connect it to your computer.

You can just use the Easy Secure Setup to do it quickly. Changing printer settings is not a worry anymore and can be done in a jiffy. What more its easy to check printer status on the LCD display. It provides a monthly duty cycle of 20000 pages.

Its an absolute baby while sleeping, which provides great flexibility. It is also Wi-Fi enabled and as usual a new system gives one year warranty. It is originally made in China.

Are you into personal business or dealing with confidential information, then its just the right one. Save paper and print on both sides. The superb 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution is just great to print catalogues, brochures and other business stationery.

Its easy to set up in Windows Vista. It's one of the worthwhile investments for your business and offered great features in this price bracket. It consumes just about 610 watts. If you do not want wireless, you can even have it wired.

Letterheads and envelopes are aligned neatly before printing. It comes with two standard paper tray which can take 300 sheets. You also have the flexibility to add on two more trays with total paper capacity of 800 sheets. It suits a small office and will sit in any small corner with ease.

Talking of speed, it can do 30 pages in a minute. It comes with 32MB RAM memory installed and is tough equipment. With great print quality, you can rely on it for meeting your deadlines and doing those rush hour jobs.

There is more to what this printer can do. It can also provide standalone server and printer service if you need one. It can print high volumes and still provide excellent outputs even when busy. So Mac users can also be connected. This is also enabled by the high speed USB 2.0.

To say in a few rods, it's a good performer with speed and quality. A ideal business class equipment worth the price and compact in nature. Be it home office or small workgroups, it matches all.

Brother HL 5280DW printer needs a Brother HL 5280DW Toner Cartridge. This is basically a high yield toner only in black. Most businesses buy them for professional print quality and speed. Also the staff find it easy to install when it runs out of ink. It can print a huge 7000 sheets at 5% coverage on A4 paper.

Brother Brother HL 5280DW Toner toner lasts for years and if you calculate the overall cost per print, it is low. This toner can go with other Brother printers including HL5250DN, HL5240 and HL5250DNT. In two words - "performance" and "speed". For more information visit

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Do the Air Hogs Havoc Helis Live Up to Their Reputation?

By Arjen Robert Bootsma

Air Hogs Havoc, Helix, Stingers or Twin Thunder RC Helis are very popular remote controlled helicopters. But are they living up to their reputation?

The air hogs rc helicopters are classed as a toy-grade, which are electric indoor rc helis and aimed at the age group of 8-12 and older. Most of the air hogs rc helis are given an intermediate skill flight grading by the manufacturer.

Flying is not necessarily hard but it takes practice and patience. Although hovering is quit easy the body shape of some of the models makes it less responsive to the controls. But there is another factor that gives a lot of people many frustrating moments when they fly their rc heli for the first time.

When people fly the air hogs rc helicopter for the first time it only wants to fly in circles. This creates many questions of pleading help on the many rc heli forums out there. Often the problem lies with the people themselves as they forget to read the instructions fully in their excitement of wanting to fly the air hogs heli as soon as possible.

The important part of the instructions should explain that you need to make slight alterations to the propellers a few times until you are satisfied with how the helicopter flies and controls. Sometimes it needs a little calibration too, but otherwise you should be good to go and have lots of fun flying your first air hogs havoc rc heli.

An important consideration before purchasing is to decide how much control you wish to have of your remote controlled helicopter. If you are willing to spend more money then you can choose from the 4 way controlled air hogs rc helis. This means that especially flying indoors is easier and you are able to create a lot more stunts with your heli too.

One thing to remember is that the battery fly time of most of these helis are not very long. You do have the option of choosing one with a built in Lipo battery, which has a much longer fly time then the other ones. It is sometimes possible to modify the heli so that you can change to a lipo battery later if you wish.

The overall analysis of the air hogs rc helis is that the body design is not always very strong, although they are bringing some versions on the market that have a different body design that is much stronger. I feel that the ease of use or performance is good with a little practice, but if you are looking for long term entertainment then maybe this is not for you.

At the end of the day it all depends who will use it, how serious you are about flying rc helicopters and how much money you are willing to pay. If you are serious about buying a air hogs rc heli, which will give you a lot of fun, my personal choice would be the air hogs havoc heli. Good body design and easier to fly then the other ones in the air hog series.

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Business Benefits of Online Social Media

By Carlisle Holm

Until recently, business corporations dismissed most online communities as merely a platform for gaming and entertainment. However, with the youth market becoming more and more viable by the day, this segregation of potential costumers online represents a great way for business organizations to reach out in the cheapest possible manner. Communities like MySpace have expanded to over a 100 million users worldwide and recent estimates suggest that nearly 300000 people join up on MySpace every day. More and more bands use MySpace as a tool to showcase their talent as it enables them to get a larger base without much additional expense. With such growth on the block, it would be rather naïve to neglect this upcoming tool for future business growth.

The biggest advantage of going online is that you can reach out to a large audience base without spending loads on television ads or banner campaigns. Business corporations can benefit for getting in touch with online communities have a large number of potential customers. Advertising in those communities has its benefits in the fact that the customers now view the company as more accountable and reachable. Most customers prefer to get in a quick response via an online community instead of writing a letter to an anonymous executive without getting proper correspondence on whether their needs were heard or not. Further more one can also reach out to a large like-minded base instead of spending millions of conventional advertising.

The beauty of online interaction lies in its simplicity, cost effectiveness and quickness. A newsletter to a selected group of customers can often lead to better results than widespread media campaign for the basic reason that you are reaching out to a selected group of people who have a high probability of being your customers at some point of time or the other. Besides proper service online often leads to a growth in business as most people who buy online are likely to review it in a social website or community. A good review can result in more business while a negative review noticed early can give the company time to re-establish it's credibility by reaching out to it's customers online. Also a live costumer representative in social media can help the customer find a quick fix solution without incurring much expense for the company. With almost every single teenager having a profile on MySpace or Facebook, more and more teen oriented companies are now establishing communities in the above mentioned social networking sites so that they can remain in touch with their customer base. With a wide range of social networking and communities to choose from, going online can save the company much needed time and resources in finding out it's potential customers.

In addition, online communities can also aid companies in organizing business interactions and meetings without the need for high traveling expenses. This is especially true for small business corporations many of which have taken the route of going online and have yielded rich dividends. With personal communication taking a beating due to higher fuel costs, going online is a smart way of reaching out to your costumers and expanding your business to newer horizons with minimum of effort.

Carlisle Holm the owner of Business News. He writes various business and finance articles