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Monday, September 14, 2009

Add "Turn Off Monitor" Option in Desktop Context Menu

By Jaladhi Desai

Imagine you are converting a movie file, uploading/downloading a large file, performing a scheduled task etc. Now if you are using a desktop computer then you would just turn off the monitor to save power. What if you own a laptop? Laptops, notebooks and netbooks don't have a explicit hardware switch (you are lucky if you have) to turn off the laptop screen. Of course, there are options in the battery settings/power management settings like when to turn off your monitor automatically. But then, what if you want to turn it off manually when you wish and get it back on by slightly moving your mouse. Here is a quick and easy solution.

The easiest option available is to make an entry like "Turn OFF Monitor" in your desktop context menu (informally known as the 'right click menu'). Well, there is one really small utility that does precisely that. WinFlog eXtreme. Download it. It is just an executable (.exe) so you don't even have to install it. Just run WinFlog.exe and you are ready to customize the options.

Once you start the WinFlog eXtreme application, you are presented a bunch of customizable tweaks for your Windows PC. Here we are focusing on just one option among them. Click on the tick-mark against the 'Turn OFF Monitor' option in the Desktop/Explorer Right Click Menu tab. This will put a new entry named 'Turn OFF Monitor' in your desktop context menu. [Visit my blog for screenshots]

That's it. Now whenever you need to turn off the monitor of your computer, just right click on desktop and click the 'Turn OFF Monitor'. As you can see, in WinFlog eXtreme, there are other options available too. Tweak them according to your preferences.

This tweak will save much of your time while you are hurrying for that quick tea-break or attend the phone call. Imagine how much power you will save in a month or a year if you just turn off your laptop screen for even half and hour a day. This utility is definitely eco-friendly.

PS. This tweak can be applied to desktop computers too.

Resources:Download WinFlog eXtreme here.

Be sure to check out Tech Explorer for more.

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