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Friday, October 16, 2009

Features of Sennheiser Headphones

By Jamie Gram

Sennheiser is a universally known brand of headphones. It is widely popular
in the headphone market segment due to its state of art technology that
outdoes most competition and is available at a reasonable price. They are
designed well, are user friendly, trendy and above all are cost efficient.

Sennheiser headphones come in various forms, conventional, wireless, have
noise reduction and so on

Here are some of the features of Sennheiser headphones.

Noise Cancellation

This feature is very valuable. It blocks out the background noise. It often
happens that one is using music to meditate with, or listening to the lyrics
of a favorite song, and some noise in the kitchen or a train passing by,
drowned away the notes. With Sennheiser, this simply does not happen because
the headphones come with noise cancellation that blocks out the outside
noises and gives you complete listening pleasure.

Trendy and sturdy design

These are simple and stylish. Their elegant looks come with ease of
functioning. You have just a few buttons that take care of all the functions
and the elegant looks make it just right for any place you have to carry
them with you. Moreover they are so light, they can travel with you to any
place easily. Moreover, it does not break easily if it falls, and is durable
enough. You can use them without the worry of them breaking or getting

User Friendly and Comfortable

The padding and fabric used is very comfortable. You can put them on and
forget all about them. They are so easy to use, no crazy menus to navigate,
buttons to fidget with. It has simple features that are essential like
volume, tuning and power. That is all.

Ambient Sound Capability

Now this is an interesting feature. Often we miss phone calls or the
doorbell ringing because we are wearing headphones. This does not happen in
Sennheiser because it has tiny microphones that pick up some peripheral
sounds around you that are important. Important stuff is what you get to
hear, not the annoying sounds.


While they are not as cheap as some of the low end ones that you can pick up
at the local mall, they are quite low priced for the sound clarity and
quality that you get when you purchase Sennheiser headphones.

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