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Monday, December 15, 2008

MSI Wind Next Generation Laptop AKA Netbook - Review

In April 2008 Micro Star International announced the release of its new netbook model. It called it, quite aptly MSI Wind. It is sleek, light and a great energy saver.

In a word....

• Nifty design
• Good screen resolution
• Excellent storage space
• Reasonably wide keyboard
• Energy saver

The Features...

The MSI wind is available with either Windows XP or Linux which run on a 1.6GHz N270 Intel Atom CPU.

With just about 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs), 260x180x19mm the MSI is both extremely light and thin. This makes the MSI wind a good competitor in the sub-notebook market in terms of portability.

For a machine of its category, the MSI wind has a pretty good screen size too. MSI offered two options: the 8.9 and 10 inches wide LCD display. The Wind's 1024x600 resolution will particularly be appreciated for internet browsing. It easily loads and displays full web pages, plus, MSI wind has integrated magnifying capabilities, allowing you to enlarge texts and pictures. This will be very convenient if your eyes are not good any more.

Another good feature is the MSI wind's reasonably wide keyboard. This has been made possible because the Wind's manufacturers have allowed 17 mm space between the keys, which you will certainly appreciate if you have thick fingers.

In terms of memory capacity, the Linux-run Wind has just 512MB of RAM, while the Windows XP model has 1GB. The MSI wind also sports good connectivity tools: three USB ports, WLAN, 802.11B/G wireless and stereo Bluetooth. The Wind's newer version, the U120, is equipped with a 3G enabled HSPDA connectivity for fast internet access.

The MSI wind is a good communication tool too. It sports a 1.3 mega pixel web cam, an integrated microphone and a couple of high-performance two-channel stereo speakers. You can store on its pretty impressive 80G hard drive your music and video files.

The MSI wind is also a great energy saver. It comes with a three-Cell battery of 24.2 Watt hours, which give you about three hours' work. But remember that the actual battery life will depend on what you are doing and the display's brightness. Thanks its power-saving backlight technology, the machine uses less power, you get longer battery life and better autonomy.

The Price...

Expect to pay about ¤329 (that is $600).

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