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Monday, December 8, 2008

Top 21 Free and Paid iPhone Applications

By Gareth Boyd

1. Koi Pond - £0.59

This application is all about you imaging that you are gazing at a pond of crystal clear water, you have to really let your mind go when playing this game.

2. Crazy Lighter - Free

Imagine your iPhone was a lighter, well now you virtually can. You can move your phone and the lighter reacts as if it was a real lighter.

3. Break Classic - £0.59

One of the best brick breaking games for the iPhone. They are currently working on an update for this application, so keep a close eye out!

4. Brain Challenge - £5.99

This is the only comprehensive brain training application available for the iPhone. Msn, Google and Yahoo have all been talking about this amazing application.

5. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D - £5.99

This is a new game and is very good fun whenever traveling to keep yourself entertained. You move your iPhone to the left and right to direct the kart.

6. Jaw Breaker - Free

A new simple but addictive game released for the iPhone, its also free!

7. Apache Lander - Free

Addictive, free and chopper fun!

8. Labyrinth Lite Edition - Free

Control a ball on a wooden platform, tilt to move the ball.

9. Texas Hold'em - £2.99

Very realistic and fun Texas Hold'em game.

10. Dizzy Be Free - Free

There is 4 levels, go give them a go!

11. Vicinity - £1.79

Ultimate guide to your surroundings.

12. aSleep - £0.59

Relax with sounds of nature and you might fall asleep btw.

13. Super Monkey Ball - £5.99

Guide a little monkey to his victory by tilting your iPhone.

14. Break

Brickbreaker for the iPhone, except its better and there is 99 levels!

15. Phone Saber - Free

Move your iPhone and you can act like one of the jedi's from Star Wars.

16. iPint - Free

Tilt your iPhone and get the pint of beer down the bar table to your buddy.

17. Facebook - Free

On your journeys check who has left you comments or rss feed.

18. Woo Button - Free

Basically a button that screams "Woo!" Amazing as it sounds, yes I know.

19. Tube Status - Free

Get details of London underground tube times.

20. Chopper - £4.99

Kill the enemies by tilting your iPhone and try to complete all the missions.

21. File Magnet - £2.99

Lets you move files from your Mac to your iPhone.

Everyone post I make I always try to make it interesting for everyone and hopefully somebody has downloaded some of these class iPhone Apps onto their iPhone. Hope you enjoy playing them.

Article made by Gareth Boyd at his Finance Blog.

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