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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Nano Chromatic IPod Launched - Along With Software Update 2.1

By Tony Rogers

Apple has released a new range of iPod's at their event in San Francisco called 'Let's Rock.'

Presented by a skinny Steve Jobs, the presentation showcased quite a few surprises.

Firstly, a NEW Design & Colours & 16GB Model iPod Nano.

Called the 'iPod Nano Chromatic', it's thinner, groovier, has a glass face, and a accelerometer in it, which means it'll rotate just like the iPhone does. Cool! Also, if you don't like the song you're playing, you can physically shake it, and it'll shuffle a song up for you. 9 Colours are now available, which is just enough that'll you won't mistake your iPod Nano for someone elses.

Secondly, a New Design and Software Update on the iPod Touch.

Titled - 'The Funnest iPod Ever' (is that even a word?) - There's a whole bunch of games now available, and they look pretty cool. Software Update 2.1 will be available ($10 download from itunes), which'll give you a bunch of new features including :

* External Volume controls - Yah! Bout time!
* In- Nuilt Speaker - Very Much Welcomed
* Genius Shuffle - this looks at your song playing and chooses another that'll match it(?!?)

New Mid-Range iPod Classic 120GB. They've discontinued the 160GB (Really, who has that many songs?) and the 80GB, so now we're left with one - a 120GB Model. Doesn't look like much has changed really. Be interesting to see if it gets any software updates in the near future.

Last but not least, are a few small but interesting updates:

New Colours on the iPod Shuffle. Ho Hum really. Some new twin driver headphones, and some new remote assessories, and...

iTunes - Version 8. it's got the genius feature we talked about above, as well as HD Videos available from the iTunes Store. It's available for download now. Go make up your own mind ;)

How much are the New iPod's?

Pricing is AOK, nothing worth going crazy over. It's still probably cheaper if you're in Australia to import a iPod from the US, or grab one on eBay. Apple seem to be pricing things in Australia as if our Dollar is going to one day just dramatically fall in value. Weird.

iPod Nano Chromatic 8GB - $199 AUS
iPod Nano Chromatic 16GB - $279 AUS

iPod Touch 8GB - $329 AUS
iPod Touch 16GB - $419 AUS
iPod Touch 32GB - $549 AUS

iPod Classic 120GB - $339.

Of course, these are all available at the Apple Store. But why would you pay full price when you can find one here for less? We've updated our site with the new iPods, so have a browse around and find yourself a New or Used iPod for a Fraction of the Retail Price.

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