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Thursday, December 4, 2008

D2000 TV Phone - The Perfect Touchscreen Mobile Phone If You Want To Text And Watch TV

By Rae Edwards

iPhone clones have been surprising hits because they allow people some wanted freedoms away from their phone's manufacturers. Consumers have liked the ability to remove their own battery, use their own mobile provider and have two phone numbers within the same phone if they want to (dual sim).

Lately though, the clone makers have stepped up their game. They've introduced an iPhone clone (the D2000 TV phone) that not only has everything the original clones have (web browsing, full MP3/ MP4 capabilities, and a built in camera), but will also allow you to watch TV on your cell phone. In addition to full TV capabilities, the D2000 has an FM radio and an e-book reader.

Additionally, the D2000 has a keypad at the bottom of the phone. Not many iClones have advanced texting and email capabilities but the D2000 is one of them. In fact, the D2000 reminds me a lot of Rimm's Blackberry Pearl.

All of these features make this phone very popular for frequent travelers, students, commuters, and families that need to entertain children (or parents) during down times. This smart phone gives you everything you could possibly need for entertainment, (whether it is music, video, the web, or TV), right at your finger tips.

The phone is also very competitively priced, starting at about $150, depending on where you get it.

Considering you could easily spend this on a stand alone gadget this isn't also a cell phone, this seems a good deal. And, even though this is a novelty product, it's also a high quality, innovative, and high performing mobile phone in its own right.

To see videos, photos, specs and real time rock bottom pricing on the D2000 TV Phone, click here.

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