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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Canon Powershot SD790IS Digital Camera Review

By Ocha Nix

One of the best canon cameras out there right now is the Canon Powershot SD790IS digital camera. After reviewing several other models, this one came out on top.

You will be quickly impressed with the startup speed of the camera and the qualities of the pictures from the Canon Powershot SD790IS are superb. You can take approximately 150 shots and still have lots of battery power. This feature alone puts this one in a class of its own. The flash recharge speed is extremely fast when compared to other thin digital cameras.

Pictures taken on the "auto" mode come out looking perfect and the color always seems accurate. Faces are not washed out; pictures taken in bright sunlight, distance shots or close up, all come out as you want them to, great!

The Canon Powershot SD790IS digital camera turns on and is ready to use almost instantly, and focuses quickly. Pictures turn out sharp and clear, even with the flash, the zoom works easily with a very accessible button, and there is absolutely no red eye.

The camera is small enough to fit into your pocket and surprisingly light. But don't let the small package fool you as this is one digital camera packed full of features with high quality construction. The body is made from metal rather than plastic which gives it a better feel and makes it sturdier.

The 3.0" LCD screen of the Canon Powershot SD790IS digital camera is bright, and is clearly visible even in bright sun. There is no need for a viewfinder with this one. Another good thing about this camera; it is possible to view images on the camera's screen without extending the lens. When turned off, just hold down the play button to turn on image playback. The lens won't pop out.

This is a great digital camera, and probably the best out there right now in its price range and even better than some more expensive models.

If you plan on shooting a lot in auto mode and want a thin camera with the 3 inch screen, the Canon Powershot SD790IS is the way to go. Another unique feature is that the camera can sense which way you're holding it and shifts the image on the screen.

This review of the Canon Powershot SD790IS digital camera is geared more toward the casual user pointing out features that most people would be interested in rather than from a more technical point of view.

Whether you are looking for a camera to take pictures of your vacations, week-end trips or the kids as they are growing up, the Canon Powershot 790IS digital camera is one that I highly recommend.

I enjoy taking pictures of my grandchildren and being able to share them with family and friends. Having a good Digital Camera that takes superb pictures makes them so much enjoyable. In my search for a quality digital camera this is the one I found to be the best in its price range.

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