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Thursday, March 19, 2009

LCD Vs Plasma TVs - Who Will Win the Battle?

By Dylan A. Vince

Plasma vs. LCD TVs - it is indeed a complex and fascinating battle. Plasma and LCD TVs have their own personas. The decision on which one to choose has lots to do with personal taste.

Each pixel of a plasma TV is composed of 3 phosphors - red, blue and green, they emit light upon striking of electrons. Quantity of light that are emitted depends on intensity of electron beam. It's the phosphors that create light that one could see on a screen.

LCD televisions use millions of crystals that are suspended in liquid which is sandwiched between panels. Bright florescent light behind the sandwich is there. Crystals either let light pass or block passage. To determine color, color filters are used.

Both TVs are thin, the 3"" or 5"" difference seem to matter on certain models, but they become immaterial in large-screen TVs. Plasma televisions are known for large sizes, you could have greater variety to choose from on big models.

For large-screen plasma TVs and large-screen LCD TVs of same size, plasma TVs normally cost less, but price-drops are continuing so these two will most likely be equal when it comes to prices quite soon. Plasma TVs tend to win the LCD TVs vs. Plasma TVs battle for now, but the battle still goes on.

So let us all watch out for more developments in the coming years. Who knows, there might be better types of TVs to be invented or developed. Those that could possibly have all the advantages and good features of the plasma and the LCD TVs, the disadvantages already omitted.

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