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Thursday, March 19, 2009

LG Renoir Vs LG Arena AKA KC910 Vs KM900 - The Touch Screen Phone Conundrum

By Susan Hargreaves

The LG Arena is a being sold as a multimedia centric phone, whilst the artistically christened LG Renoir on the other hand is being hailed by the manufacturer as the ultimate camera smart phone. Both of these LG touch screen phones are also known by their model numbers, the Arena as the KM900 and the Renoir as the KC910.


The LG Renoir is showcased in an attractive shiny black casing with a jagged rear featuring circular patterns. The phone is compact, slim and pocket friendly. Weighing 105 grams the Arena is lighter than the Renoir that weighs 114 grams. The LG Arena comes in an eye catching sleek silver casing.


The LG Arena has a brand new S Class 3D interface. It features a cube which can be rotated with finger swipes to gain access to applications through shortcuts in four sub screens. The interface is very responsive to touch. The KC910 Renoir has a very touch sensitive interface with a widget bar on the home screen. Applications can be dragged from the bar onto the home screen to access them. The less nimble fingered persons can alternatively use the physical keys below the touch screen to access menus and applications.


The LG Renoir is hyped as a camera smart phone. Indeed its 8 Mega pixel camera is its most thrilling feature. The camera has face detection feature; its smile and blink detection aspects ensure that snaps are taken when people in the frame are smiling rather than when they shut their eyes to blink. The LG KC910's camera also sports the coveted xenon flash while the Arena has a non xenon flash. The beauty mode, a surprise bonanza attribute is the magic wand that will erase imperfections from the image. Other camera features include image stabilization and geo tagging. The KM900 Arena is not a camera phone and sports an average 5 Mega pixels camera using Schneider Kreuznach optics. The only feature the camera boasts of is the auto focus.

What More They Offer? The LG KM900 and the KC910 both have video recording mettle for which they have a secondary video call camera. The presence of video player in both phones is welcome news for movie buffs. While the LG Arena has an FM radio accompanied by an FM transmitter to let you share tunes on any radio the Renoir comes equipped with an FM radio only. The Arena and the Renoir both use Dolby technology for their audio player. The 3.5 mm audio jack is absent in the LG KC910, but it features in the Arena.

The LG Arena also has Bluetooth version 2 whereas LG Renoir has Blue tooth version 2 with A2DP technology. Both phones enhance mobile internet experience with 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and Wi Fi and EDGE technologies. The 3 inch screens in the Arena and the LG Renoir give a very propitious web and video viewing experience. However the LG Arena screen has a higher resolution of 480X800 pixels when compared to the Renoir's 240X400 pixels and hence provides crisper and more vividly colored images.

While the LG KM900 Arena shines with its stellar multi media capacities the LG KC910 Renoir succeeds at making a mark as an efficacious camera smart phone.

The new LG Arena and LG Renoir are two of many new touch screen models from the manufacturer, for information on more touch screen phones please refer to our website - Phones Limited.

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