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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LG Viewty Vs LG Renoir

By Caroline Telford

LG KU990, codenamed LG Viewty, was an instant hit among mobile phone users who wanted an extremely powerful camera phone with the functionalities of a touchscreen smartphone.

But the introduction of another LG masterpiece can provide another incentive for consumers. The LG KC910, also known as the LG Renoir, takes all the beautiful features of the Viewty and made some unique but very powerful improvements.

That is why LG continues to be a top competitor in the smartphone and camera phone industry. This company continues to produce excellently designed mobile phones packed with high technology features.

So here is a brief overview of the LG Viewty and what can you expect from the LG Renoir.

The Introduction of Accelerometer Technology

One of the best features of the Viewty is its efficient and fast response time to touch commands. It is one of the fastest touchscreen mobile phones in the market and you will not encounter performance issues with its interface.

The Renoir however puts this great performance into higher gear. LG introduced accelerometer technology into the Renoir. You can consider this as a significant improvement from the interface of the Viewty.

With an accelerometer, the display screen of the LG Renoir becomes smarter and more powerful. The screen will follow the movement of the device. So when you rotate the device, its screen will automatically adjust to conform to the positioning of the mobile phone.

The accelerometer will also allow you to play high impact games on the Renoir without experiencing screen degeneration or flickering.

Multimedia and Digital Camera Comparison

The LG Viewty is a pioneer in the 5 megapixel camera phone market. In fact, LG produced the Viewty to address the demand for mobile photography. It is no wonder that the image resolution of the Viewty camera is far superior to other camera phones. It also has a built-in strobe flash so you can take pictures even in low light environment.

If you have been satisfied by the superior camera quality of the Viewty, then you will surely enjoy the improvements made by LG on its Renoir. The LG Renoir has an amazing 8 megapixels, superior focus, and intelligent digital camera with xenon flash.

The Renoir features intelligent camera functions such as the beauty shot, smile shot, blink detector, and face recognition.

Resolving Connectivity Issues

A major criticism hurled against the Viewty is its lack of Wi-Fi connectivity. The Renoir however resolved this problem with proper support for Wi-Fi connections. You can now easily establish connection with a Wi-Fi network thus improving the mobility of your device.

The Renoir is also supported on HSDPA networks and can establish up to 7.2 Mbps connections depending on the amount of network traffic. With such new feature, the Renoir would be the more appropriate device for mobile computing.

The LG Viewty and LG Renoir are two of the most highly productive smartphones in the market. Both can offer good performance but you can enjoy the significant upgrades made by LG on its Renoir model.

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