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Monday, March 30, 2009

LEED AP New Construction NC V2-2 - Free Help to Pass Now

By Dennis Brian Smith

The first step toward certification is to register the project either online or by mail. To earn certification, a project must meet all prerequisites and meet the minimum number of points outlined in the rating system. All new projects must apply for certification using the online submittal process. Applications for certification must be accompanied by:

a) The rating system which is being applied for.
b) Project contact, type, size, number of occupants, and scheduled date of construction completion.
c) Project narrative including three highlights. Project checklist including project prerequisites, credits, and projected total score.
d) Copies of submittal templates and supporting documentation.
e) Complete list of all CIR's (Credit Interpretation Requests) used.
f) Drawings and photos of site plan, typical floor plan, typical building section, typical elevation, and photo or rendering of the project.
g) A check for the appropriate amount.

After the project is registered, the next step is to either complete a Design Review (reviewing all of the design credits) after completion of the design, followed by the Construction Review (reviewing all of the construction credits) after substantial completion of construction. Or project teams may submit a Design and Construction Review (reviewing all credits) after substantial completion of construction. Supplementary submittals or clarifications may be requested. Upon delivery of the final review, project teams have 25 business days to either accept or appeal the rating. If a project team feels that they have grounds to appeal a denied credit they may appeal individual credits via the online process.

If a question arises concerning applying credits to a particular project, the project team may submit a Credit Interpretation Request (CIR). Before submitting a CIR, the project team should consult the reference guide to find answers to their questions. After that, the project team should consult the Credit Interpretations Rulings page online to see if there have been any relevant CIR's filed in the past. Finally, if the question remains unanswered, the project team may submit a CIR online. The CIR shall apply to a specific credit, and shall be based on the intent of the prerequisites of the credit. Each CIR costs $220.

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