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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Benefits of the New Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset

The new Jawbone 2 Bluetooth headset got the FCC's approval this April of 2008 and is selling strong. So let's take some time and discuss this powerful Bluetooth headset.

When Aliph released the first Jawbone Bluetooth headset two years ago, it became a highest rated and most popular Bluetooth headset because of its amazing sound quality and of course it's eye-catching design. However, there were two big complaints about it: it is bulkier than most headsets out there, and it has an unusual ear hook that made the Jawbone difficult to position correctly. As it seems, Aliph has listened to the consumer, because the new Aliph Jawbone 2 has put an end to those negatives. Not only is the Jawbone 2 smaller and lighter (The Jawbone 2 is almost 50 percent smaller than the original, measuring 2 inches long by 0.5 inch wide by 0.5 inch thick and weighing 0.35 ounce), the Jawbone 2 also has a simpler ear hook design and a great new look that leaves its predecessor somewhere way back. Its noise-canceling technology has even been upgraded from being called the "Noise Shield" to the "Noise Assassin," which promises to be more aggressive in canceling out ambient noise. Aliph is saying that the "Noise Assassin" technology has been tested by the military and approved by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). DARPA is the U.S. Department of Defense's independent research branch. The Jawbone 2 is not intended for 'cheapies' it is retailing f for $149.99, but if you wish to get the ultimate and top of the line in Bluetooth headsets, it is definitely worth it.

The Jawbone 2 was designed by the famous industrial designer Yves Behar, who in fact was the designer of the first Jawbone Headset as well. The Jawbone 2 features a beveled diamond pattern all along the front, which results in a three-dimensional texture that glides smoothly under our fingers. At first glance, the Jawbone 2 may appear as not having any buttons at all no buttons, but although you cannot see its controls, you can feel them. There's the Talk button on the front of the headset, while Aliph's patented Noise Assassin button is on the top. On top of the Talk button you Will find a very slim sliver of an LED light, which glows bright white when the headset is powered on. You also have the option of turning the LED light completely off. Though these hidden buttons create a streamlined design, our staff did think it would be better to have a more obvious Talk button instead of having to feel around for it. Another thing that we find may have been made better, is that since the LED light is directly on top of the Talk button, it makes it difficult to press the button and see the light at the same time.

It is worthy to note that there is no real volume rocker, the Jawbone 2 is configured to adjust the volume automatically according to the environment, thanks to its Noise Assassin technology. If one wishes to turn the Noise Assassin to off, it can be done by hitting the Noise Assassin button. In order to adjust the volume manually, the Noise Assassin button also acts as a singular volume control, meaning you have to cycle through different volume levels to get to the right volume.

Turn the headset around and you'll find a rubber earpiece, an optional ear hook, and a tiny white rubber nub that acts as the Voice Activity Sensor. In order for the voice-amplification technology to work correctly, one must wear the headset so that the sensor lies against your cheek, allowing it to detect the vibration of your voice. Unlike the first Jawbone, the ear hook is completely optional. Since the earpiece fits more securely in the ear, you can choose to wear the headset with the ear hooks or without it. As a bonus, Aliph packages a few different size earpiece covers plus different ear hooks for a better fit (I guess they really want to correct the fit problem that people experienced with it's predecessor). The Jawbone 2 is a lot more comfortable than the first Jawbone Headset, it can be worn very easily. Even when choosing to wear them with the ear hooks, one can easily wear their eyeglasses along with this Jawbone 2 headset, since the ear hooks are so flexible and thin.

The most important reason to get the Jawbone 2 is because of its great noise-canceling technology. It comes with a dual microphone that really helps to reduce the wind noise, it also features a technology that protects your ear against unexpected loud noises, and last but not least, the above mentioned voice-activity sensor and Noise Assassin technology that helps to amplify your voice and drown out ambient sound.

The Jawbone 2 has a rated talk time of 4 hours and a standby time of more than eight days! Some other astounding features include call waiting support, a low-battery status indicator and voice command support.

Larry Jung is a blogger and writes about technology and cell phone accessories and currently contributes to the Shopcell Cell Phone Accessory Blog. He has been working online for the past 12 years doing content syndication. He currently is widely covering the new Jawbone 2 Bluetooth and the awaited new iPod release.

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