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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Onkyo TX-SR605 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver

By Robert Priolo

If you are looking into A/V equipment the Onkyo TX-605 should be one of the first on your list of considerations. This receiver is easy to setup and the sound quality is noticeable better than the JVC 100 w/channel 5.1 receiver. The TX-605 has the ability to run all A/V components using different types of video connections and then have it all output to the HDTV via one HDMI cable. It eliminates the needs for switching of TV inputs which can drive many people crazy, and one click of the DVD button on the receivers and it automatically switches the TV over and automatically picks up the signal from the DVD player.

This receiver exceeds many people's expectations with seamless integration and setup, and eliminates most of the noise and feedback passed through to your home speakers. Many people have reported better overall picture and sound quality when replacing older A/V equipment and for the price of around $400 you won't find the combination of features, quality, and price from anything else in the marketplace.

Of course there are a couple draw backs to the Onkyo TX-605, but none that can't be overcome. First off the unit tends to get a little hot. In fact so hot that most people cannot place their hand on top of the unit for very long, so putting anything like paper on top of the unit could pose as a fire hazard. Since the unit tends to get so hot you also want to ensure not to enclose the unit within a case. Be sure to allow for plenty of air circulation. Secondly the unit is quit bulky and heavy so whatever you decide to set the unit on top of you want to ensure it is sturdy enough to support its weight.

In conclusion, if you're in the market to replace your old A/V receiver the Onkyo could prove to be your next best addition and at the price of around $400 you can't ask for a more easy to use and feature rich unit.

For more information about this product check out this Onkyo TX-SR605 webpage

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