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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Apple-MacBook (Core2 Duo 7400, Black)

Sneak peek

MacBook comes from the Macintosh family of Apple Inc. Coming from a reputed production house, it surely promises to be worthwhile. It has lot of utility value since it is enhanced with features that you would find to be of real use. Since, it is one of the efficient yet uncommon series of laptops, its ownership will make you a cut above the rest. MacBook (Core2 Duo 7400, Black) is almost identical to its sister production MacBook (Core2 Duo 7400, White). Its features are almost the same. However, MacBook (Core2 Duo 7400, Black) has an in built hard disk of 160 GB whereas the other has a hard disk of 120 GB. The other difference is the color of the laptop. MacBook (Core2 Duo 7400, Black) gives a formal and professional ambience to your work with its black color. It is up to you to choose the color that you like.

Key features

MacBook (Core2 Duo 7400, Black) is equipped Intel Core2 Duo 7400. It has a processor Cache memory of 4096 KB. It acts as an intermediary between the RAM and the CPU. It makes sure any data recurrently used by the CPU is available as and when needed. It has 667 front side buses. It is the main highway for data in a PC. It connects the processor, chip set, DRAM, and AGP socket. MacBook (Core2 Duo 7400, Black) has a processor speed of 2160 MHz.


MacBook (Core2 Duo 7400, Black) has a display screen of 13.3 inches with a high resolution of 1280 x 800. Hence, anything that you view on its screen is seen with complete precision. MacBook (Core2 Duo 7400, Black) has 2 USB ports. This helps in easy transferability of important data. Its basic utility is that you can use both a pen drive and a card reader or any other device with a USB connector at one and the same time.

Core Information

MacBook Laptops works on Mac OS X Tiger. It enhances the speed of your work since you can navigate through its various operations with complete ease.

Cutting edge technology

MacBook (Core2 Duo 7400, Black) has an in built camera of 0.3 mega pixels. With the assistance of this camera, you can chat live with your friends. You also get to click snaps in the nick of time.


MacBook (Core2 Duo 7400, Black) has a high utility value which makes it tempting. Most importantly, it weighs only 2.31 kg.

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