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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BlueAnt T8 Micro Bluetooth Wireless Headset by Blue Ant

By Damir Bajramovic

The BlueAnt T8 Micro Bluetooth Headset by Blue Ant is an inexpensive device that you would definitely love! It has an ergonomic design for maximum comfort, efficiency and ease of use. Aside from its affordable price, the BlueAnt T8 Micro Bluetooth Headset is designed using the latest and state-of-the-art Bluetooth 2.0 technology. This cutting-edge design enhances a faster connection between devices. It has a clear and high-quality audio and runs on low power consumption.

The T8 micro Bluetooth comes with a wall charger so say goodbye to low-batt power days! This innovative device can store pairing information of a maximum of 8 Bluetooth devices! Well, what more could you ask for? The device's hardware has a 2 year warranty.

The T8 micro Bluetooth is compatible to numerous Bluetooth-enabled phones with its V2.0 technology and comes in a metallic gray color. It can maximize your talk time for 9 hours and can stay up to 250 hours of standby time. However, the talk time and standby time may vary depending on the mobile phone you are using. It has an ambient nose reduction and one touch redial/answer. It even supports voice command activation. The T8 micro comes to life with a rechargeable 120mAh Li-Polymer. You can have the device fully charged for about two hours. You can operate and use it at a range of 30 feet the most or 10 meters away from your bluet00th-enabled phone or device. It is relatively light in weight and weighs half an ounce or 13 grams. Very handy, indeed! It measures 2 inches in length and with a width of just an inch. The T8 micro has indicator lights of blue, red and purple which can also be turned off during night time driving. It has a 128 bit Digital Encryption and frequency band of 2.4GHz~2.4835. It supports Bluetooth profiles such as headset and handsfree. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Mobile Phones, PDAs and VOIP applications.

The back of the headset is an earbud that comes with gel covers for a more snug fit in your ear. The earhook can also be adjusted to fit the right and left ears.

The T8 Micro Bluetooth headset is a high quality full duplex headset which fits snuggle in your ear and is comfy because of the soft gel. It provides all the fun required for a headset to be really useful. Aside from this, you get unlimited BlueAnt customer support whenever problems arise. To impress you more, the T8 Micro Bluetooth headset is a winner of Good Design Award.

As a whole, the T8 micro is without a doubt ergonomic, handy, user-friendly and affordable. So whether you are at work or on the road, this T8 micro is just perfect for your everyday needs!

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