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Sunday, November 16, 2008 - Much More Than a Football Web-TV Channel

If you are a football lover, this will be a good news for you. Carlsberg Brewery has launched a football Web-TV channel to share the global passion for the football game and honor the fans. The 7 channels are: Highlights, Spotlight, My Passion, The Support, The Match, On Tour, And Our Game.

At launch, they have more than 200 videos to be watched and they will be grown on a continuously basis.

With, you can see many high quality videos from all football genre such as classic football, football games, football funnies, magic football that made by the world class players, epic moments, fan-life, etc.

You can also create your profile, share the comments, and upload your own favorite video clip including videos about being, thinking and living as a supporter.

In, you and others football lovers from all over the world will meet, compete, get together and challenge each other.

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