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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Effective Workflow With Quantum SDLT-600A

DLT (digital linear tape) tape technology is cost effective, robust and highly reliable. DLT is one of the most successful and popular backup tape formats. Based on the technology of DLT, Quantum has introduced SDLT 600A tape drive system (video centric). Quantum SDLT-600A has "DLT-exchange", which enhances the work flow effectively and reduces the cost. Quantum SDLT-600A when connected to network through Gigabit Ethernet having FTP access (built in), provides SDLT-600A interoperability like SDI (serial digital interface) video. On the tape of SDLT-600A has a special file system, which makes any tape cartridge readable & accessible anytime, anywhere by any OS and platform.

As soon as the tape cartridge is loaded initially in the Quantum SDLT-600A, the table of contents of the tape is loaded into the tape drive's RAM memory. Table of contents can be viewed by the user via browsers (FTP client or Window explorer) and Ethernet connectivity. This accessibility has given user has the choice to specify the files that are to be transferred or to restore sub clip's time segments in partial "file restore", then the tape drive will access that specific files. The users had to access whole file with the previous video tapes, then they viewed the contents and then afterwards had to determine the segments they wanted to restore. This was very time consuming & manual intensive process.

SDLT-600A along with the "DLT-exchange" utilizes the media of "SDLT II-A" offering native capacity and transfer speed of 300GB & 36MB/second respectively. Transfer of partial file and file metadata's fast access is possible with the Quantum SDLT-600A. The Quantum drive accesses SD content and High Definition format quicker than "real time" because the data transfer speed of the tape drive is faster than compressed video's speed of data. For example, HD content of 100MB/second (like DVCPRO-HD) can be 3 times faster transferred than real time and SD content of 25MB/second (like V25) can be 12 times faster transferred as compared to real time.

The audio & video files on rugged cartridge provide a reliable mechanism for transferring of content from & to the "play-out servers" in environments that are mobile like in sporting events the mobile trucks. It is easy to move the SDLT tape-IIA between video facilities and libraries. Risks that are associated with application dependencies and vendor can be minimized because there is a file system (built-in) in each SDLT tape-IIA cartridge. All applications can access this file system.

In situation of disaster recovery, tape cartridges from archive can be inserted into any tape drive to retrieve the content. The benefit of the SDLT random access technology over the other storage systems (hard disk or optical disk) is the cost. In comparison to the data storage technologies like the hard disks and optical disks, the DLT & SDLT tapes are more cost effective.

The SDLT tapes have longer shelf life and they can store data for longer period of time in cost effective manner. Quantum SDLT tape cartridges are reliable for the physically transfer of critical data and information. This is important if the networks are non existent, incompatible or too slow.

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