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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


By Henry Chan

The reaction I seem to get from most people when I mention ASUS is "Who are they?" The same cannot be said of Hewlett Packard. In the years since Mr Hewlett and Mr Packard started making high quality electrical test equipment in a commercial garage, the company has grown and grown. They still manufacture the world's best electrical test equipment, but they also are major computer manufacturers both in the mini/server and desktop/notebook arenas. You cannot go to many major computer stores without something from HP even if it is only a printer.

HP has a little machine with an 8.9" screen. Sounds good so far. They have been marketed as Vista machines with an option to downgrade some versions to Windows XP. I was in a local electrical store, and at last they were offering an ASUS Eee for sale, but next to it was a display for this little HP 2133 with a price tag that was exactly the same as the ASUS. So for $499 you get this little machine, but it has a 120GB hard drive. What is missing? The webcam is an optional extra and you will have to research the price. I am also finding out if there is a microphone in the machine and speakers.

The Linux operating system of the HP2133 is from Novell. The difference between this and the majority of other Linux-based operating systems is that they offer commercial support. This will be very helpful to anyone who gets into problems with Linux.

You should note that the specifications for these HP2133 sub notebooks seem to be varying dramatically from one country to another. So check on and select your own country from the dropdown list where you see "United States - English" and see what is on offer to you. That way you won't get angry with me or HP if the local specification does not match what is on offer locally for you.

So look at the specifications and make your choice. I will wait to find out if the HP 2133 has a microphone and speakers and how much the webcam is. These may be decisive factors. Maybe we will need to get both the HP and the ASUS to test them out.

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