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Monday, November 10, 2008

BMW Garmin Zumo Motorcycle Navigator GPS

By Sue Webster

You are racing down the highway from Oregon to Washington and end up taking a wrong turn. What do you do? If you BMW Garmin Zumo motorcycle navigator GPS on you then you don't have to do much because the GPS will take care of almost except driving the bike. One of the good things about the BMW Garmin Zumo is that it can be mounted on a bike as well as on your BMW special edition super car!

It all started one fine day when BMW introduced a helping device for drivers that could show the road map. Of course this didn't mean that people could drive in their sleep - it simply meant that even if you tried hard, you wouldn't get lost. BMW first came out with their original Motorrad Navigator GPS that caused a downfall in sales of paper maps to BMW riders. Since then several generations of the Navigator has been launched including the Navigator II, Navigator II Plus and Navigator III GPS systems.

The Navigator GPS system revolutionized a market that catered to the long distance riders. Using the Navigator especially the BMW Garmin Zumo motorcycle navigator GPS system, riders were able to drive on longer routes without having to stop for directions. This was no mean achievement! One of the highlight of the Navigator GPS systems was that it had a water-resistant casing and could be easily mounted on a unique mounting cradle, which enhanced the overall portability as well as its operation.

The benchmark for motorcycle and long distance route finders was actually laid by the advanced BMW Garmin Zumo motorcycle navigator GPS system. Rugged and compact, this is a GPS system that is considered to be one of the best ever manufactured by BMW Garmin and it was loaded with high end navigational functions and features, ready to use maps and a big enough display screen.

Some of the key features of the new BMW Garmin Zumo motorcycle navigator GPS include:

A slick full black body design that looked good and felt good too
The glove-friendly touch screen made it easier for bikers to use it
Left hand controls have been designed for motorcyclists
A special programming lock can limit re-programming during driving
BMW Dealer database
BMW specific software
TMC - Traffic Receiver included with 3-month subscription
Mounting base plate compatible with BMW mounting brackets
Custom BMW caps included in three sets of designs
Water resistant and shockproof
Replaceable lithium ion rechargeable battery for use off the bike up to 5 hours (included)
Vibration-tested and built with fuel-resistant plastics to withstand the elements
Bluetooth wireless technology for phone communication
Compass feature equivalent to Navigator III
MP-3 Player for storing music
High brightness, sunlight-readable, and UV-resistant display screen

The new BMW Garmin Zumo motorcycle navigator GPS system has been specially engineered by Garmin for BMW and it has certain proprietary features, which are unavailable on the standard Garmin Zumo systems and this includes the 3-year warranty.

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