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Saturday, November 15, 2008

JC777 TV Phone - A Look at the Features on This Dual Sim Clone With Analog TV and a Full KeyBoard

By Rae Edwards

Certainly, there are many clones out today from several countries.  I write about many of them and sometimes even my head swims trying to keep up on all of the features on all of the manufacturers. Often, I write about CECT models, but today, I've found one from a different manufacturer that I think is quite noteworthy.  It is the JC777 from JingCheng.  Of course, like most of the phones I cover, this one is a dual sim imported clone.  I cover these phones because I really like them and find that they often offer more to consumers on the cheap and give you more flexibility and less guilt when the newest technology comes out (which is often.)  This article will review some of the more popular features on the Jing Cheng JC777 and why I like it so much.

Real Time Analog TV: It wasn't very long ago that TV on a clone was considered to be pretty innovative, but that's kind of become an old hat now.  Some people assume that you need cable or Internet to use this feature.  Although this phone most definitely has Internet access, it's not necessary for the phone's television.  The phone gets reception for free via built in analog tuner and player. 

Really Nice Texting On The Full Keyboard: I know that most are concerned with the TV on this phone, but what I really like about it is the full sized key board with nice, fat raised keys. There are so few clones that allow for old school texting on a phone that isn't using a flat screen to input information. And, this one is a bit over sized, sort of like the BlackBerry Curve.  This makes texting fast and easier, at least for me.

Quad Band: Another thing that this phone really has going for it is the fact that it is a quad rather than a tri band.  This makes it available in just about any country for any carrier or network world wide. 

Dual Sim Standby: The JC777 allow for dual sim slots or networks. Not only does this allow you to have two phone numbers if you like, it can also work on two plans or networks. The sims switch back and forth between one another with ease.  But, if you don't want to use this, you can use just one card and it will work fine.

All Around Standard Features: This phone stands out for me in terms of TV and keyboard, but it also contains most of the features that consumers want and have grown used to.  It allows for web browsing, MP3s / MP4s, and dual Bluetooth (including A2DP stereo support).  It has a 1.3 MP camera and FM radio (which doesn't need a head phone plugged in to work).  It also has an e book reader, transfers data via USB and has memory that is expandable.  The screen is a generous 3.0 LCD touch screen that is very responsive and has a high resolution.

Price: I find the JC777 to be aggressively priced for all it contains. You'll usually find it for well under $150, depending on memory.

To view video close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the JC777 TV phone, please click here or visit 


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