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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Radar Traffic Enforcement

By Roy R Reyer

Almost every motorist at some point gets a speeding citation which they feel was either unfairly or erroneously given. Yet motorists rarely fight these citations since the citing officer is also an officer of the court. In the eyes of the court, the officer's word is always golden yet the motorist's word is always suspect. Unfair speeding citations which result in fines and increased insurance rates are what drive motorists to purchase radar detectors. There are literally hundreds of radar detector models to chose from since the market is flooded with cheap import brand radar detectors which have poor performance. On the other hand the general consensus is that the products produced in North America by Bel, Escort, Whistler and Valentine perform extremely well. This still leaves a lot of good radar detector models to choose from.

Where can you go in order to read radar detector reviews or other types of speed surveillance countermeasures?

Speed Trap Hunter Forum is more of crossover forum between the radar detector and law enforcement industries, which is unusual since both industries tend to be at odds with each other.

Radar Detector Jammer Forum is both the most popular and oldest online enthusiast's forum about all types of speed measurement countermeasures. The forum was created by "Radar Roy" who is a retired law enforcement officer.

Guys of LIDAR provides a wealth of information and independent test reports for various radar detector and laser countermeasure products. Guys of LIDAR is a group of individuals who independently test products, yet refuse to accept any form of financial compensation or gifts from industry manufacturers.

Roy is an avid radar detector enthusiast and engineer and has assisted in several radar detector and laser testing venues such as the Speed Measurement Laboratories and Guys of Lidar. He is also one of the main contributors to the popular radar detector forum.

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