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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Review on Apple Macbook Air

A short overview of Apple MacBook Air is that it is very small, fragile and light. With a slight tap of the screen, the system shuts down completely.

Since Apple MacBook Air is the lightest, it has been able to surpass other MacBook in that category. the slimness of this MacBook sets this in the center of attention. The total depth of .76 inches toward the back tapers down to .16 inches toward the front bezel.

Most laptops have a thicker look, because of the flat level of thickness all around. the design of the Apple MacBook Air is curved with a thickness of .04 centimeters all around. This definitely puts it in the spotlight.

Absence of connectivity ports and an optical drive contributes to the limitations of this laptop. There are many innovative features, such as standard voltage processing parts and a full size keyboard, that make up for all limitations. The utility of an optical drive is reduced by having an internet connection.

Apple MacBook Air does have pre installed software, including Mac OS Xv10.5 Leopard operating system, Safari, Time Machine, iTunes, Xcode, iMovie, and many more.

Due to its active participation in Greenpeace, Apple has enclosed the MacBook Air to suit all environmental concerns. It has a completely recyclable aluminum case, all circuit boards are BFR and PVC free. Apple has also been the first to sport a mercury-free display with arsenic-free glass. In addition, the retail packaging utilizes 56% less material that MacBook packaging. Its Energy Star 4.0 certified status also makes it EPEAT silver compliant.

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