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Sunday, July 13, 2008

What is Special About Samsung Tocco?

By Mark Hirst

This is a general question that each and every buyer has in this or her mind while buying a mobile phone that what is so special about it. Now this is a very true fact that now-a-days the market is flooded with some extremely advanced and technically superb handsets from various branded companies which claim their product to be the best.

But most of them have the same features with slight difference in the quality or quantity. The smart buyer can at times compromise on some of the features which are not really important but they always pick up the phone that is somewhat unique. Samsung Tocco is of those picks.

The first thing that comes into the mind of a buyer is the price of the phone-whether it is worth paying the amount or not. Well talking about a Samsung Tocco handset, it is worth paying the nominal price of $ 50. Moreover the durability of this phone has always been praised by the customers.

The classy and elegant phone is impressive enough to make your friends jealous but this is not the end of its unique features. The internal storage space in Samsung Tocco is 228 MB which might be lesser than some of the models but in this price range they are just perfect and can store up a lot of important data, music, ring tones and other files.

This phone has also got really good connectivity, excellent music player, FM radio and many other facilities. The music player is an integrated one and the sound has a surround effect. The Bluetooth technology accounts for the wireless connectivity and easy file transfer. You can open a web browser from this phone and send or receive emails. This shows that this phone is an excellent device for communication.

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