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Monday, July 21, 2008

Get Rid of System Errors Once and For All!

By Albert Kolesnikov

You are about to pull your hair out. I can see it! Your computer shows error messages and your PC is slowing down, maybe even crashing. Worst of all, you have no idea how to fix any of this. Don't worry, I am here to help.

So if you are indeed experiencing symptoms such as slow speeds, strange errors, programs not functioning, internet not functioning correctly, maybe even crashing, then it is very likely you could need a registry cleaner.

Now without completely boring you to sleep, a registry is a basically a directory which stores settings and options for Windows (your operating system, hope you already knew that). When you install or delete software, programs, spyware or adware, the registry can basically become "cluttered" with unnecessary stuff. You need to clean it out because the registry is very fragile. If you accidentally damage it, it can leave Windows completely un-bootable! Yeah, it really can.

Now the registry is where all the weird computer behavior can come from. Once you clean it, your computer could return to its normal state again. Ahh, what a relief that would be, huh? It sure was to me. I could barely stay on the computer for 5 minutes before some random "DLL32" error would start popping up. After that, my computer would just reboot. It was a mess! Cleaning the registry actually allowed me to use my computer normally. Very joyous day that was!

I know what you are thinking though! "How in the heck do I clean this thing? Sounds hard!" I do not blame you one bit! It is hard. In fact, it's hard and dangerous. Delete one wrong thing and say hello to a whole new headache. Fortunately, for us non-tech-geniuses there is software that can help. Software that can actually make the process simple, easy, and maybe help you cool your burning rage to smash the monitor in and buy a new computer.

Before we go on to messing around with the registry and installing, here are 5 easy tips for you to try:
· Try deleting unnecessary programs and files - they can cause havoc on your PC
· Try installing and running a spyware or adware eliminator. Malicious programs and files like these can cause errors and unwanted advertisements to appear on your PC.
· Try to scan for viruses and Trojans - they can take control of your computer leaving you powerless.
· Try re-installing programs and drivers - they might have undetectable viruses that you need to get rid of.
· If all else fails, even the mighty Error Smart (look below), then do a complete PC reformat. IT WILL DELETE EVERYTHING AND BRING YOUR COMPUTER TO DEFAULT SETTINGS! This can really be a hassle and should only be considered a last resort.

Did it work? If not, that is common. I would try a registry cleaning software.

Through my trials and tribulations, I have indeed found one that actually works. Trust me, through several weeks of suffering, I learned to do what is proven to work. Check the software out right over here. It is called Error Smart. Vista certified and everything. I promise you it worked for me. You even get to scan your whole system for registry errors for free! Check it out ==> Error Smart. Best wishes!

A. Kole.

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