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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Compaq Presario C505TU Laptop

Compaq Presario C505TU is a perfect answer for today's fast paced world. With Pentium Dual Core T2060, your work becomes much faster than you can imagine.


Keeping in mind the needs of today's professionals, design of Compaq Presario C505TU laptop is sleek and stylish with straight lines. They have optimized the use of space. It weighs upto 3 kilos. The height of Compaq Presario C505TU laptop is 44 mm and the width is 357.8 mm. the depth measure to 259 mm.

Key Features

Free DOS is the software which comes with this laptop. This Compaq laptop has Pentium Dual Core T2060 as the processor. The processor cache memory is 1024. The cache memory is like a middle man between main RAM and CPU. Frequently used information is stored in cache memory. Thus while retrieving frequently used data; cache memory makes it immediately available. The CPU operates at the speed of 1600 MHz. though the RAM memory is 512 MB, you can upgrade it to 2048. The hard drive capacity of this laptop is 80 GB. The hard drive capacity is more than enough to keep all your important professional and personal documents.

The display screen size is 15.4 inches. The screen comes with BrightView technology, which shows bright colors and the clarity is also excellent. The maximum display resolution is 1280 x 800, thus ensuring that your eyes are never off the screen.

Core Information

You should take the advantage of optional DVD writer drive in this compaq laptop. There is also a facility of combo drive in this compaq laptop. The video memory is shared and video card is graphics Media Accelerator 950. There is internal modem, which should solve your internet problems. In multimedia section, the sound card is Sound Blaster Pro and the speakers are Altec Lansing Stereo Speakers. So be prepared to hear booming sounds every time you listen to music or play a movie in Compaq Presario C505TU laptop.

This compaq laptop is complemented by touchpad mouse and 3 USB ports. Transferring data was never so fast and easy!


Buy this Compaq Presario C505TU laptop and be a winner!

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