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Friday, July 11, 2008

Sony Ericsson C905

By Mark Hirst

The communication system in the 21st century has experienced a total turnover. Don't you think so? The revolutionary change from the age old telephone system to the mobile phones isn't that called moving from the cage to the fresh air in the open?

Mobile phones have swept over the communication market like a storm and today you can see a mobile phone in every person's hand. It has helped people to communicate with each other from one corner of the earth to the other corner without taking the trouble of visiting the telephone booth or requesting the telephone operator to connect the line.

Sony Ericsson the trend setter

Have you visited the market to buy a mobile phone? You might have seen the models of different companies with their own salient features. But the most developed, stylish and attractive phones have been made by only one company and that is Sony Ericsson whose phones are popular with the people who are fond of displaying their class.

This company has always been the innovator in manufacturing mobile phones with latest technology. All their models are a class in itself not only in looks but also in the exclusive features that they add to their phones. The latest phone to be released in the market by this Korean Company is the C 905 model.

Special Features of Sony Ericsson C 905

The C 905 model has been designed to arouse the latent desire of photography in every person. It is called the snap shot camera phone which will give the pleasure of high class photography even to a layman.

You can use this phone to click photographs like a professional photographer as it is equipped with 8.1 mega pixel camera with the facility of real flash induced in the phone. It is an innovative idea adopted by the company to set this model apart from the other phones available in the market.

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